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*2023*How to wear socks with heels? 26 combos!

*2023*How to wear socks with heels? 26 combos!

Can you turn a pair of sexy stiletto shoes into something sexy or dreamy?

Well, you can definitely do that if you know how to style your heels with socks!

I am not usually a trend follower but I am truly glad that socks with heels are gaining more and more popularity!

Despite the fact that we can turn our socks into the statement piece of our outfit, another big thing is I feel way more comfortable in heels with socks!

So, ladies, it’s time to embrace this trend, and here are 6 ways when it comes to how to wear socks with heels in a classy, lovely, and chic way!


1. Wear mesh socks for romantic dreamy vibes

If wearing plain color heels is too boring for you, styling them with mesh socks is a brilliant idea!

Pairing your heels with a similar shade of socks can really elevate the look and make you look more dressed up and fashionable!

Some girls may wonder will mesh socks make them look gaudy, well, it is hardly the case from my personal experience.

But if that’s really your concern, you can always buy sheer socks with sparkles, stars, and other balances to add a touch of dreaminess to your shoes!

When it comes to mesh socks, I don’t buy expensive ones as I know they can be really vulnerable.

I bought these dotted and sparkles mesh shoes from Amazon without any expectation but surprisingly they look really delicate and gorgeous when they arrived!

I got so many compliments when I wear them – highly recommend them!

Despite the hot party girl looks, mesh socks are perfect for the off-shoulder one-piece lace dress – just romantic!

2. Wear socks with the same tone for a polished look

If mesh socks aren’t your thing, what about a cool, stylish tone-on-tone to complete your look?

If you love wearing a plain top or simple one-piece dress, monochrome shoe-wearing is your thing.

Wearing a complementary or similar hue of socks perfectly adds a layer to your shoes and makes them a statement piece.

A little reminder is don’t wear your top or bottom with too many patterns.

After all, it can look a bit tacky if you have too many statement pieces in one outfit.

I adore this styling so much as the socks can truly change the whole vibes of the shoes.

If you want to turn your sexy white string heels into a sporty one, all you need to do is wear a pair of Nike socks!

My other favorite pairing is the red velvet socks with my dark purple heels for the autumn look!

3. Get a lowkey look by only showing part of the socks

You may not believe it but actually, someone asked “How do I wear high heels with socks without standing out?” in Quora.

For those ladies, my advice is to keep them lowkey in your boots!

When I first style my shoes with socks, I pair them with ankle boots first so I don’t feel that awkward.

After all, less is more. It’s stylish to just show a part of the socks to spice up your outfit a little bit.

If you want a soft and feminine look, pairing your beige ankle boots with nice wool creamy socks is a no-fail combination.

If you want to get a bit bolder, pairing your black boots with dotted socks can bring some creativity to your outfit as well.

Last but not least, for a practical reason, let’s not forget this can make our leg looks much warmer during wintertime!

Ladies, try them out!

4. Have a sexy high heel look with fishnet socks

For those days you want to be bold and look sexy, fishnet socks are your best friend indeed.

While there are different colors of fishnet socks, I will stay away from bright colors like red as I think it can easily look tacky.

I always style the black heels with black fishnet socks for a classy yet sexy look.

If you haven’t tried the fishnet socks before, you can always start with the fishnet with higher density (i.e. smaller diamond holes) so the fishnet socks will look less obvious.

If you want to add a sense of womanliness to your outfit, fishnet socks are a no-brainer!

5. Wear ruffle socks for a sweet vintage look

How to wear socks with heels?
Source: Pinterest

If you are wondering if can you turn Dr. Martens boots into something girly, my answer is YES if you style them with the right pair of socks!

Before you attend the vintage party and wonder if should you buy a pair of old-school round-toe T-stripe heels, let’s try to pair the socks first.

Style your chic pink combat boots with lace ruffle socks can easily obtain a vintage cute look.

Besides the lace socks, the transparent dotted socks are the must-have item for the girly sweet look!

My affordable picks:

6. Add some spice to your outfit with a bright colored socks

How to wear socks with heels?
Source: Glamour

Last but not least, be creative! If you want to add some spice to your brown-tone outfit, it will be always fun to add a bright pop of red to make it a statement.

My favorite lazy Sunday look is to wear the white oversize hoodie dress with white sneakers and pair it with lavender socks – I can’t feel any younger!

Honestly, there are no rules when it comes to shoe and heel pairing if you wear it with confidence!

But ladies please don’t pair shoes with no-show socks… let’s not do that…


So ladies, here are the 6 styles when it comes to wearing socks with heels! Let’s have a quick checklist first.

  • Wear mesh socks for romantic dreamy vibes
  • Wear socks with the same tone for a polished look
  • Get a lowkey look by only showing part of socks
  • Have a sexy high heel look with fishnet socks
  • Wear ruffle socks for a sweet vintage look
  • Add some spice to your outfit with a bright color socks

For a long time, there’s always been the misconception that wearing high heels with socks is something hard to handle and only the fashion bloggers and models will do.

Ladies, that is truly not the case if you look around the street now! Instead, it is flattering and adds a touch of vitality to the style.

It’s time to embrace this trend and you will then realize you actually don’t need to buy 5 extra pairs of shoes to create more new looks at all!

Utilize your socks and let them do wonders for you xo

If you are interested in fashion styling, you may be interested in the following read, see you there!

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