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*2023* What exactly to wear to a hair show? 7 real-life looks!

*2023* What exactly to wear to a hair show? 7 real-life looks!

Wondering what to wear to a hair show and festival? You’ve come to the right place!

If you haven’t joined one of the hair festivals, what are you waiting for? 

Whether you are a professional hairstylist or literally just a curious girl, you are bound to have a fun time!

As a perfect blend of the aesthetic hair stage show, makeover competition, and all kinds of entertainment and talks, the refreshing experience will never fail to add an extra pop of fun to your weekend.

The best part? You will get a truckload of goodies!

So you are so thrilled to join your first hair and beauty fest. But wait a minute: what to wear to a hair show? Is there any dress code?


Below, I’ve gathered 7 real-life outfit ideas from Instagram along with some tips to get you inspired.


1. What to wear to a hair show?

First things first, hair shows come in a wide range of forms.

Some of them are large-scale hair show within the industry while some are included as a part of the beauty & Wellness expo.

When it comes to styles and the vibes of hair festivals, they are all in common – modern and innovative.

To attend a fun event like this, I’d say away from the weekday work attire and go for something extra fun!

2. What to wear to the hair festival?

While there’s no specific dress code for the hair show, comfy is key.

After all, you will need to spend at least a good few hours there and you want to make sure your shoes won’t hurt.

As a failproof combo, a cute top, denim skirt, and espadrille wedges just work perfectly.

If that’s an outdoor show, don’t forget to bring retro round sunglasses for the fun vibes!

3. Hair show outfits

Looking for a girlfriend’s date idea? Going to a beauty and hair expo has to be a wild fun experience!

These ladies are wearing as practical as they are chic. I’d say the crossbody bag is a good pick – you want to keep your hands free to receive all freebies!

4. What NOT to wear to a hair show?

The hairstylists on stage probably wear black. If you don’t want to be mistaken as one of the long-lost hairdressers, avoid wearing all-black!

5. Dress fun for the hair and beauty expo

To embrace the vibes of the hair festival, getting experimental with all colors and patterns will work wonders.

While the crowd is a wild mix of everything from casual to dressy, most of them do pay an effort to their style.

6. What to wear to an indoor hair show?

Besides separates and dresses, a romper is actually a nice option. Featuring the loose fit, lightweight fabric, and high waist design, it’s ultra forgiving and cute for a hair show.


If the hair show is held indoors, make sure you wear outerwear or a light poncho with you regardless of the season.

That can be pretty chilly with the A/C on.

7. Pay extra effort to your hairstyle

Last but not least, of course, we are talking about hairstyles. I mean – after all, we are going to a hair show!

You don’t have to do anything too dramatic, just investing a good ten minutes to curl your hair, or do a cute high pony is more than enough.

It’s always fun to freshen up the look once in a while!


So there you go – the 7 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to a hair show or festival!

From these real-life looks, you can tell there aren’t any specific outfits for hair fest at all! When in doubt, think Sunday best and you’re good to go!

Glam up and enjoy the show!

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