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What to wear to the MASTERS 2023? (15 real photos all yr round!)

What to wear to the MASTERS 2023? (15 real photos all yr round!)

Whether you are a golf lover or just a curious outsider, masters week is the ultimate fun to spice up dry April!

First thing first, what EXACTLY is The Masters?

Simply put, the masters is a golf tournament held in the first week of April each year at Augusta National golf club.

Crowned as one of the four majors in professional golf, The Master is recognized as the most prestigious and popular event. 

The Final round broadcast averaged a whopping 10.17 million viewers on CBS.

So if you can snag the tickets to watch the tournament in person, you are in luck! It’s a tradition unlike any other.

Below, I’ve gathered some 15 real-life spectators’ outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to the Masters along with some pro tips.


1. What do ladies wear to the masters’ golf tournament

When in doubt, dress like you’re playing golf! For ladies, think athletic long sleeve top and tennis skirt with caps that are as practical as it looks youthful and cute.

Of course, the golf aesthetic combo is literally endless. When in doubt, throw on a polo shirt and golf skort that is equally flattering.

For guys, a blade collar shirt (or again, polo) and neutral colors khaki pants, argyle socks, and running shoes are the safe bet.

That being said, to be a proper patron at Augusta National, keep in mind that jeans and golf shoes with metal spikes are not allowed.


I know it’s a no-brainer but please keep your shirt tucked in!

As for the pants, avoid the ones with a drawstring or elastic waistbands – it’s too casual.

2. Master Master’s dress code with style

Since you are not actually playing golf here, you definitely have a wider range of choices in picking the outfits.

To dress the best as a fashionable golf spectator, think classy yet practical look to vibe with the prestigious golfing event.

A floral tunic dress and preppy white pants that work wonders for springtime? This couple just nails the look.

3. Stay preppy and comfy with a belted shirt dress

For all the preppy girls out there, how can you miss out on a collared midi shirt dress that screams the Ralph Lauren feel?

To elevate the look, belt it up and embrace all the classic patterns from gingham, and argyle to stripes that look irresistibly posh and fun at the same time.

For footwear, a pair of flat sandals like Jack Rogers or sleek tennis shoes are perfect for a day on a hilly course like Augusta.

4. Fashionable golf spectator outfit

Is this look over the top? YES.

But will I wear it to the golf party next time? HELL YES.

These girls just play with patterns in the best possible way. I love how they team this busy look with solid white shoes to balance things up.

Nice move.

5. Sleeveless shirt and chino shorts

Sleeveless shirt and chino shorts
Source: 1,2

My favorite combo of all time: sleeveless blouse and chino shorts. If you want to dress like a set, consider matching the top and belt in similar shades.

Need I say more? These outfits are perfectly preppy.


When it comes to the country club style, super high waist shorts are not preferred.

6. Berckmans place dress code

Let’s be real, ladies.

We wear golf dresses not necessarily because we are golfers. We wear them because we feel so flattering and sporty in them.

Berckmans place dress code
Get this sleeveless golf dress on Amazon

As a pear-shaped girl, I am loving this sleek A-line golf dress from Amazon as it’s such a confidence booster. 

Despite the slimming V-neck collar and plated bottom, I also love how light and silky it feels.

The best part? There are the inner shorts with deep pockets and you have no problem putting your phone!

Check them out – it comes in 5 colors!

7. What to wear to the masters when it’s cold

When the days are chilly and rainy during the Masters week, layering is key. Think shirts, sweaters, vests, and jackets.

To feel the most carefree, lightweight, and water-resistant windbreaker type of outerwear is the best for chilly April.

8. What to wear to the Master’s golf party

With the right color combo, you can turn any clothes with a dash of master golf vibes.

Think navy polo, dark green mini pleated skirt, and yellow cardigan as a pop of fun. Whether you are sweet 16 or 36, a pleated skirt is a perfect addition here!

This fun sassy look is perfect for both indoor golf-themed parties and springtime master week!

9. Master costume ideas

Looking for the right costumes to jazz up the Master’s golf party? Get inspired by the iconic Caddy white jumpsuit and master’s green coat!

Together with the PRO cap, these family-matching outfits are to die for.

I’ve found a similar Caddy jumpsuit and super fun golf hat on Amazon, enjoy!

10. Wear a sweater to a golf tournament

Speaking of the springtime in Augusta, the weather can be fickle.

If the master week is cool and cloudy, consider wearing a high-neck sweater with your favorite chiffon skirt and tennis sneakers to nail the look.

Clearly, this lady just rocks a sweater that screams nothing but “My mind is on golf 100%”.

And can we talk about how perfect this shade of green is? Superfine.

11. Front knot shirt and white denim jacket

These days, more and more ladies wear white to the master tournaments. This checked front knot shirt and sweet scallop hem skirt is can’t be any more darling.

Together with a white denim jacket draped over the shoulder, this get-up just screams “I’ve got a style and I KNOW it”.

12. Can you wear jeans to the master’s?

No matter how decent and sophisticated you look in your white jeans, sorry ladies, jeans are not allowed when it comes to the official Master dress code.

If you gravitate towards pants, khakis or slacks are great alternatives.

13. What shoes to wear to the master golf tournament

If you don’t have golf shoes, comfy athletic shoes are your second best. From running shoes to sleek tennis shoes, they are all doable as long as they have rubber soles.

I mean, we all know the Augusta hilly course is infamously slippery after the morning rain!

For ladies, high pointy heels are the big No-no. (That will be disastrous when you walk on the grassland).

If you prefer to add in extra height or want to dress up the look, go for ballet flats, chunky low heels, or espadrilles wedges that look incredibly versatile yet practical at the same time.

14. Wear a golfer visor to masters

Whether you are a golfer or spectator, a golf visor is essential to protect your eyes under the baking sun.

Wear a golfer visor to masters
Get these match visors on Amazon

I am loving these Adidas match visors on Amazon for a ton of good reasons. They are machine washable, lightweight, and with all 20+ modern and aesthetic shades and designs.

The best part? They are big-head-approved! (I bought one for my boyfriend too)

Check them out before they stock out!


If the weather is hot and sunny that day, I strongly suggest you wear a visor instead of a hat as it provides way more breathability.

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15. GO ALL IN with the Master’s Merch products

For the golf fans out there, I’d say go all in with all the merch items to embrace the vibes to the fullest.

From master’s caddy hats to iconic green champion T-shirts, the sense of belonging is real.

Is that just me but collecting merch products is such an addiction!


So there you go – the 15 fashionable and practical golf patrons’ outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear for The Masters’ golf tournament.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that gets you inspired and settles down the right outfit!

If you are looking for specific golf outfit tips? Check out the other popular post below! See you there loves!

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