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*2023* How to look innocent with makeup? Tip 8 is wild!

*2023* How to look innocent with makeup? Tip 8 is wild!

How to look innocent with makeup but pretend that you are not trying hard to achieve this look? 

Well, I am truly passionate about this topic! The key to the “innocent makeup” is all about natural, natural and natural!

Despite the lucky girl who already has a doll face, innocent makeup does require some tips and tricks here and there.

My definition of “innocent makeup” is about looking naturally cute, pure, young, and angelic.

If that is what you want, here are the 8 ways how to look innocent with makeup! I personally love the last tip, stay tuned & enjoy!

1. Opt for a soft eyebrow with a round arch

As the saying goes, perfect brows are a form of art.

If you want to look softer and more approachable, the shape of your eyebrow matters.

While the defined eyebrows are so on-trend these days, those harsh lines simply imply you are trying so hard and that’s not natural makeup at all.

Instead of using a black or dark brown eyebrow pencil to fill in the eyebrows, try using eyebrow powder instead.

That will make your eyebrow looks way more real and natural.

Plus, the shape of the eyebrow is crucial too.

Instead of the steep arch or high arch eyebrows, rounded and straight eyebrows will certainly look more gentle and innocent as well!

look innocent with soft eyebrows
Source: Pinterest

2. Use brown eyeliner instead of black eyeliner for a softer look

Another common trick is to change black eyeliner to brown for a softer look.

If you look at Reddit you will find at least 10 posts titled “Why black eyeliner looks terrible on me?”.

black eyeliners look aggressive
Source: Eonline

Girl, this is not your problem! Black eyeliner is not that easy to carry!

Despite the look, black eyeliner can visually cover the mascara and make your eyelashes look short than using a brown liner!

With a natural color like brown, it can effortlessly create a more delicate, softer look than the harsh black lines.

Plus, brown eyeliner can always blend in seamlessly with the eyeshadow and make your eye makeup look more put together and natural.

If you don’t have one brown eyeliner in your makeup bag, girl you are missing out!

brown eyeliner to look more innocent
Source: Society 29

I am now using the loreal super slim liquid, I am surprised at how long-lasting it is on my eyes! Highly recommended!

3. Do the half eyeliner for rounder eyes

While all the Pinterest pins teach you how to draw full eyeliner and look like a diva.

The harsh reality is that not everyone looks flattering with full eyeliner.

After all, we all have different types of eye shapes and we should always test out what works best for us.

If you have almond, round eyes, you may still be able to handle the full eyeliner.

But for the hooded eyes and monolid girls out there, please avoid full eyeliner!

The lining will just make your eyes look smaller and tired. Instead, half eyeliners are a perfect choice as the eyeliner won’t cover up the precious little space of your eyelid.

In that way, you can still create a natural eye makeup look but still, look refreshing and soft.

According to Allure, half eyeliner benefits the round and hooded eyes girl as this makes the eye shape look more almond-shaped and bigger.

And again, it creates a natural innocent look!

4. Wear color contact lenses is always a good idea

If you want to go hardcore with your innocent makeup game, consider wearing contact lenses.

I wear contact lenses from time to time and I do think natural color contact can really add a touch of innocence and cuteness to the overall look.

When we look at anime characters, they always look so innocent because their eyes are unrealistically big.

With the help of a color contact lens, our eyeballs can appear slightly bigger and achieve the same effect.

Plus, a color contact lens always adds a layer of sparkles and that makes the eyes look dreamy.

I personally adore contact lenses so much but as a reminder, don’t use them daily if you don’t want your eyes to dry out!

5. Avoid aggressive winked eyeliner

avoid cat eyes to look innocent
Source: Pinterest

Do the puppy eyes that do the purpose instead.

PUPPY eyes to look innocent with makeup
Source: Pinterest

6. Opt for a warm and glowy tone for your makeup

According to ELLE, warm tone makes up means choosing the foundation that has a yellow undertone and keeps other makeup like bronzer and blush in the complementary warm golden hues.

Some of the common warm-tone colors are sandy tones, orange, rose, red and cinnamon shade.

Generally speaking, warm tones are easier to carry than cool tones. (You can tell when most of us wear a brown glittering eyeshadow instead of the cool blue one)

This palette just naturally makes you look more approachable and younger.

Of course, this also means achieving the innocent look as warm hues and subconsciously warm colors remind us of pure happiness!

Some may wonder if wearing nude color lipstick, I would say it really depends on what kind of nude is.

As long as the nude match your skin color in a harmonious way, that’s a yes.

Last but not least, always look for a glowy finish instead of a matte finish for a pure look.

Bake your makeup? Maybe next time!

7. Pay attention to the lower eyelashes for a baby doll’s eyes look

How to look innocent with makeup
Source: PureWow

We all know curling the upper eyelashes can truly enhance our beauty but let’s not forget our lower lashes!

If you want to achieve natural baby doll eyes look, applying a small amount of mascara to your lower lashes can make such a HUGE difference!

If you want to highlight your eyes, even more, drawing a white under eyeliner is always a brilliant idea!

When it comes to applying fake eyelashes, it really depends.

I personally don’t think it’s necessary for the “innocent look” but if that’s what you prefer, at least choose the natural one! After all, less is more.

8. Place the blush under-eye area to look innocent

How to look innocent with makeup

I know this hack sounds strange but actually, this is so on-trend in Asia!

I am first skeptical about this tip but when I tried that out, I love it.

Instead of doing the blush on the cheek area, moving upward to the under-eye area can create a slightly higher cheekbone and that makes you look younger!

Plus, the warm red hues can always balance the dark circle’s green-black hues and make you, again, look more refreshing!

I am pretty sure you are tempted to try this tip now!


So here are the 8 ways when you wonder how to look innocent with makeup!

Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Opt for a soft eyebrow with a round arch
  • Use brown eyeliner instead of black eyeliner for a softer look
  • Do the half eyeliner instead for rounder eyes
  • Wear color contact lens is always a good idea
  • Avoid aggressive winked eyeliner
  • Opt for the warm and glowy tone for your makeup
  • Pay attention to the lower eyelashes for a baby doll eyes look
  • Place the blush under-eye area to look innocent

Well, I guess looking innocent naturally turns out isn’t anything natural at all! It requires many trivial makeup hacks to make things happen.

But despite all the hard work, it’s so worth it.

I mean, isn’t this our pure pleasure to play around with makeup and explore refreshing new looks?

I hope you will really incorporate these tips! Do a before-after comparison and you will be surprised!

If you are interested in beauty & styling, you may want to know the following tips! See you there gorgeous!

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