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*2023*How to glow up overnight with clothes?đŸ”„ 10 easy ways to level up!

*2023*How to glow up overnight with clothes?🔥 10 easy ways to level up!

Let’s be real, we all googled “How to glow up in a month”, some of you even searched to get a glow-up in one day! 

While it is totally possible to get a glow-up in 30 days, it requires so much determination and time.

If you want to look prettier and better instantly, why don’t you start with an outfit glow up!

As Coco Chanel once said, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman”.

So ladies, here are 10 hacks on how to glow up overnight with clothes, enjoy!

1. Stop white clothes from turning yellow

Here’s the thing. If you are wondering are your white clothes look a bit yellow, they probably are.

Wearing a white tee or jeans can look really fancy and refreshing but if it turns yellow, it just makes you look so not put together.

As the saying goes, dress how you want to be addressed. If you want to look more polished, whitening your shirt is probably the fastest way to get a little glow-up!

When it comes to the way to get your clothes whiter, there is countless way on the internet.

Some of the common methods include using vinegar, lemon juice, and more.

But if you are a lazy girl like me that doesn’t want to DIY yourself, I highly recommend the White Brite laundry whitener.

I know many girls got one already but in case you don’t, this is the best I’ve tried! Not only it can be whitening clothes with an extremely small amount, but it also perfectly removes all stains!

Huge time saver!

2. Keep your clothes from wrinkles free

I know this tip is so common but that’s because it’s really so important!

More often than not, people pay attention to details as details can’t lie.

Wrinkle-free clothes not only make you more confident when you wear them, but it also makes your clothes look more expensive.

I am not kidding here but a $14.99 ironed H&M shirt can look way pricier than a designer-brand wrinkled shirt.

Whenever I saw a lady wearing wrinkled-free clothes, I just subconsciously think her clothes must be expensive because she takes good care of them.

So ladies, get a little steamer and procrastinate no more! This is so worth it.

3. Choose the invisible zipper over the plastic and metal zipper

How to glow up overnight with clothes

I wish I knew this tip earlier.

Sometimes if the fabric is fine but the dress overall looks a little bit cheap, it may possibly be the zipper problem.

I usually avoid Type 1 (photo above) zipper as this will really ruin the impression of the dress.

The metal zipper is slightly better but still, it is too obvious and affects the design.

Plus, this kind of zipper is not comfortable so it is usually used in jeans as a short zipper.

For me, an invisible zipper is always a good choice and that makes the dresses more elegant and expensive!

I am not saying that Type 1 & 2 zipper is bad, they are great for casual wear like hoodies and jeans.

But if you want to have a glow-up with clothes and look expensive on a budget, at least you can pay attention to the zipper of your dresses!

4. Be intentional about the message of your clothes

If you want to glow up, it’s time to wear the cartoon tees, graphic tees, and quote tees that don’t represent you anymore.

Ladies, let’s level up your wardrobe!

I’ve once seen my friend (who always looks polished and elegant) wearing an oversized skull graphic tee with a violent message in dutch one day.

Turns out she doesn’t know the meaning of her shirt and she said she just bought it for the cool graphic.

This is definitely not a rare case, we always see people get a tattoo with a foreign language and having the most ridiculous meaning on their body.

It’s always important to wear something that has the message you endorse, after all, what you wear represents you!

So if you want to level up your wardrobe, it’s time to review your tees!

After all, you can blame people when they think you look juvenile when you wear a Mickey mouse tee all day.

5. Replace the button on your clothes

How to glow up overnight with clothes
Source: Etsy

If you want to look more put together, you will definitely want to replace the button on your clothes.

Have you come across some clothes that look stunning with perfect cutting and fabric but they have the cheapest-looking button?

Those wooden or plastic buttons sometimes just make the clothes look cheaper.

I personally love to change all the ugly buttons to pearl buttons! It immediately turns my $29.99 dress into a high-fashion piece!

I remember once my friend asked me if my black blazer from Chanel (because of the pearls button) and turns out it’s just an affordable piece from MANGO!

Replacing some buttons is actually easier than I expected ( I usually do it while watching Netflix )!

But if you really don’t want to do it, you can always ask tailors to do it for you, it’s not expensive at all!

6. Embrace tone on tone wearing

The tone on tone is always flattering because the color simplicity will elongate your body visually and make you appear to be taller and slimmer.

Plus, wearing monochrome is a no-fail way to look fashionable as you will never worry about color matching as they are all similar shades of color!

With a beige V-neck top and a pair of cream jeans and a light brown loafer, you just look effortlessly chic.

I know a monochrome outfit may seem intimidating when you first try it.

But once you embrace it, you will be shocked at how much dressed up you look like and how time-saving it is!

7. Tuck your shirt when in doubt

To tuck or not to tuck? That’s a question. Most of the time, tucking a shirt can always make you look more put together and help defines the waistline.

Especially when you are wearing something baggy or flared like bootcut jeans, you should always tuck your top to make your body figure looks more balanced.

If you are struggling with how to tuck your shirt without looking fat in the belly area, I am sure you will find these 7 tips creative and helpful!

8. Utilise your belt

Let’s be honest, most of us are not using our belts enough.

An easy way is to style your belt with baggy or oversized clothes.

As a lazy pear-shaped girl, I adore an oversized tee but I just can’t deny that it looks a bit too casual sometimes.

Adding a belt can instantly accentuate my waist and make me look more dressed up.

Basically, any type of flowy top or dress always looks more feminine and slimmer with a belt as it accentuates your body curves!

If you want to level up your game, even more, you can try corsets!

Here are the 7 no-fail tips to style corsets as outerwear.

9. Wear fewer clothes with a big logo

How to glow up overnight with clothes
Source: SENSE

I know it is tempting to wear the Fendi dress with a belt but let’s sink in for a second, is that make you look more classy or actually … a little bit too flashy?

Wearing designer brands is all about taking a balance.

If you wearing too many logos at the same time, it looks like you are trying too hard to validate yourself through the clothes and that’s certainly not considered as a glow-up.

As the saying goes “Classy is when a woman has everything to flaunt, but chooses not to show it.”

I can’t agree more!

10. Dress up your handbag with a scarf

How to glow up overnight with clothes
Source: Mychicobsession

It doesn’t matter if you have a Hermes bag or not, it always looks flattering to any kind of bag if you style them with a scarf!

Whenever I see a lady carrying her bag with the handles covered with a scarf, I just can’t help but think her bag must be expensive and maybe a tailored one.

Plus, it’s an easy way to really brighten up your look and looks a bit more dressed up.

If you are worried about wearing a plain white V-neck top and a pair of tight denim jeans that are too casual, add a structured bag with a scarf that can instantly level up your look!

Instead of buying designer brands handle ribbons / tiny scarves, I do think there are many affordable ones out there!

I bought a few amazing scarves on Amazon and I am truly obsessed with them!

Those little scarves are so vibrant and versatile to style, click here to have a look and I am sure you will end up buying some after reading the reviews!

Your bag and your scarf may not be expensive, but when they are combined – that’s the magic happens!


So ladies, here are the 10 tips on how to glow up overnight with clothes!

I hope you will love these 10 tips! Glow up the challenge is such a hit these days and some of the challenges can be really overwhelming.

Instead of glowing up in various aspects, outfit glow-up is always the easiest and most effective starting point!

I hope these 10 styling tips can help you achieve a sense of satisfaction and motivates you to complete other skin, hair, or body challenge!

Remember, you are already beautiful in your own way, but it’s never bad to push ourselves a little more if we want to!

If you are interested in the glow-up challenge and clothing tips, you may enjoy the following articles, see you there!

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