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*2023*8 real afternoon tea outfits at the Ritz & fancy hotels!

*2023*8 real afternoon tea outfits at the Ritz & fancy hotels!

Wondering what to wear to afternoon tea at The Ritz Carlton? Ladies, you’ve come to the right place.

Unlike any other tea parties, can we all admit that having afternoon tea at Ritz is just another level?

Not gonna lie, their tea set is expensive.

But when you take the top-notched service, fancy scene, and exceptional experience into account, I can guarantee it’s all worth it.

That said, to make sure you make the most out of this luxury afternoon tea experience in a 5-star hotel, picking the right outfit is key.

The last thing you want is to underdress and feel out of the place with the surrounding.

Not this time sis.

Ahead, I’ve gathered 8 real-life afternoon tea outfits to get you inspired! From classy casual to dressy, I’ve got you all covered!

1. How strict is the ritz dress code?

According to the The Ritz Carlton London, gentlemen are required to wear a jacket and tie for afternoon tea.

Added to this, jeans and sportswear are not permitted for either ladies or gentlemen.

From my experience, I’d say ladies have a higher flexibility in the outfits as long as you don’t go overly sexy. (But tasty sexy is fine)

When in doubt, think smart casual.

If you are not here for the insta-worthy shoots, a nice collared shirt and A-line dress is a failproof combo to look classy without trying too hard.

To feel extra feminine, I’d go for the top with a nice ribbon and perhaps a nice headband.

I mean, ladies, this is the perfect timing to go a little bit extra in this fancy setting.

Don’t be shy!


Scones should be broken apart with the fingers instead of a knife and fork.

2. Go extra glam for Ritz high tea

If you want to embrace the sunshine, let’s not forget the outdoor setting is equally aesthetic.

To look like a goddess and spoil yourself once in a while, I’d say invest a good 15 minutes for a nice hairdo.

This lady just did a stunning retro hairstyle. I mean, what can I say? The glamorous 1920 flare just vibes perfectly with the fancy tea set.

Or else, if you don’t have time to do the hair, showcase your favorite sun hat!

3. Sassy black girl tea party look

If you want to go all in, why not?

Of course, in order to blend in with the crowd, you don’t want to look overly sexy from head to bottom.

But hey, you can do it in a tasteful sassy way for sure!

Get inspired by this lady and achieve a nice balance between a faux fur coat, a corset top, and bright orange pants that gives off the Hermes vibes.

Such a diva.

4. Modern high tea outfits

If you go to Ritz Carlton for afternoon tea, high chance you want to take a series of photoshoots around the hotel.

To dress like a 10/10, bring your statement dress and high heels. If you are petite, a slit dress or high-low dress together with pointy heels will definitely make you appear to be taller.

5. Forgiving peplum dress for high tea

ladies high tea peplum dress

Need I say more? Whether you are going to a fancy tea party or a date night, this dress is here to work wonders for you.

As a girl with a muffin top and a bloated belly, I am obsessed with the peplum design.

Featuring the extra stripe of fabric gathered around the fabric, it just hides the bloated belly seamlessly and fakes an hourglass body out of nowhere.

If you want to feel the best in Ritz Carlton, this is the one.

Of course, there’s the gorgeous peplum dress for my plus-size queens!


In case no one tells you, afternoon tea can be incredibly full. Seriously, please don’t underestimate those scones and pastries – they are not as innocent as you thought.

For me, I will always skip lunch for afternoon tea. Or at least, eat less for lunch. You will thanks me later.

6. What to wear to afternoon tea in winter

The white dress is cute but if you are clumsy like me, leave it for another day.

What to wear to afternoon tea in winter
Source: 1,2

I must say the riskiest part is buttering the scone with strawberry jam, so please have your napkin in place.

When the days are chilly out, a sleek pantsuit just looks so smart and high fashion. Together with the polka dot scarf, this look is a 10/10.

No joke, these days from the Instagram feed I can see more and more ladies rocking the scarf and pantsuit. Love this trend.


Whether you are dining in 5-star hotels or a cozy resto, ALWAYS take off the hat and sunnies when you go indoors.

7. Mommy and me afternoon tea outfit ideas

If you are going to the Ritz Carlton afternoon tea parties with your little ones, go for these mommy and me matching sets!

Mommy and me afternoon tea outfit ideas

I am obsessed with the boatneck design here – so feminine and elegant.

8. Retro tea party dress

Last but not least, the vintage style for fancy afternoon tea especially when you are with your girlfriends!

Retro tea party dress

I will definitely choose the one with both red rose and polka dot prints to feel a little bit extra.


So there you go ladies – the 8 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to afternoon tea at the Ritz.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope these looks get you inspired! Seriously, whether you want to get spoiled in a sequin dress or an off-duty midi shirt dress, no one is here to judge!

At the end of the day, just go with the flow and dress in what makes you feel the best!

As the saying goes “Tea time is a chance to slow down, pull back and appreciate our surroundings”.

The outfit is just part of the experience and we don’t have to overstress it.

Looking for more afternoon tea party outfit ideas? Check out my popular articles below. See you there loves!

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