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*2023*17 cute bi & pansexual outfits (Not rainbow!)

*2023*17 cute bi & pansexual outfits (Not rainbow!)

Looking for some cute bi and pansexual outfits to level up your wardrobe? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

First thing first, there’s no limiting belief in how to dress like a part of the LBGT+ community!

While there’s tend to have some sterotypes bi fashion about baggy pants, jean jacket and ball cap, honey, you have way more to explore!

Ahead, I’ve gathered 17 classic and cute modern bi & pansexual outfits, enjoy my loves!

1. A statement colorful shirt

While plaid and flannel shirt has always been the symbol of bi-fashion, it’s always fun to try out other combos!

cute bi outfits
Source: Pinterest

This non-cliche colorful shirt just screams “I’ve got a style and I KNOW it”.

To achieve a tapered silhouette, get inspired by this girl and do a full tuck with the belted pants together with sleek high heels.

If you want to add a dash of gender-fluid vibes, go for the classic cuffed jeans.

Bisexuality means I am free and I am as likely to want to love a woman as I am likey to want to love a man, and what about that?

Isn’t that what freedom implies?

June Jordan

2. Cute bi girl outfits: Dungaree

Of course, the free-spirit dungarees scream the bi-girl vibes.

Cute bi girl outfits Dungaree
Source: Pinterest

This girl just rocks the choker and dungaree in the most effortlessly way – especially with the tie waist flannel.

Yes people, regardless of your age, there’s no limit to wearing overalls!

That said if you want to look more sophisticated, go for dark shades like navy green and black rather than light-washed denim – always work!

3. Artsy bi girl look

For my artsy bi girls, this look below is sure to vibes.

Artsy bi girl
Source: Stylecaster

Need I say more? The yellow sunglasses, cute beret, blunt orange jumpsuit, and floral graphic tee just turn you into a fashionista.

Be ready for the attention on the street!

4. How to dress more bi? Rainbow + fun quotes

If you need the right tee for the pride parade, this one below just can’t go wrong.

How to dress more bi
Get this “Sounds Gay. I’m IN” shirt on Amazon
(Click the link for all different designs)

Trust me people will come to take photos with you!

5. Subtle bi pride with pastels

The truth is, there’s no one-and-for-all formula when it comes to dressing more bi.

Subtle bi pride pastels
Source: DapperTomboy

To do things lowkey, layer out the collared shirt with an oversized sweater for effortless vibes.

And guess who, who said you can’t wear pastels cause it’s too “girly”? Define your own kind of beauty!

6. Clubbing bi style

For my girlies who want to spice up the clubbing night but at the same time don’t want to go too over the top, this look is for you.

clubbing bi style
Source: kearagraves

Go out of a bit of your comfort zone with your favorite red tartan shirt and sassy red crop top as a coordinating set.

Together with the hoop earrings, this look is so on point.

7. Turtleneck + faux leather jacket

Cold days are coming? It’s time to bring your faux leather jacket out!

Turtleneck faux leather jacket
Source: kearagraves

The high turtleneck and tartan pants are giving me the attitude. Love that.


While it seems a no-brainer to match the cool outfit with dark-toned makeup, it can look surprisingly good when you carry the look with a sweet makeup style!

It’s always the contrast that makes you stand out from the crowd.

8. A colorful mesh dress

A colorful mesh dress is always a summer must-have.

bi girl aesthetic
Get this fun mesh dress on Amazon

If the swimsuit set is not your thing, biker shorts are another wonderful choice!

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.”

9. Spice up the bi look with hairclips

Feeling bored? Here’s the “space age meets the 1960s” look. ✨

bi look with hairclips
Source: kearagraves

If you are looking for hair clips that stay in fine hair, these zinc alloy hairpins from Amazon are so far the best.

I love how this girl matches the color of the eyeshadow with the nails. It’s always the details that matter!

10. Pansexual aesthetic outfits

Never thought of tucking a cardigan in jeans?

Pansexual aesthetic outfits
Source: Pinterest

Well, this combo is definitely giving me some new ideas!

11. Fun pride outfits

Sweet headscarf and fishnet tights for the pride parade – in one outfit.

Yup, I said it.

Fun pride outfits
Source: Pinterest

For the subtle bi pride, this black rainbow socks are here to give a hint!

12. Cool pansexual outfit with cross body bag

Another effortlessly cool look.

pansexual outfits
Source: kearagraves

Oversized tee + biker shorts + cross body bag that scream the high street vibes.

The red sunnies are optional but well, it does escalate the coolness of the look tenfolds.

13. Cool graphic tee

To complete your off-duty ensemble, an aesthetic graphic tee will always work wonders.

cool graphic tee
Get this cool vibes shirt on Macy

14. Baggy pants x ankle boots

As we all know, baggy pants is a big part of bi fashion.

If you want to make it extra stylish, team it with the ankle boots for a unique look.

how to dress bisexual in winter
Source: kearagraves

Who said you can’t look cool in hoodie? This pants and shoes combo is giving out the distinctive vibes.

15. Play with shades

Olive green is the new black.

bisexual black girl outfit
Source: Pinterest

Baggy but not saggy.

16. Dapper bi girl aesthetic

A bi dapper fashion look.

Dapper Bi girl aesthetic
Source: Pinterest

The key to look good in this combo, remember match the color of the words (of the tee) with the pants so it looks like a set.

This girl is doing a great job by limiting the number of colors in just three – white, yellow and navy blue.

The way, your body won’t be divided into many small color blocks and you can still enjoy the elongating effect!

17. Be yourself!

how to dress pansexual
Source: kearagraves

Yes people, this feminine girl is a bi in real life!

If you followed her, you will know her style is *ever changing*.

Sometimes she wears rainbow, sometimes she rock the tanks and baggy jeans, sometimes she wear a lace dress – and that’s beautiful!

At the end of the day, the spirit of bi fashion is about showing our individuality and wear whatever we want!

You don’t have to fit yourself in what the bi usually wear – set your own set of rule!


So there you go – the 17 classic and cute modern bi & pansexual outfits that get you inspired!

What about your thoughts on that? I hope that give you more ideas and now it’s time to put on some new clothes and feel the best!

Looking for more outfit ideas? Check out my other popular reads down below. See you there loves!

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