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đź’–*2023* 15 tea party bridal shower outfits! Cute real-life looks!

💖*2023* 15 tea party bridal shower outfits! Cute real-life looks!

Wondering what to wear to a tea party bridal shower? Ladies you’ve come to the right place!

As the saying goes “Sparks are going to fly at the wedding, but the magic starts at the bridal shower.” It’s so true.

A bridal shower is a heartfelt moment where the bride-to-be’s close friends and family members get to come together and celebrate her new milestone.

To shower the bride with the love and attention she deserves, a fancy tea party is such a popular theme for the bridal shower these days.

After all, what’s better than dressing up together, indulging yourself with all kinds of sweets and some “tea”?

Best feeling ever.

Below, I’ve gathered 15 real-life bridal tea party outfit ideas from summer to winter with all possible styles and tips.


1. Bridal shower tea party outfits: Hat

To embrace the elegant atmosphere, tea party hats are here to add a dash of whimsy to the girl’s day.

Bridal shower tea party outfits
“Big Hats and High Tea” Bridal Shower by gorgeous Anastacia

If the fancy fascinators aren’t your style, let’s not forget the big straw hat is equally flattering. I truly love the hat variation from the photos above!

If you are looking for an elegant cocktail dress for the tea party, this one below has to be the winner.

vintage cocktail dress amazon
Get this gorgeous dress (with different colors & patterns) on Amazon!

Featuring a unique sleeve design, this is how you can go sleeveless in the most forgiving way.

Together with the cute flair at the waist, this dress has the best cut to flatter any of the figures. Obsessed.

2. Boho x bridal tea look

For the gypsy girls out there, here’s the look for you.

boho bridal tea attire
Source: Fashionlush

Isn’t this combo as cool and artsy as it looks romantic and dreamy?

I never thought a headscarf goes well with the fluffy chiffon dress but well, it looks unbeatably good!

Items from photos:

Mulberry silk scarf + Off-shoulder tiered layer dress

3. Parasols for the bridal tea party

If your bridal tea party is extra girly, I highly suggest you go for the parasols.

Parasols bridal tea party
Source: Pinterest

Trust me, the parasol will make all the photos tenfolds more Instagrammable and dress up almost all the look.

Think a plain tunic and wedges and you’re all set!

4. When in doubt, pastel shades

When it comes to the color combo for the tea bridal, pastel shades are the safest choices of all time.

what to wear tea party bridal shower
Source: Pinterest

Despite the popular hues like dusty pink, mauve, baby blue, and lavender that are commonly used, consider mint green and buttermilk yellow this time!

Despite the solid hues, a floral dress is another hot choice for the bridal party.

If you are looking for a non-cliche floral dress, this is my pick. Enjoy!

Shop NORDSTROM for this beautiful dress!
The asymmetrical hemline is so leg forgiving.

5. Nice hair updo for a bridal shower tea party

To dress up the look, a nice hair updo definitely helps.

hair updo bridal shower tea party
Source: Pinterest

From the cute bow bun to the French twist to a sleek low bun, your hair updos option is literally endless.

Seriously ladies, a fancy bridal tea is the best time to go a little bit experimental with your hairstyle and have fun!


To avoid any drama, you better ask which hairstyles the bride is gonna do so can avoid doing the same!

6. Fairycore aesthetic for a bridal shower tea party

Fairycore aesthetic bridal shower tea party
Source: Pinterest

So you’ve pinned down the right dress, what’s next?

Well, what about putting on a ribbon and pairing your shoes with mesh socks to look extra dreamy?

If you are wondering what this kind of dress is from, it’s mostly from Loveshackfancy. (One of my favorite brands of all time!)

7. Rose and champagne gold for the party

A toast to my best friend.

We may live miles apart, but you are always in my heart.

And no matter where you are, I know you’re only a phone call away.

8. Pant outfits for bridal shower

Not especially fond of dress? Don’t fret.

See how this lady rocks the pants in such a classy way.

Both a “Satin top + wide leg pants” and a sleek jumpsuit are popular options for bridal shower parties.

Together with the coordinating hat and blazer set, this is how you look chic without trying too hard.

For me, I will change the cream blazer to other shades like pastel or dusty pink.

9. Vintage bridal shower in the hotel

I don’t know about you but vintage bridal shower is always one of the best.

This look is everything.

For footwear, Mary Janes and T-strap heels are both darling.

10. Spice up the vintage look with white gloves

For a fancy 5-star tea party, let’s put on the gloves with your girls and take a photo like this.

white gloves vintage tea party
Source: Pinterest

It’s always fun to add an extra splash of whimsy to life once in a while!

11. What to wear bridal shower in winter

When the days are cold out, it’s not an excuse for you to dress down for the bridal shower.

What to wear bridal shower in winter
Source: Yourgirlknows

When in doubt, place attention on the light or pastel hues.

Trust me, it’s so worth it to find a lavender coat that instantly changes an otherwise plain get-up to a fancy one.


To avoid looking all over the place, it’s best to limit the colors of the outfit to a maximum of 3.

12. Beret + A pastel shade outerwear

Beret pastel shade outerwear
Source: Tumblr

Guess what, you can always layer the summer dress with winter outerwear.

Some feminine brands for the bridal showers:


So there you go – the 15 real-life bridal tea party outfit ideas to try out for your coming party!

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that gets you inspired!

While dressing up is a big part of the fun, at the end of the day, it’s the quality time with your girls that truly matters! So I’d say go all in and be goofy and crazy!

Looking for more tea party outfit ideas? Check out my popular articles down below.

See you there loves!

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