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đź‘ How to dress sharp as a woman? 10 Tricks to look smart all the time!

👠How to dress sharp as a woman? 10 Tricks to look smart all the time!

As Bianca Frazier said, “Dress how you want to be addressed.” This can’t be more true.

If you want people to take you seriously, it’s always a good starting point to change how you dress.

People always thought dressing feminine and dressing sharp are two completely opposite things, well, I tend to disagree with that.

Instead, I think they are complementary to each other. So ladies, don’t be limited by the social stereotypes, and YES you can dress sharp as a lady if you want!

People always thought dressing sharp meant wearing suits all day long with high heels.

But let’s be real ladies, this is not going to work in long term. Instead, dressing sharp means you are looking polished, classy, and most importantly, feel comfortable in your outfit so that you can express yourself fully!

So yes, dressing sharp is all about paying attention to the details.

So if you are ready to “boss up” your wardrobe, here are the 10 tips on how to dress sharp as a woman!

1. Wear fitted clothes and go to the tailor when needed

This tip can’t be more basic yet this is the fundamental step to looking sharp.

As a pear shape girl, I can’t always find fitted tourers – every time when my thigh fits, it’s too long for my leg.

Instead of rolling the trouser leg, going to the tailor is always the easiest way to make your outfit hugs your curves in a perfect way.

With just a little amendment, it makes me feel more put together and polished every time.

Instead of buying a designer brand top that isn’t fit you well, wear a no-brand yet well-fitted top that can elevate your taste even more!

Added to this, I know we ladies always tend to size down our clothes during shopping.

Well, if that’s you, it’s time to stop! Always rationally see if the shoulder line, neckline, and waistline fit instead of following your heart.

Trust me, wearing fitted clothes can instantly boost your confidence to present to others in a more polished way!

2. Make sure your clothes are crease-free

Always iron your clothes to keep your clothes crease-free and structured.

It’s the basic thing but since many people are lazy to do it, just ensuring your clothes are crease-free can make you stand out among the crowd.

Many studies show that people with wrinkle-free outfits tend to look more confident in the workplace.

The reason being is they always feel good and take pride subconsciously in ironing their clothes and thus, they tend to look sharper than the others!

So ladies, if you want to earn a good first impression, dressing crease-free is always a brilliant way.

3. Dress according to the occasion

Dressing sharp doesn’t mean dressing formally on every occasion.

Rather, dressing sharp is about looking elegant according to the dress code.

For example, wearing a blazer in turtleneck and brown trousers with high heels looks sharp when you are having a business meeting.

However, if you wear this during the family outdoor gathering, I am sure you will look sharper with a V-neck polo shirt and a nice pleated dress.

So, ladies, the dress code is still a thing.

We don’t want to underdress, but we also don’t want to overdress. Dressing according to the occasion always makes you look classy.

4. Embrace the V line of your clothes

I am truly obsessed with the V line when I don’t have any round-neck tops in my wardrobe (That’s crazy!!).

But seriously, if you want to look more professional instantly, it’s time to CHANGE.

With the V neck, it adds sharper and more defined lining on your upper chest and at the same time elongates the neckline more.

It also creates the illusion of a smaller face and a longer neckline which is truly flattering, especially for the chubby cheeks girl.

Have you been aware that kids’ T-shirts are always the round-neck?

A round neck lining often presents the vibes of casualness and youthfulness, which is not the vibes you want here.

Despite our tops, V lining also applies to shoes.

Always pair with pointed flats or heels to look smart and create a longer slimmer legs! I can’t explain but every time when I wear pointed heels, I feel so empowered!

5. Switch out the buttons on your clothes

How to dress sharp as a woman

We don’t have to break the bank to look sharp, instead, switching out the buttons of our clothes can already elevate our outfits!

Most of the middle-price clothing, they have decent fabric and lining but somehow the design of the buttons isn’t that impressive.

It’s always worth replacing the ugly plastic flat buttons with classy lapel buttons.

I still remember once I change my no-brand winter coat button from toggles to the pearl button and my friend ask me if that was from a designer brand.

This trick is really powerful and again, looking sharp is all about paying attention to details.

6. Invest in your shoes

If I can only invest in one thing in my outfit, that will always be the shoes.

If you want to look sharp, at least you can’t wear a pair of stilettos that make you feel like you’re falling down every 10 seconds.

Yes, your shoe looks sharp but you overall look like you are suffering really hard.

Always invest in a pair of nice-looking yet comfortable heels or flats so you always feel the best in wearing them.

Always look for high-quality fabric that makes your leg breathable all the time.

If you want to wear heels that are higher than 4 inches all day long, it’s always useful to have a pair of flats in your bag!

7. Wear a structured bag with a scarf

I saw many ladies wear blazers and suits but when it comes to their bags, it’s a linen sloppy shoulder bag.

There’s nothing wrong with the bag itself if that’s a lazy weekend afternoon, however, if you want to look professional and sharp in the business, a structured bag can help you complete your girl boss look.

A structured bag can effortlessly elevate your wearing and makes your outfit look put together.

Added to this, if you are wearing a designer bag people subconsciously will assume your clothes are high fashion wearing as well.

But if you want to level up your game, try to style your bag with a scarf.

This is not something over the top but this little gesture tells people that you are a lady that pays attention to details and always strives to refine yourself.

8. Minimise the big designer logos

It may be hard for some people but minimizing the designer logo can make your outfit looks sharper.

It’s totally fine with one or two-piece designer brand products on the body but when you are wearing a big Gucci belt with a Fendi motif printed suit.

All the big logos on you makes you look flashy instead of sharp. Even if that’s not your intention, it is so easy for people to think you are trying to validate yourself through the brand names.

Plus, those logos will distract people’s attention and thus you just can’t look sharp with all these complicated prints and logos.

So, it’s always nice to minimize the logo on your outfit to keep it classy and elegant. After all, money talks and wealth whispers.

9. Wear simple accessories instead of the chunky one

When it comes to accessories, less is more.

While wearing 10 rings on both hands is so in trend these days, this won’t make you look sharp.

Always keep accessories to a reasonable amount to show your sophistication.

A long-line earring and a delicate long V-neck necklace are always the classy choices without looking like trying too hard.

Big piece of jewelry all over the body is also a big No-no.

10. Style your hair to complete your look

Last but not least, the hair! We all know how hair can change our aura and that’s a powerful thing to makes us look sharper.

If you have long hair, you can always look more refreshing with some simple styling.

For the easiest tip, you can always put all your hair aside instead of putting them on both sides, by showing the neckline, this will make you look less laid-back.

If you have time, a hairstyle like a twisted updo, Fishtail Braid, or just a low twisting bun can make you look way more professional and girl boss.

As pure long hair is always a big feature of soft femininity, that’s why style your hair can always be powerful enough to change the overall aura!


So ladies, here are the 10 tips on how to dress sharp as a woman. I hope you like it!

We all know dress a blazer and wearing dark colors can make us look sharp, but at the end of the day, dressing sharp is all about being classy, simple, and paying attention to details.

With these 10 tips, you can always look polished and sharp with or without our power suit!

So ladies, get creative with your outfit and styling! You will be surprised how people treat you differently when you start to refine yourself!

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