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*2023!* 10 boyfriend’s (or husband’s) work Christmas party looks!

*2023!* 10 boyfriend’s (or husband’s) work Christmas party looks!

Finally, Christmas is near! A lot of parties and gatherings are gonna warm this cold December. The Merry vibes are literally in the air. Obsessed.

And one of those parties would definitely be your boyfriend’s or husband’s Christmas party at work. Naturally, he’s gonna bring you with him and introduce you to his workmates.

Well, that’s one make him proud moment!

If you want to lowkey amaze your boyfriend and his colleagues at work and show the world he got a 10/10 classy and gorgeous lady, I got you covered gal!

Ahead, I’ve picked 10 glam and practical outfits to attend your boyfriend’s or husband’s company Christmas Party.

Ready? Let’s get dressed to impress!  

1. Furry Chic for your Bae’s Christmas Party

Who said we can’t look refreshing in a faux fur coat? I’d say go for the cropped version for a modern twist. It just works great with a sleeveless jumpsuit and stilettos.

Keeping the Christmas vibes, stick with the Christmas colors red, blue, yellow, and forest green. As for the jumpsuit, stick to white or cream for a nice contrast (+ look elegant!)

If you want a high-quality yet on-budget cropped faux fur coat, I’ve found one on Amazon, you’ll love it.


To balance out the bulkiness of your statement coat, a dainty bag here will be a cute addition to finish off the look.

Just make sure it is the same color as your jumpsuit or coat to compliment your outfit. (It just looks like a set!)

2. Sequin fishtail dress for Christmas work party

Rose Gold is an all-time favorite color nowadays, and we couldn’t miss this color for Christmas. 

Look irresistibly stunning with a white cropped sweater and a beautiful rose gold maxi skirt (Took me a long time to find a similar piece)!

This outfit will be more stunning with a white open-toe stiletto. (Given that the company holiday party is not outdoors)


Do not over-accessorize with this kind of outfit, as your sequin skirt is so sparkly it almost serves as your main accessory.

A small white fancy handbag and pearl earrings would be enough for an extra.

3. What to wear to your man’s Christmas party

Green is sometimes a tricky color to wear. But, with the right outfit style and confidence, you would rock the shade in front of everyone!

What to wear to your husband or boyfriend Christmas party
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Look at this exact green floral detailed mini dress. A big V-neck can look perfect for our plus-sized ladies!

Wear black leggings or stockings and black platform shoes, which will make you slimmer with this a-line dress.

4. Forest green festive look

Pleated skirts are a popular fashion nowadays. It comes in all kinds of lengths. From mini to maxi, you can never go wrong with this clothing once you pair it with the top of your choice. 

It is also a great choice to wear for a Christmas party!

If you are attending a company Christmas gala or semi-formal events, a high-waisted midi pleated skirt will be your best bet.

Together with a turtleneck sweater and ankle strap pumps and accessorize with a scarf to look warmer when dressed with this skirt.

5. Casual work Christmas party Plus size

If you are not fancy the traditional Christmas color, GOT YOU COVERED TOO.

Be a head turner while wearing a unique split-joint belted wool batwing cardigan in plaid black, gray, and nude color patterns.

Together with black faux leather leggings (plus size version from RiverIsland) and black knee-high suede boots. I bet you’re gonna look stunning.


For the plus-size queens out there, I get it, you may think a shawl is off-limit for you as you are afraid that can make you look bigger.

Fear not, you can always pick the self-tie poncho like this lady above to look put together.

When you team this with a pair of curve-hugging pants, this is how you achieve an hourglass figure effortlessly.

6.  Classy look to your boyfriend’s Christmas party

Scream, “I am a professional fashionista” at your boyfriend’s company Christmas party with a sophisticated semi-casual outfit.

Bringing out the boss babe vibes in you, wear a sleek white turtleneck sweater, classy wool pants, beige closed-toe stiletto, and a warm-colored trench coat (from one of my favorite brands BOOHOO – anyone?), and VIOLA! Guess who is the high-quality girl in the house?

Make him proud.


Accessorizing this outfit is easy; just a simple cream or rose-gold pearl necklace and bracelet will be perfect.

7. Keep it sassy for a grand Christmas event

Sometimes wearing overrated Christmas party outfits can be boring, so why not look extra for your man’s Xmas party?

Something that will make the crowd tell your lover, “OMG! Is that your girlfriend? What a lucky guy!”

Lo and behold, a velvet suit. And guess what, this pantsuit set is actually very forgiving as the structured cut just accentuates your curves naturally.


To look like a 10/10 in this look, sis get this breast boob tape for a perfect shape.

Together with a pair of stilettos, this is how you make your boyfriend drool all over you.

8. Casual work Christmas party look at a bar

As working women, we tend to be busy most of the time.

No more time for extra shopping and just our main life priorities. But we also love our man despite our busy schedules.

Think of going casual with a twist for your boyfriend’s work Christmas party. Level up your top with sequins. Wearing a V-neck sequin top,  faded jeans, and sneakers or stilettos will do the trick. 

It doesn’t have to be fancy and formal; the thoughts count.

9. Cold shoulders for Christmas party

Want to join your husband’s party in a sweater dress? Let’s spice things up with the cold shoulder one. Sassy and elegant.

See? I told you it is different, well, kinda.

But this outfit will give them a feeling of both cold and warmness because of its design.

This is perfectly paired with any pants and footwear of your choice for comfort. 

10. Modest chic look for a Christmas cocktail party

And lastly, we can go modestly chic at your boyfriend’s or husband’s Christmas party. To look extra cute, go for the high half-bun – super refreshing.

Be both fabulous and modest at the same time by wearing a lace white sweater, a red vintage midi high-low hem skirt with ribbon, and gold-colored stilettos.

These colors combination is perfect for a stunning evening Christmas party.


The high-low dress is perfect for petite girls! This kind of hemline help draw eyes vertically and elongate your legs as a whole.


So, that’s it for what to wear to your boyfriend’s (or husband’s) work Christmas party! Share with us some thoughts about these.

I hope you’ve pinned down some great outfits and are ready to feel oh-so-stylish for the coming party!

That said, you don’t show too much skin when attending parties – you don’t want to appear trying too hard, especially since the work Christmas party usually isn’t that casual.

Looking for more Christmas inspo for your coming parties? Check out my popular reads below! See you, love!

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