🔥7 TIPS on how to wear oversized shirts without looking fat! (Straight to the point)

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Every time I scroll the Pinterest feed and see those girls look chic and flattering in their oversized shirts, I just can’t be more jealous.

I thought I can look effortlessly chic too! But the fact is I look baggy and fat in oversized shirts like a kid wearing adult clothes.

As a curvy AND petite girl, I realized I do need some tricks and tips to make oversized shirts work for me.

Now, I am proud to say I can finally look flattering in my oversized hoodie!

So ladies, here are the 8 tips on how to wear oversized shirts without looking fat! Enjoy!


How to wear oversized shirts without looking fat

First thing first, it’s time to pay more attention to the fabric.

When it comes to oversized, always choose matte fabric over the shiny puffy fabric to balance things out.

As oversized shirt already add some volume to your body, choosing shiny fabric like silk or anything look metallic will further exaggerate your body figure.

Also, floppy fabric like chiffon and 100% polyester can also make you appear to be fatter.

Instead, choosing the structured and matte fabric like denim, thick cotton can always minimize the bagginess and makes your body lining looks sharper.

I had a metallic quilted ski jacket. Almost every time I wear that out, people around me always wondering have put on some weight lately.

And you know what, no one asks me the same question when I wear my matte oversized jacket.

This really taught me a huge lesson. I always care only about the cutting but ignore the fabric.

Ladies, stay away from the shiny exaggerating fabric.

It’s completely normal to look fat when you wear a metallic shirt, I can assure you are not alone.


I often saw some ladies wear an oversized shirt in a too decent way and that isn’t the best way to wear oversized.

After all, we want to look casual yet chic in this style, aren’t we?

We should always show some skins or curves when it comes to oversized shirts. Instead of wearing an oversized T-shirt probably, we can always show one side of our shoulder out.

By showing the neckline (one of the thinnest parts of our body), it immediately balances out the bulkiness and makes you look feminine even in oversized.

Also, if you are already wearing an oversize top, don’t wear wide-leg pants. While those pants may help you look taller, but overall you will look fat as all of your body curves are hidden.

Wide top x tight jeans/legging is always the most flattering way to carry oversize clothing. With the wide top, it makes your leg appear to be thinner by contrast.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not asking you to wear slutty in oversized.

But it’s always nice to show some skin like shoulders and ankles or curves of the leg to balance your figure!


When people asked me how to look slim in oversized, I will usually tell them to wear a long oversized T-shirt as a dress and belt it up with a thick belt or corset belt.

By accentuating your waist, you can easily attain an hourglass figure even if you are not actually!

For me, both a thin belt and a thick belt are fine and it depends on what clothes I wear.

If I am wearing a thick baggy sweater, I will go for a delicate thin belt as I don’t want to make my upper body look clumsier.

But if that’s a thin T-shirt oversized dress, a thick belt can further highlight the high waist and balance my silhouette.

Of all belts, the corset belt is the most flattering. Since it’s so structured and wide, it can totally hide my muffin top and makes me look sharp.


Source: hercampus

Not every clothes is suitable to belt it up, in that case, you can always consider tuck your shirt in.

I rarely do the full tuck with a baggy shirt as this will add too much bulk underneath the pants.

Instead, front tuck and side tuck are my favorite. To do the front tuck, you can tuck the middle front portion of your top under the button of your pants, and let the sides fall over the waistband. 

That way, you can look effortlessly casual yet show your high waistline.

Another way is to do the side tuck, this can show a bit of your curves of hips and this is always flattering!

If you are still wondering how to tuck your shirt without looking fat, you should check out these 7 tips!

5. Wear a hat to elongate the body when you wear oversized

This hack is great for petite girls and I wish I knew this sooner.

As a petite girl, sometimes wearing an oversize shirt makes me feel like it is dragging me down.

Without a pair of long legs, I look like a miserable clumsy fluffy ball. An easy tip to deal with that is to wear a cap that has a similar color to your top, by then, it can visually elongate your body figure and improves your body proportion.

If you aren’t a cap person, you can always wear a scarf during winter to draw people’s attention to your upper body so that it won’t look like your oversized shirt is carrying you down.

I usually wear a high bun when I wear to add a significant statement like a chunky necklace and scarf to my body, it just makes me look more polished and put together!

6. Don’t wear an oversize jacket that falls over your ankle

When it comes to the oversize jacket, I will always opt for the one above the knee area.

Unless you are really tall and have an excellent body proportion, the long oversize jacket can easily make you look fatter and shorter.

For the winter puffer jacket, I know many girls are opting for the super long one. However, the bottom line is to at least show the ankle area. Otherwise, that can look like a kid wearing adult clothing!

Added to this, you can always open the oversize jacket so you can show your waistline to look slimmer!


Last but not least, let’s not forget to wear monochrome.

With a similar shade of the same color, this minimizes the exaggerating effect and elongates your body figure instead.

If you want to add some layering, you can always play with different types of fabric so it looks chicer.

For example, you can always style a light yellow silk oversized T-shirt dress with a beige belt and a pair of beige loafers.

Wearing a different shade of the same color tone is always the easiest way to look high fashion, slimmer, and taller!

If monochrome is not your thing, at least you can minimize your outfit to 2 or 3 colors as well as the prints.

The less complicated your outfit, the more slimming it will show. After all, less is more!


Source: ELLE

When it comes to oversized clothes, I avoid online shopping and always try it on before I buy it.

After several painful experiences, I just realized the hemming of the oversized shirt can always be wrong.

With the wrong shoulder cutting, it can easily add some bulk to our upper body, and all of a sudden we have a board shoulder! Also, for some brands, their oversized clothes are wide and baggy in the body but relatively tight with the sleeves.

That way, it can make you look fatter and people will think you are actually having a big stomach instead of wearing an oversized!

While it seems basic, but it’s important to choose a top that is TRULY OVERSIZED.

So ladies, it’s always worthwhile to spend some money to invest in a nice oversized sweater as wrong cutting can really ruin the clothes!

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The fact is, you don’t know what you don’t know.


So ladies, here are the 8 tips on how to wear oversized shirts without looking fat! Let’s have a quick checklist first.

  • Always choose matte instead of the shiny fabric
  • Show some skin or silhouette to balance the bulkiness
  • Belt your oversized shirt up
  • Tuck your oversized shirt in
  • Wear a hat to elongate the body when you wear oversized
  • Don’t wear an oversize jacket that falls over your ankle
  • Wear monochrome with your oversized shirt
  • Pay attention to the hemming of your shirt

I hope these tips help! Regardless of the shapes and height, it’s my thought that everyone can look fabulous in oversized! So, ladies, it’s time to get creative and try out these tips and tricks!

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