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Ladies, hope you get excited as I’m going to talk all about afternoon tea party ideas!

This is a bold statement but I truly think no girl can resist the dreaminess of the English tea party.

Despite it being a perfect reason for us to dust out our fancy dresses and get dressed up, this is such a precious moment to catch up with your family and girlfriends for a relaxing afternoon.

When it comes to those cottage core decorations, refreshing tea, and scrumptious scones, tea parties truly deserve a well-planned ensemble for some instagrammable photoshoots.

But here’s the thing ladies, tea party attire can be really confusing. What to wear for a formal tea party and a casual one has such a BIG difference.

That said, I’ve got your back! Ahead are the 10 tea party outfit ideas that help you stay put together. Hope you girls enjoy it!


tea party outfit ideas, tea party attire, afternoon tea outfits ladies
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When it comes to a traditional English tea party, it’s all about dressing elegantly in modest wear.

That said, you don’t want to look revealing with a low neckline dress or a backless top. Opt for a midi dress together with a structured bag to complete your look instead.

As for footwear, closed-toe heels are most preferred.

And if you want to elevate this classy look, team the dress with a short jacket can never go wrong.

While many people don’t aware, the bolero jacket is surprisingly body flattering.

Featuring the cropped design, not only it can contour the long torso, that can accentuate the high waist area and creates hourglass figures for you.

As a petite girl, a bolero jacket just works wonders!


garden tea party outfit ideas, tea party attire, afternoon tea outfits ladies
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If you are invited to a casual tea party, especially the poolside or garden one, feel free to dress down your look with casual wear (That also means you can show more skin!).

Speaking of the hue of the dress, the springy pastel hues have always been popular for parties.

If you are not used to wearing pastel hues daily, well, tea parties are the impeccable timing for you to experiment with all sorts of playful shades.

A wide beam white sun hat with mint tube dress and nude heels? HELL YES.


tea party outfit ideas, tea party attire, afternoon tea outfits ladies
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Time has changed and when it comes to tea party attire, the standard feminine floral dress look is no longer the only option!

If you are attending a casual party and you want to add a dash of fashion to your ensemble, teaming your white vest with flared dress pants just look one-of-a-kind.

To take this killer look to another level, put on cat-eye sunglasses and now you are sure to turn heads.


winter tea party outfit ideas, tea party attire, afternoon tea outfits ladies
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If you are attending a winter afternoon tea party or the one in the hotel, make sure you wear a cape or bolero jacket with you.

While long sleeve coat and bolero jacket work, drape the long scarf over a tube dress if you want a billowy silhouette.

It just looks so feminine and flattering in a sophisticated way.


tea party outfit ideas, tea party attire, afternoon tea outfits ladies
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When it comes to a traditional English tea party, hats play such a big role. In the past, afternoon tea parties often take place outdoors so the ladies will wear a giant hat to avoid sunburn and stay elegant.

I’m glad that this tradition hasn’t lost its charm as it’s just too fun to wear a statement hat for the parties.

For a casual look, a wide beam sun hat is more than enough.

But if you want to bring your A-game, go for all the vibrant hues and modern shapes to stand out from the crowd.

As a reminder, always wear your hat sideways so it can open up your face and contour the face line!

By the way, if you wonder how those girls can wear heels on the grass perfectly, these heel protectors are the secret.

Not gonna say too much about it as I know many of you got one already.


tea party outfit ideas, tea party attire, afternoon tea outfits ladies
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I know it seems over the top but yes, you may need to wear gloves when it comes to a formal afternoon party.

In the past, wearing gloves is mainly for protection but nowadays, it’s more of a decoration.

Featuring the lace detailing, it just elevates the look and makes you appear to be more doll-like.

Pair a white silk glove with a ruffle puff-sleeve dress, I just feel like I am an elegant lady from the 1950s.

The retro vibes are real.

If you need a pair of vintage, I suggest you NOT wasting money on those designer pieces that cost a few hundred. Such a pain.

I’ve found a great pair with all 5-star reviews from Amazon. Check these cuties out!


vintage tea party outfit ideas, tea party attire, afternoon tea outfits ladies
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Admit it, sometimes we just need a dash of whimsy in life and that includes a vintage tea party look.

For a Great Gatsby style, wear a cloche hat with a draping dress, the Mary Jane shoes, and signature long pearl necklaces can never go wrong.

If you are feeling dramatic today, I’ll urge you to bring lace parasols as together, it just looks irresistibly ravishing.

And if you want some 30’s flare, a traditional puff sleeve tea dress is always a tasteful choice.

Teaming it with dainty kitten heel pumps, that just look sleek and unique at the same time.

By the way, this cloche hat and Ivory parasol from Amazon is to die for.

If you don’t have one, check out this big ribbon hat below to elevate the aesthetic tenfold. You know it’s legit when all reviews are positive.


tea party outfit ideas, tea party attire, afternoon tea outfits ladies
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Running out of time and wanting to look put together with minimal effort? A monochromatic look is always the fail-proof.

Wearing similar hues make your figure look more united and creates a slim and tall frame visually.

As a petite girl, a black high waist jumpsuit with black heels look just elongate my legs to another level. BIG LOVE.

Plus, monotones are just effortlessly cool and modern.

If you want to add a boyish twist in dusty pink, opt for a fitted sleeveless waistcoat, and instantly you look like a boss lady.


tea party outfit ideas, tea party attire, afternoon tea outfits ladies
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If you think all the tea parties are elegant and poised, well, think again!

When it comes to the mad hatter tea party, this Alice in the wonderland theme show is obviously asking you to bring up your A-game.

So ladies, leave your crafty bowler hat at home and switch it for a funky pink giant hat as a statement piece.

To echo the wildness of the hat, go for a cool waistcoat or a leopard dress one-piece just work wonders.

Remember, always wear according to the dress code. You don’t want to embarrass yourself with a darling lace dress while all the others are dressing fun and whimsy!

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Afternoon Tea party outfit ideas

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So ladies, here are the 9 tea party outfit ideas! Whether you call it afternoon tea, high tea, or low tea, tea parties are always a sheer delight.

I’m truly glad that they are back in style now and it’s just a delight to see all the ladies wearing aesthetic dresses and hats.

Here’s the quick recap of the looks:

  • Classy tea party outfit ideas
  • Casual tea garden party outfit ideas
  • The modern tea party outfit looks
  • Always bring a cape with you in winter
  • Get a bold statement with the hat
  • Wear gloves for the formal afternoon tea parties
  • Get a retro taste with a vintage tea dress
  • Look put-together in a monochromatic look
  • Go fun & whimsy for a mad hatter tea party

By the way ladies, springtime is not only for the tea parties but also for picnics! If you are interested in picnic outfit ideas to wear all year round, here are the 11 outfits that will get you inspired! Hope you like it!

For more styling tips, check out the article below!

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