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*2023*18 Woodstock & groovy-themed party outfits!

*2023*18 Woodstock & groovy-themed party outfits!

Wondering what to wear to a Woodstock-themed party and groovy party? You’ve come to the right place!

Without a doubt, the 1969 Woodstock is unforgettable – or shall I say- legendary.

While the crowd back then experienced a series of miserable events from bad traffic to lack of food, the vibes there overall are ridiculously calm. Think of a chaotic yet loving family picnic.

Since then, the Woodstock party became a valid proof of unity, peace, and love.

50 years went by and I’m thrilled to see the spirit of Woodstock is still here! And not to mention the groovy boho fashion is the new aesthetic. (yass!)

Ahead, I’ve gathered a total of 18 Woodstock-themed & groovy party outfit ideas together.

From casual to dressy, regular to plus size, I got everything for everyone!

Enjoy and keep on reading!

1. Aesthetic white & orange Woodstock theme outfit

The boho party is extra fun when you go matchy-matchy with your girls.

white & orange Woodstock theme outfit
Source: Pinterest

Think of yourself as a sunflower who can rock these orange shades in pride!

To update the 1969 Woodstock look with a modern aesthetic twist, bringing on the white and cream shades definitely works wonders.

2. Groovy outfit idea: Flower flared pants

groovy outfit ideas flower pants
Shop these sunflower flare pants on Amazon

Need I say more? These retro sunflower pants just scream the artsy vibes to the fullest.

Featuring the elastic high waist and flared pants, these cuties are as leg-elongating as they are comfy to wear.

As a 5″3 girl myself, I swear by the “Bell-bottom pants x high platform wedges” combo – Ultimate mood booster!

Try it out, people!

3. Low-maintenance Woodstock party outfits

If you want to do it on a budget, if you just want a tad of groovy vibes, mix your regular outfits with some boho accessories here and there will do the job.

Woodstock themed party outfits
Source: Pinterest

For some serious Woodstock party look, more than that later! Stay tuned!

4. Plus size Woodstock party crochet look

A crochet top is truly one-of-a-kind.

Plus size Woodstock party crochet top
Shop this plus-size crochet top on Amazon

For the curvy queens out there, I hope you love my pick for you!

It just goes well with literally anything from a lace bralette to a solid tube top.

Together with denim shorts and gladiator flats, this is how you look Woodstock-ready without trying too hard.

5. Woodstock-inspired party DIY

Woodstock inspired party DIY

To look playful in your regular white top and jeans look – throw on a cowboy fringe vest!

6. Groovy 70s flower dress

Trust me on that – You can never be “too colorful” for the Woodstock-inspired party.

Groovy 70s flower dress

The right mindset to navigate the party:

Don’t wear the floral prints, BE the flower.

7. Casual groovy shirt for Woodstock themed party

If you want to keep it casual and cute, picking a statement shirt that screams the right vibes is KEY.

Casual groovy shirt for woodstock themed party
Get this STAY GROOVY on Amazon

Need I say more? I honestly never except I can find this Etsy-level design from Amazon!

*Feeling proud*

8. Cowgirl-inspired look for groovy parties

When in doubt, add some cowgirl fashion to the look and you’ll be all set!

Cowgirl-inspired look groovy parties
Source: Pinterest

Think of a wide-beam hat, billowy poncho, and fringe boho bag that complete this carefree look.

Of course, let’s not forget the statement turquoise Pendant necklace and bracelet set if you want to highlight your style!

Stay wild ladies!

9. Winter Woodstock-themed party outfit ideas

The truth is, you can look full of personality regardless of the weather.

Winter Woodstock themed party outfit ideas
Source: Pinterest

When the days are chilly out, throw on a faux fur long jacket as your statement piece together with the black felt hat and knee-high boots.

For color tones, think the muted shades like brown, beige, forest green, and more.

Another trick is wearing fake translucent pantyhose in winter.

fake sheer pantyhose winter amazon
Buy these fake translucent pantyhose on Amazon!

This is quite self-explanatory: faking others you are wearing sheer tight while you are actually wearing super warm fleece tights underneath.

Be that effortlessly chic free spirit kind of gal in the cold weather!

10. Fun Woodstock party tee

For a cozy family Woodstock party, this “Ugly” love and peace shirt just screams the right vibes!

Fun Woodstock party tee
Shop this groovy tee on Amazon

Love the fact the tee comes with the headband!

Another big plus? The shirt is realistically 3D printed and comes with 4 types of aesthetic patterns – check them out!

11. Satin bell bottoms for a retro party

To recreate the 1969 Woodstock iconic look, it’s time to pull on those bell bottoms and shine on!

Satin bell bottoms black woman
Source: Pinterest

I am so impressed by the color combo here. A retro floral shirt and sage green bell bottoms? This look is just everything.

Also, if you want to look extra glam, get inspired by this lady and pick the shimmery satin and silk for the pants – Groovy yet feminine.

12. Woodstock plus size fashion ideas

Woodstock plus size fashion ideas

Be funky.

Be groovy.

Be cool.

Be hippie.

13. Woodstock 1969 fashion makeup images

Woodstock 1969 fashion images
Source: Tumblr

When it comes to hippie makeup, highlight the depth of the eyes, along with loads of mascara and under-eye liner.

14. When in doubt, wear sunnies

For the Woodstock fans out there, here’s the reminder:

Colorful sunnies.

boho hippie sunglasses

From funky heart-shaped red sunnies to classic boho round glasses, this is how you exude the sense of boho chic in the easiest way.

15. Hippie woodstock woman in 1969

If you are dedicated to winning the best-dressed for the coming Woodstock-themed party, I’d say take the accessories the extra mile.

 Hippie woodstock woman in 1969
Source: W Magazine

You are bound to receive compliments when you put these black crystal face stickers on!

Honest thoughts:

If your face is super oily, this look may not for you. But if you are dry or medium skin type, these stickers are pretty sturdy!

16. Hippie groovy outfits for festivals

Guess who is the stylish hippie mama?

Hippie groovy outfits for festivals
Source: Pinterest

That sunflower headband is such a mood booster in any outfit.

And guess what, if your graphic tee is oversized or too long, you can always freshen things up by cutting some fringes out yourself! Isn’t this the easiest DIY ever?

By the way, these tie-dye bell bottoms do die for.

17. What shoes to wear to Woodstock themed party

Here’s my favorite: High platform heels.

Why? Because they are as aesthetic as they are comfy to wear all day long!

What shoes to wear to Woodstock themed party
Source: Pinterest

I love how this lady matches the beret with the jeans in the same hue.

This way, your figure will look more united and be elongated from head to toe – creating a more elongate figure.

In other words, creating a taller and slimmer figure visually!

18. Gogo boots for the Woodstock party

Does anyone want to be part of this girl gang?

woodstock party gogo boots 70s
Source: Pinterest

I know I do!

I guess we all acknowledge the fact the dress is so whimsical but can we also take notice of the footwear? These girls are rocking the goog boots from the mid-1960s!

If you want to recreate the groovy looks back in the good old days, consider wearing gogo boots! (These pairs from Prettylittlething are so in style!)


So there you go – the18 Woodstock-themed & groovy party outfit ideas for your coming party!

What is your thought on that? I hope that gets you inspired and it’s time to pin down your favorite look and enjoy the wild fun times with your loved ones!

If you are looking for more boho chic and music festival outfit ideas, check out my other popular articles down below.

See you there loves!

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