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*2023* What to wear to cheer practice?10 outfits & tips!

*2023* What to wear to cheer practice?10 outfits & tips!

Wondering what to wear to cheer practice or cheer tumbling class? You’ve come to the right place!

As the saying quotes “Flying is the second best thrill to cheerleaders; being caught is the first.” Being a cheerleader is so just much fun especially when you surround by a bunch of awesome girls that send out good vibes 24/7.

Such a dream.

Believe it or not, cheer practice outfits can be as cute as it’s practical for you to do all the moves.

Below, I’ve gathered 10 cute cheer practice looks from summer to winter. Get inspired!

1. What to wear to cheer practice? Cute tee

I get it, you are new to cheer practice and you aren’t really ready to throw on just the sports bra alone. No worries, I’ve been there too.

For a popular look, you can always wear a tee shirt/ tank top/ crop top on top of the sports bra.

If you don’t want to look boring for the cheer practice, go for the graphic tee or watercolor top (just a popular choice) just boost the cuteness tenfolds.

Of course, always do a front knot if your shirt is too long – you don’t want the shirt to distract you from all the perfect moves.

2. Spandex shorts is your bestie

And of course, the PRO NIKE shorts. All the cheerleaders wear these for a ton of reasons. I’m sure you already have one too, but in case you are a newbie, grab this.

Spandex shorts cheer practice

Get these Nike Pro 3″ Shorts on Amazon

I love the Dri-FIT technology as it just moves the sweat from the skin quickly and makes you feel way cooler throughout the cheer practice.

Also, the thick and flat elastic waistband somehow just holds our belly smoothly and has no roll-down whatsoever.

The best part? Thick thigh approved! Tested, no chafing.

3. What to wear to cheer tumbling class

As for another classic look, I’d say sports bra and dolphin shorts. The youthfulness is in the air!

And actually, I know some girls layer up the spandex shorts with dolphin shorts for feeling extra secure doing the moves.


Jeans are the big no-no as the stiff fabric just can’t help you move freely.

4. Hairstyles for cheer practice

I know that’s a no-brainer, but hey, let’s not forget to put your hair up.

I know the big ribbon looks lovely but guess what, that can be really disturbing for you to finish all the moves. I’ll suggest you do a cute high bun instead – equally flattering!

5. Dolphin shorts for cheer practice

If you are looking for the perfect dolphin shorts, these polyester and cotton shorts are incredibly comfy to wear.

Dolphin shorts for cheerleading

Get these dolphin shorts on Amazon

Again, these shorts can make you dry and they won’t ride up on the thigh.

A big plus, the inverted V silt just gives your booty a natural boost and makes your legs appear to be taller and thinner.


6. Spice things up with a mesh top

If you want to stand out without trying too hard, try a sheer top.

what to wear to cheer

Get this mesh top on Amazon

But hear me out ladies, I’m not asking you to wear a mesh top with a bralette. (We aren’t going clubbing here!)

But hey, you can team it with your sports bra to spice things up! These mesh tops usually are light and movable so they are such a stylish and practical addition to your look.

7. Cute winter cheer outfits for a cheer competition

In the winter, layer things up. Wear a high-neck top and the windbreaker pants are a must to survive the chilly winds.

8. Cute cheer camp winter outfits

If you are doing the court cheer practice when the days are chilling out, go for the leggings.

A smart cheerleader always knows to dress according to the weather for the best performance!

9. Aesthetic dusty pink cheer bag

To show up like a 10 for the cheer practice, let’s not forget your cheer bag is your biggest accessory!

dusty pink cheerleading bag

Get this dusty pink gym bag on Amazon

I’m obsessed with this dusty pink bag as I had a really hard time finding this aesthetic shade from the other big brands. Love it.

10. What shoes to wear to Cheer practice?

Last but not least, let’s talk about shoes.

Needless to say, the Converse and Sperries are the big No-no as they are too stiffy to do the jumps.

Closed shoes like tennis shoes or cheerleading dance shoes will be the perfect option here. If you haven’t bought the shoes, here’s my white shoe pick on Amazon.

Nothing super fancy but hey, that’s 100% bendable – do the toe pointing right gal!

Of course, if you have outdoor practice, court shoes are the best option.


It’s true that we don’t have many options for shoes but let’s not forget we can always style it with some patterned mid-calf shoes. The style is all in the detail gals.


So there you go – the 10 outfit ideas and tips if you are wondering what to wear to cheer practice or cheer tumbling class.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope now you’ve pinned down the right look and are ready to have fun for your cheer practice. Trust me, you’re bound to feel THE BEST.

By the way, if you want to have the cheerleader vibes without even trying, Check out this read below! See you there loves.

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