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*2023*What to wear to a VINTAGE tea party? 15 outfits!

*2023*What to wear to a VINTAGE tea party? 15 outfits!

Wondering what to wear to a vintage tea party? Ladies you’ve come to the right place.

Seriously, life can be overwhelming at times and sometimes ALL we need is having a relaxing tea time with our girl gangs.

You know, chat over our hectic life, and work, and lightly grumble about our man. (Well, we all do isn’t it?)

So yes, while the savory scones and fancy tea set are such a big highlight of a tea party, it’s the bonding and lovely time with our friends that truly matters.

And if you want to boost the aesthetic of your tea party tenfolds, a vintage tea party is always THE BEST idea.

Ahead, I’ve gathered all different retro tea party aesthetic outfits to get you inspired.


1. 1920s tea party dress

Vintage dresses come in all kinds of styles and I’d say get experimental with all types of dresses.

When in doubt, pick 1920s dresses that are as elegant as it looks romantic.

Think forgiving empire waistlines, lacy embroidery, and a billowy poncho that finish off a tea party look on a retro end.

That said, the traditional dress for retro tea parties is often modest.

Mini skirts and plunging necklines may not be the most suitable for retro tea parties.

2. Vintage floral dress for a tea party

When it comes to a retro tea party, a floral dress is always appropriate.

That said, some of the floral patterns can almost look too modern or shall I say – average.

To really grasp the gist of retro vibes, I hope you will love my Amazon handpick below!

Vintage floral dress for tea party

Get this retro floral dress on Amazon

The muted floral tones just give the 1950s vibes to the fullest.

Together with a retro hairstyle and Mary Jane shoes, this look is failproof for a retro tea party.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, wear a fluffy tulle skirt underneath to add some drama!

3. Puffy sleeve dress for vintage afternoon tea

Seriously, you don’t always have to dress over the top for vintage afternoon tea if you don’t feel like it.

There are tons of ways to look retro so have fun and stay one-of-a-kind!

For a cozy intimate vintage tea party at home, a patterned shirt dress is such a lovely pick.

This lady is wearing a cute shirt dress with dramatically big puffy sleeves – so artistic!

4. Vintage tea party plus size dress

For my plus-size queens out there, here’s my rare find – A jacquard print dress that looks so effortlessly expensive and glamorous.

Vintage tea party plus size dress

Get this Golden Hour dress on ModCloth

Featuring the slimming V-neckline, short puff sleeves, and a matching and removable belt at the high waist – all these designs just make this dress extra forgiving to wear.

The best part? This A-line flare skirt has handy side pockets.

Really, this is a vintage dress that doesn’t look cliche in any sense. LOVE.

5. Couple vintage tea party outfits

The vintage tea party isn’t just for ladies. If you want to join invite your man over, and get inspired by the cute couple below!

A man vintage tea party look can never go wrong with a patterned bow tie, baker boy cap, and classic oxford shoes.

Of course, the suspender belt is a must-have to get that dose of retro vibes in your outfit.

This statement piece alone just swaps an otherwise regular ensemble for a retro funky look.

For ladies, a dainty tea party fascinator and white lace dress just look as simple as it looks tasteful.


6. Romantic tiered long dress

For a romantic retro tea party, the long dress is here to shine.

To create a romantic look, I highly suggest you go for the tiered dress for a statement silhouette.

Whether you are 16 or 36, it’s never too late to feel like a fairy as long as you are young at heart.

Sometimes happiness is as simple as wearing pastels with your girls and having a themed party like this.

7. Vintage tea party dress pattern

Double-breasted button and polka dot – what else is more retro than a dress like this?

Vintage tea party dress pattern

Get this polka dot dress on Amazon

If you want to be one of the rockabilly girls at the tea party, I’d say rock this dress.

Also, if that matters, this design just flatters the chest area and also, makes your waist appear to be smaller. Such a godsend.

It comes with a ton of patterns and shades – check this out!

8. White tights for a Victorian tea party

To add more retro flare to the tea party, tights are your best friend here.

Of course, not all the tights can give you equal vibes.

Compare to the modern black sheer tights, white tights and patterned tights will work better with the tea party dresses.

It just brings out distinctive vibes.

9. Aesthetic Peplum tea party dress

From my past experience, tea parties can be EXTREMELY fulfilling. And yes, to the point where your belly is too bloated for some aesthetic afternoon tea photoshoots.

If you want something belly forgiving, a vintage peplum dress will work wonders for you.

Aesthetic Peplum tea party dress

Get this vintage peplum dress on Amazon

Featuring that extra stripe of fabric gathered around the waist, it just hides the belly area completely and fakes an hourglass shape for you.

I also fancy the sweetheart neckline – so retro and fun!

To look matchy, try to pair the hat and dress in the same shade as a set.

10. Feminine Victorian dress

Feeling extra feminine for the vintage tea party? I say lean into it.

After a busy week, nothing is better than picking the fanciest Victorian costume dress and feel like a princess.

You deserve it girl.

11. Long necklace for a tea party

Many ladies overlook this but actually wearing the long pearl necklace can truly elevate the retro vibes of the afternoon tea party.

And guess what, wearing a long necklace can elongate your figure visually and make you appear to be taller and slimmer.

A fun part about this is you can always get experimental with the ways of wearing the long necklaces.

Whether you do it in a layered, low-knot or treat it as a choker, you are bound to look fabulous.

12. Parasol for the vintage tea party

For a tea-riffic vintage tea party, a lace parasol is key for a fancy photoshoot.

Seriously, the vintage party doesn’t always have to be in the victorian theme or the 1960s look.

It’s YOUR vintage tea party so create your own kind of style!

Instead of wearing a glamorous long dress, get inspired by this lady and go with a cute ruffle dress with floral mesh socks on.

This whimsical look just screams the “Love shack fancy” vibes to the fullest.

13. Shoes to wear to a Vintage tea party

Shoes to wear to a Vintage tea party

Get these vintage strap heels on ModCloth

Need I say more? This pair of Mary Janes just can’t be any more perfect for a vintage tea party. Those teardrop cut-outs at the upper and along the ankle are to die for.


If you are having an outdoor tea party, always wear low chunky heels so you can walk on the grass all day long.

14. Retro hairstyle for a vintage tea party

So you’ve pinned down the dress, let’s not forget your hairstyle is equally important as well!

Trust me, it’s so worth it to retro your hair with extra-large curls and puffs.

From vintage Hollywood waves to an elegant updo, it’s all worth the try.

I will always do the hairstyle with my girls before the vintage tea party, so fun!

15. When in doubt, wear gloves

Another Vintage tea party essential: GLOVES.

Is that practical? No really?

But is that really aesthetic and makes you feel like a princess? HELL YES.

Whether you opt for feminine lace gloves or solid velvet gloves, they just do the job.


So there you go – the 15 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to a Vintage tea party.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope you’ve got inspired and pin down the right outfit!

As the saying goes “Tea time is a chance to slow down, pull back and appreciate our surroundings”.

Looking for more afternoon tea fashion? Check out my other popular article down below. It’s one of the most popular reads these days!

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