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*2023*How to wear clogs in winter? 18 darling looks!

*2023*How to wear clogs in winter? 18 darling looks!

Girls, let’s talk about clogs today.

Well, a high chance is you either love them or hate them to death.

When it comes to its appearance, I have to say it just does not meet the universal beauty standards of shoes like ballet shoes or nude heels.

So yes, that can be controversial if you wonder whether clogs are flattering or not.

While some think it’s downright ugly and impossible to wear them on the street, I do find clogs cute and shall I say-wearable– especially during winter!

The distinctive wooden sole just gives a sense of originality and character to the overall outfits.

So ladies, if you are wondering how to wear clogs in winter and look unbelievably stylish and chic, below are the 7 foolproof outfit ideas!



how to wear clogs in winter with socks
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So many ladies wonder how to wear clogs with socks, my suggestion is just to get experimental with different kinds of socks!

For a basic style, wearing black ankle-high socks is always universally flattering.

If you are pairing the clogs with colors dark red or mustard yellow, the color contrast can help highlight the shoes and make them stand out.

For a matchy look, opt for socks with a similar hue to the shoes to look united.

Wear socks with shoes can be a big headache sometimes as we always thought that can easily go tacky.

I used to think in this way too but you know what, it’s not always about the socks themselves but the colors on our body.

If you already carrying 4 different shape hues and now you are adding another bright yellow sock, that can make you look clumsy instantly.

So my little advice is if you want to wear socks with clogs, keep your outfit simple or match your sock’s colors with the outfit for a put-together look.


how to wear clogs with socks in winter
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For a sweet darling look, teaming your clogs with over-the-knee socks is such an impeccable combo here.

With the in-trend thigh-high socks, you can easily pull off the high street style even with the most impossible footwear – clogs!

Whether you pair it with a pleated short dress for preppy schoolgirl style or an off-shoulder cream sweater dress, it just gets the look right on point.

If you want your legs to look longer, opt for shoes and socks with similar tones for a united look.

I will always pair the darker shade for the clogs and the lighter shade for the thigh-high socks to look more put together.


how to wear clogs in winter

If you don’t know there are clogs with faux trim fur, well, now you know!

This one-of-a-kind silhouette just makes a cool statement in your winter look.

The wood-high platform shoes with fur trim, just bring an air of polished vibes.

If you want to pull off this cutie in a more mature way, switching the pure white trim to the brownish trim can always give you an air of sophistication.

And for the girls who wanna go all-in in the fury shoe department, get cozy up in the beige shearling shoes for a fun cool-weather look.


how to wear clogs in winter
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If you want to try out clogs in a subtle way during winter, clog boots are always a good place to start.

Despite the fact it has wooden platforms, it just looks like the original ankle boots at the first glance.

But of course, if you pay closer attention, you can tell the meticulous difference and that’s the beauty of the clog boots!

Whether you pair it with a long coat or figure-skimming turtleneck dress, it just looks effortlessly stylish in a unique way!


how to wear clogs in winter
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When it comes to boho girl style, it seems everything it’s so summery.

Some signature items include the embroidered smock dress, crochet shorts, gladiator sandals, and feather earrings.

But if you want to embrace boho vibes all year round, clogs are such a winning option during wintertime.

For a subtle look, just throw your beloved boho print cape on your beige knit sweater and pair it with a pair of blue jeans.

Complement your outfit with a pair of beige clogs and a black fringe bag, this look is simply full of styles and thoughts!

So, ladies, boho styles aren’t just for the summer festival time – you can literally wear them all year round!

clogs winter outfit ladies


how to wear clogs in winter
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If you are feeling bold today, a pair of unusual clogs will never fail to make you look even more exceptional.

For an artsy look, the combinations can be endless. Feel free to throw yourself the asymmetrical tunic and a pair of colorful leggings to show your creativity.

If you want to level up your look, even more, get some dramatic jewelry and bold patchwork prints and patterns to express yourself!


how to wear clogs in winter
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Last but not least, of course, we have to talk about the clogs in vintage style.

Just like T-strap heels and Mary Jane, dressing up in a pair of high-platform clogs can bring you back to the good old 70s.

For a sweet darling look, pair the shoes with classic polka dots are always gorgeous. Finish the look with an elegant midi tea dress, this is how you add a sense of retro vibes to the modern dress!


So ladies, here are the 7 styling ways if you wonder how to wear clogs in winter! Let’s have a recap first.

  • Wear clogs with socks for warm cozy vibes
  • Pair clogs with thigh-high socks for a darling look
  • Wear clog with warm fur trim in winter
  • Wear clogged boots during the cold days
  • Wear clogs in boho style during winter
  • Opt for the clogs with bold designs
  • Embrace vintage vibes with clogs

After these 7 tips, I hope clogs are now more than the “ugly shoes” in your mind!

If you are willing some invest some time to do the mix and match, you will realize how versatile and special are they!

For more styling tips, feel free to check out my popular read below! See you there loves!

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