[2022] *25 outfits & slimming tips!* Plus size Christmas outfit ideas

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Ladies here’s the loveliest time of the year again.

You know, all those dazzling decorations in the shopping mall, Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you” in the background everywhere you go, all Christmas parties and family gatherings, Christmas is more than a season – it’s a feeling.

To ensure we all look our absolute best for the Christmas season, I’ve gathered 15 plus-size Christmas outfit ideas.

From cute Christmas jumper look to sassy Christmas party vibes, I’ve got your back.


1. Plus size Christmas party outfit ideas

Plus size christmas party outfit ideas
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Speaking of the Christmas party look with your friends, it’s time to bring your A-game, simply because … who doesn’t?!

For a show-stopping festive look, wear a mesh top, a statement jacquard blazer, and leopard block heels just scream “I’m all in for the party and no one can stop me!”

Alternatively, an easy-to-wear jumpsuit is my forever love.

Throw on a flattering one-shoulder wine red jumpsuit and pointy-toe boots and you just look so effortlessly chic.

2. Cute Christmas jumper for a casual Christmas look

cute christmas day outfit ideas plus size
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When it comes to cute and causal Christmas outfit ideas, how can we not talk about the Christmas jumper?

Sometimes a festive sweater is what you need for the iconic family Christmas pictures.

Just throw on a warm and snuggly reindeer sweater, jeans, and knee-high heels and you’re good to go!

But here’s the thing, not all Christmas jumper is plus-size friendly.

Below I’ve handpicked four good quality and aesthetic ones from Shein. (I guess we all know how hard to find an actually STYLISH Christmas jumper)


Cute christmas jumper for a casual christmas look

1. Christmas Pattern Colorblock Sweater ($18 from SHEIn)

The off-shoulder just looks sexy and slimmer. No worries, they have all different sizes. Click here to check more!

2. Deer And Geo Pattern Drop Shoulder Sweater ($20 from SHEIn)

Again, the drop shoulder is a flattering design. Shein always has the affordable yet modern festive outfit! Click here to learn more!

By the way, if you are from the US, remember to fill in the discount code40SNOWUS” to enjoy “$40 Off orders over $200! Enjoy♥♥♥

3. Plus size ugly christmas sweater ideas

Is that just me but it drives me crazy when people show up in a super cute jumper for the ugly Christmas sweater party!

A Fendi monochrome sweater? Are you really? Trust me, you don’t want to be that gal.

Below is the LEGIT ugly Christmas sweater that makes you feel fun and gaudy!

4. Christmas poncho for plus size gals

plus size christmas outfit ideas
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Is poncho flattering for plus size? YES. Not only does it give out a billowy silhouette, it just makes your legs look slimmer by comparison.

I love wearing the poncho with the front open up so it can show my waist area and knee-high boots for a better body proportion!

5. Get dressy with classic festive patterns

plus size christmas outfit ideas
Source: 1,Shapelychicsheri.com

Can you wear a Christmas pattern in a classy way? Sure thing! I’d say keep it with classic hues.

To put your red plaid skirt in the spotlight, team it with the black beret and monotone double-breasted blazer just look absolutely tasteful and elegant.

And if you want to maximize the slimming effect, go fully monochrome.

Not only does it look dressy and chic, but putting yourself in a similar color scheme just makes your figure look united and thus, slimmer visually.

To add an extra pop of fun, cute red shoes can always brighten up the look!

6. Velvet dress as the Christmas eve outfit ideas

Velvet dress as the christmas eve outfit ideas

1. Cold Shoulder Belted Velvet Dress ( $22 From SHEIn)

From my SHEIn report, this is so far the dress that generates the most clicks LOL Honestly, I’m not surprised as it’s truly the most slimming velvet I’ve ever seen!

The cutting is drop-dead gorgeous. Check here to check out the reviews.

2. Plus Knot Split Sleeve Velvet Dress ($19 From SHEIn)

A girl in a velvet dress is always luxe and totally on point. It’s just a perfect dress that’ll Dazzle at your Christmas eve party.

That said, as velvet is a thick fabric that can easily add bulk to the body, picking the off-shoulder can instantly shed down the heaviness.

Check out this aesthetic piece here!

7. All go in with a sequin dress for the Christmas party

plus size christmas outfit ideas
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The iconic dress for taking Christmas photos? What about an irresistible sequin dress that is the true festive vibes booster for Christmas time?

For Christmas parties, a red slip dress together with a metallic clutch and black biker boots is never too much.

Seriously, if you aren’t wearing this for Christmas time, when?

Don’t forget to take a ton of Instagram shots that night though.

8. Cute Christmas outfit ideas with festive prints

plus size christmas outfit ideas

Can plus size look good on prints? HELL YES. It’s all about how you style your overall look, isn’t it?

To look sleek, keep your prints small to minimize the exaggerating effect.

Also, wearing only two hues for the outfit always help. To elongate the figure from head to toe, a black beret and black boots will always play the trick.

plus size christmas outfit ideas

Oh my god. This star dress is to die for. How dreamy and flowy is that?

9. Red Biker jackets for festive xmas vibes

plus size christmas outfit ideas
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What to wear for a Christmas dinner party without sacrificing your edgy style?

You will need a black biker jacket to boost your boss lady vibes.

Instead of the normal cropped jacket, I’ll always choose the one with a waterfall design so it helps draw our eyes vertically and makes us look taller!

To give this look a fresh update, well, perhaps it’s time to try on a red biker jacket!


10. A statement coat for Christmas day

plus size christmas day outfit ideas
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For the Christmas eves outerwear ideas, you’ll need a statement coat. A bow Plaid Dress and coat set with Mary Jane heels?

Now THAT’s the effort I want for a Christmas outfit.

Seriously ladies, don’t settle for the boring solid coat that screams “Average” for the big day, play with all kinds of patterns and cuttings – you’re bound to feel fabulous for those Christmas photos.

11. Spice up your Christmas party look with beret hats

plus size christmas outfit ideas
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As you can tell, I LOVE beret hats. Why? Because this is the easiest hack to dress up the look.

Even if you are opting for a casual Christmas outfit, throw on a lovely beret cap and people will think you’ve given a thought to your look.

That said, if you want your face to look smaller and slimmer, I’d recommend wearing it on the side as it can add some height to your head.

If you want more hat slimming tips, be sure to check out this article below!

12. Handy Christmas outfits for mothers

mother christmas plus size outfit ideas
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For all the gorgeous moms out there, I feel ya.

When you are busy preparing the Christmas feast and taking care of the kids, you just want to wear something practical for Christmas.

I’d say the puffer vest is a surprisingly good choice!

Go for a shimmering champagne gold puffer vest with faux leather trim on the neck area just look super cute and handy.

You have no problem wearing a cross-body bag or a shoulder bag with that look.

Easy piecey!

13. Comfy & cute Christmas dinner outfit ideas

cute plus size christmas dinner outfit ideas
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What to wear for the Christmas dinner? Well, what about a sweater dress that fully covers our food baby after a 3-hours feast down the road?

I’ve once wear skinny jeans for Christmas dinner and of course, I REGRET IT. Painfully.

14. Mrs claus dress for plus size ladies

Want the old-fashioned holiday feel? What about dressing like Mrs. Claus!

Truly, it shocks me how many people google “Mrs. Christmas outfit costumes” on google.

I’ve handpicked some flattering pieces from Shein for you.

Mrs claus dress for plus size ladies

Click here for the red one and here for the green one x Remember type the code discount code40SNOWUS” for $40 off!

By the way, there are some sexy Christmas costumes if you want a HOT RED Xmas night with your loved one!

Some of the designs are quite seductive and I LOVE it.

15. Christmas accessories to wear

christmas accessories to wear
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Last but not least, Christmas accessories.

While you can go fun with the Snowman Christmas Head bopper headband, I prefer looking girly with my big statement velvet ribbons and glitter headband.

Plus, I can reuse these accessories for all other parties and occasions!


So ladies, here are the 15 plus-size Christmas outfit ideas.

I hope you enjoy these tips and outfits as much as I do! I always love shopping but shopping at Christmas is just another level.

Comment below which dress you’ll get. For me, that velvet dress is really perfect for the coming Christmas party.

By the way, if you are interested in more styling tips, I’m sure you will find the articles below useful!

See you there gorgeous!


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