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*2023*How to dress simple but stylish? 18 outfit tips!

*2023*How to dress simple but stylish? 18 outfit tips!

People always ask: How to dress simple but stylish? Well, simple IS stylish! 

When it comes to looking put-together and chic, less is always more.

As the saying goes, “Always dress well keep it simple but significant”.

When it comes to stylish, it’s not about the designer brand names and Gucci belt.

But instead, looking stylish is the time when people wonder “Does this girl know she looks so stylish?

But she seems doesn’t pay any effort at all!” If you can achieve the “effortlessly chic”, you are doing this right!

So ladies, here are the 7 ways to dress simply but stylishly!


1. Follow the rule of three when it comes to colors

When it comes to colors, the rule of three is important if you want to look stylish. Three in here means three different color tones. 

If you are wearing a mustard yellow sweater, a pair of checked trousers, and a silver loafer with a grey faux fur coat on top, congrats, you are now looking like a Christmas tree!

If you don’t want to look tacky, stay away from having too many color tones on one outfit.

With the different color palette, they will unavoidably compete for attention and makes you look like a busy pattern eventually.

This will also make you visually look shorter and bigger because the color palette can’t achieve an elongated effect.

For the significant pieces like a jacket, top, and bottom, try to style them with complementary colors and you will be realized how polished you look! (e.g. A khaki trench coat with a cream sweater underneath)

So ladies, always limit the colors to only 3 main tones to achieve harmonization!

But of course, when it comes to accessories, it’s totally fine to wear a rose gold bracelet or silver earrings to add a nice touch of elegance to your outfit!

2. Embrace Monochrome wearing

If the rule of three is too easy for you, let’s step up your game by embracing tone-on-tone styling! 

If you want to look high fashion on a budget, styling your outfit with one similar tone is a no-brainer.

Some ladies may worry that will look too plain, but let’s not forget we can have different shades of color tone!

For example, if you want to do the beige tone outfit, you can always wear a creamy sweater (which is a complementary color to beige) with a pair of Khaki pants to show different kinds of shades.

Another tip is to wear different types of fabric to add some texture to your outfit.

If you want to wear both a white top and a white dress, always choose a different fabric for them. For example, a cashmere top with a silk dress is an excellent choice.

With different fabrics and tones of color, monochrome is actually not as plain as you thought!

Plus, come on, this is the most time-saving way to look stylish even if you don’t have a fashion sense. How can you resist it?

3. Explore a wide range of fabrics

I know cotton is comfy, but there is a wide range of fabrics waiting for you out there!

  • Silk, satin, chiffon: Create a soft and feminine look.
  • Faux leather: Easily achieve the cool look with a pair of combat boots
  • Cashmere: Keep you warm during winter so you don’t have to wear bulky during the cold days
  • Tweed: Look expensive even if it’s not a designer brand

To me, it’s such a game-changer to wear less synthetic fiber and embrace natural fabric more.

Not only now I can look chic during the cold days, but the natural fabric is more durable and add more texture to my looks!

So yes, dressing simply doesn’t mean wearing cotton only!

4. Contour your body figure with your clothes

Everyone has body parts that are less satisfied with, some may be board shoulders while some are concerned about the thighs.

Despite the fact that we should embrace our flaws, we can also utilize our clothes to contour our body figures!

With that, we can look more confident and stylish and people can tell we are comfortable with our clothes. That’s right – people can really tell!

Here are some of the type of clothes that works well with certain figures.

  • Small face and long neck: Turtleneck / Anything high neck
  • Big/ Chubby face: Off-shoulder and V-neck top to elongate the neckline
  • Skinny girls who want to look thicker: Pleated dress/princess sleeve
  • Girls that want to hide muffin top: Belt top/ Peplum Top / high waist dress/jeans
  • Look taller: Nude shoes that look the same as the skin color of leg / pointed shoes

Being stylish is not about following every trend, but it’s about knowing what flattering on you and creating your own style!

5. Don’t be lazy with hairstyles and accessories

Dressing simply doesn’t mean dressing lazy. Hairstyles and accessories are our gifts, utilise them! 

As Michael Kors said, “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.”

Adding some simple and delicate earrings and necklaces can always make you look stylish even if you are just wearing a plain T-shirt and jeans.

Accessories are powerful enough to contour our face and body if you know what fits you the best.

As a girl with a chubby cheek, I always wear long-line earrings so it visually elongates my face a little bit.

Besides accessories, let’s not forget about the hairstyles. A simple low bun doesn’t cost you 5 minutes but it truly makes you look more put together!

Ladies, explore different hairstyles to complete your look – it is worth the time!

6. Change your blue jeans to white jeans

I adore white jeans so much. When you dress simple, you will need something to stand out in your outfit so you won’t look too layback and boring – White jeans are definitely the perfect choice!

In a world full of blue jeans, white jeans just look effortlessly stylish and draw people’s attention.

If you love simple styling, a pair of good quality (not see-through) white jeans is a must-have.

To me, the simplest way to make myself look more dressed up is by changing from common blue jeans to white jeans.

White is another versatile color that goes well with many hues and it never fails to add a sense of classiness and freshness to your look.

With a V-neck beige sweater and a pair of white jeans, it just looks chic!

Some ladies may be insecure about wearing white jeans, no worries, I got you! Below are the tips when you style them.

7. Explore the possibility of socks for a range of new looks

This tip is so underrated and I wish I knew this earlier. 

While many people thought wearing heels with socks isn’t a brilliant idea as it can easily look tacky, I tend to disagree.

If you style it in the right way, it can look really flattering and versatile with different combinations.

For example, if you want to look more romantic and dreamy in your lace dress outfit, you can always add a pair of mesh socks to add texture to your outfit.

If you want to create a vintage look, you can simply wear a pair of white socks to your heels and you are good to go!

Looking stylish is all about details when it comes to dressing simply!

So ladies, please fully utilize the socks pairing and I am sure you will be surprised how many different looks you can make with the same pair of shoes!

This is so fun.

If you want some ideas, below are the 6 combinations of sock pairing with pictures!


So ladies, here are the 7 ways when you wondering how to dress simple but stylish!

Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Follow the rule of three when it comes to colors
  • Embrace Monochrome wearing
  • Explore a wide range of fabrics
  • Contour your body figure with your clothes
  • Don’t be lazy on hairstyles and accessories
  • Change your blue jeans to white jeans
  • Explore the possibility of socks for a range of new looks

I hope these tips give you some inspiration when it comes to simple chic style!

Remember, looking stylish is more than the outfit we wear. Looking stylish is about attitude and confidence.

So ladies, keep your head up and back straight when you rock your OOTD!

If you are interested in more styling tips, see you in the articles below!

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