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How to GLOW UP & dress after a breakup✨? 6 styling rules to blossom!

How to GLOW UP & dress after a breakup✨? 6 styling rules to blossom!

Seriously, how to glow up & dress after a breakup? Not gonna lie, I am very passionate about this topic.

As the saying goes ” No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up”, that is the spirit when it comes to how to dress after a breakup! Yes, that’s heartbreaking.

Yes, it’s so tempting to give up yourself and wear pajamas and yoga pants all day long.

But you know what ladies, dress like you want to be addressed.

Dressing trashy is definitely not a good option. So here are the 6 tips on how to dress after a breakup and make you feel more put together!

1. Wear pastel colors for softer and feminine vibes

How to dress and glow up after a breakup - wear pastel colors

Some people suggest wearing bright colors like orange, and yellow to uplift the mood.

While this can be helpful, this high saturation is hard to carry. Instead, floral and pastel colors like peach, lilac, baby blue, and rose are all low saturation colors and this can certainly create a softer and more feminine look.

When it comes to femininity, it’s not just about looking girly but it’s about being confident, graceful, serene, and more. It’s unavoidable that after break up, our feminine side will fade.

Wearing light and soft colors is always an easy way for us to touch our femininity and look more warm and approachable overall!

Instead of wearing all black, I can tell you wearing a lavender blouse with a pair of elegant beige jeans is really refreshing and empowering to me!

Who said you need to wear dark colors after breaking up to show everyone you are sad?

Time to wear uplifting colors to embrace another side of you!

2. Level up your lingerie to feel more put together

How to dress and glow up after a breakup

Ladies, your bra and underwear matter. Yes, you are now single and no one else sees your lingerie.

But you know what, you are dressing that for yourself!

As the saying goes “Never underestimate the power of good lingerie on a bad day”. Lingerie is not about seducing men, it’s about embracing womanhood.

After breaking up, maybe this is good timing for some reflection and realizing your bras and underwear play a big part in how you carry yourself.

Instead of wearing your old loose cartoon underwear or unfitted bra, it’s time to pick some comfortable lingerie with lace beams or other elegant designs to make you feel more polished and put together.

Invest in lingerie with high-quality fabric and cutting that really hugs your curve.

Trust me, leveling up your lingerie is always one of the best investments for a woman.

3. Dress classy by outlining body curves instead of dressing slutty

I know, we’ve all been there.

We know it’s silly but we can’t help to validate ourselves by showing your “sisters” and long legs out in the bandage dress.

Sis, don’t dress slutty or trashy. Or both.

Again, dress how you want to be addressed.

If you don’t want people to think you are slutty and attract those trashy boys, then why do you have to dress in that way?

Instead, why don’t we level up our game? Instead of showing the skin directly, showing our body curves is definitely a more mature and classy way to express our femininity.

Some of the ways include styling a baggy sweater dress with a belt to accentuate your waist or wear a tight silk long dress to show your hourglass shape.

Dress classy to evolve from a girl to a lady after break up, and you will be surprised what kind of man will attract you.

4. Carry a structured bag and style them according to the occasions

This tip is optional if you really love your tote bag so much.

After break up is always good timing to level up your bags. When I was young, I love my sloppy shoulder bags so much and I carry them on EVERY OCCASION.

Yes, I carry the same tote bag when I go to the beach and go for a date back in those days. It takes me a long time to recognize that choosing the right bag can elevate your overall look and vibes.

Compared to sloppy bags, a structured bag with nice fabric can always make me feel more put together.

As people always said, when you have a nice bag on, your H&M outfits suddenly become high fashion.

If you don’t want designer bags, it’s totally fine too! My no-fail tip to level up a no-brand bag is to the bag handle and this trick never fails to impress me!

Also, carry your bags according to the occasion. Wear different bags on different occasions is classy and let alone that can brighten up our mood!

5. Wear something that you always wanted to try

This can be empowering to try something new for yourself.

Not because you want to impress others or fulfill society’s expectations, you do it for your happiness.

I remember when I broke up in my early 20s, I immediately wear a pair of white jeans to celebrate and I can’t feel even better!

As a pear shape girl, my boyfriend at that time keeps telling me not to wear something light as this is not slimming at all.

But you know what, sometimes I just don’t care is that slimming but I just want to try something new.

If I wear my jeans with a confident big smile, then I am definitely doing the right thing!

This is more than just trying on new clothes. Mentally, it gives us a new vibe to move on!

6. Wear perfume and accessories to spice up your look

Girls always want to look super hot after a breakup and I always question that “Have you thought of perfume?”

Looking hot doesn’t mean you have to show skin, instead, you can always show sexiness through perfume.

The smell can convey so many messages and if you pick the right one, you can look effortless yet sexy.

And for the ladies who are ready to date and have fun, definitely go for this pheromone perfume! Well, I guess the name just explains everything.

Enjoy your night sis!

Another key is embracing accessories. Again, after the breakup, I tried something new and one of them is accessories.

I always thought accessories are only for formal events but this is apparently not true.

I started to wear earrings and necklaces to spice up my look.

I always feel I am pampering myself when I have my accessories on!


So ladies, here are the 6 tips on how to glow up and dress after a breakup! Let’s have a quick checklist first.

  • Wear pastel colors for softer and more feminine vibes
  • Level up your lingerie to feel more put together
  • Dress classy by outlining body curves instead of dressing slutty
  • Carry a structured bag and style them according to the occasions
  • Wear something that you always wanted to try
  • Wear perfume and accessories to spice up your look

At the end of the day, no revenge is the best revenge.

Girls always want to look hot to show their ex he is missing out, while I completely understand that as I’ve been there, we all know that man doesn’t worth our attention anymore.

We dress to impress ourselves and level up ourselves to the high-value women.

It takes me a few years to realize breakup is not the end of the day, instead, it’s the beginning of our glow-up journey!

We reflect we comprehend, we learn, and finally, we blossom again :’)

If you are interested in classy and elegant style, you will love the following article, see you there!

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