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18 outfit tips in 2023!🦋How to look vintage with normal clothes?

18 outfit tips in 2023!🦋How to look vintage with normal clothes?

In a world full of crop tops and skinny jeans, it’s always refreshing to add a dash of retro flare to our closet for a darling look. 

I personally adore vintage style so much, it’s just so effortlessly classy and poised and makes you stand out from the crowd.

So here’s the question – Is it possible to look vintage with my existing clothes? My answer is a big fat YES!

While people may think it’s hard to pull off a 60’s look, it’s actually stupidly easy if you follow the rules below.

So ladies, here are the 8 tips if you wonder how to look vintage with normal clothes, enjoy!


how to look vintage with normal clothes
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Yes, you heard it right. Just pairing two dark colors together can bring a sense of nostalgic vibe to the look already.

While it sounds stupidly easy, colors truly matter when it comes to the overall style connotation.

To give the look the right character, we have to be picky about the hues.

Instead of picking the trendy minimalist dark tones like khaki, dark grey, and black, warm old tones like dark brown, berry, and mustard yellow, and royal blue will be the better choice to give out the vintage flares.

And if you really want to integrate white into the outfit, try switching it with off-white shades like cream and pale yellow – this little detail can really make a big difference in achieving an old-fashioned yet charming look.

For a winter vintage look, marry a black turtleneck with a knee-high knit dress and faux leather camel satchel together!

This is how you look vintage by utilizing wardrobe outfits!


how to look vintage with normal clothes
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If you want to embrace the ’60s fashion trend, then it’s time for you to master the outfit layering skill.

Basically, you can layer literally EVERYTHING with a big low neckline.

For example, with an argyle sweater, you can wear a nice polo shirt underneath for a preppy style.

To level up the game, try to pair a grey thick-strap skater dress on top of a round-neck thin sweater for a cozy warm autumny look.

And when it comes to my favorite pairings, ladies, it’s the black tube dress with a sleeveless turtleneck cream top underneath.

I hope that’s a refreshing combination for you.

With the high neck sleeveless top, it just looks so effortlessly put together yet low-key sexy.

Plus, this layering piece just instantly dresses down the dress and makes it perfect for an off-duty ensemble.

You can’t imagine how thrilled I am when I found out about this new way to wear a tube dress and I really urge you, girls, to try this out – trust me, you will be surprised how flattering it looks!


how to look vintage with normal clothes
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If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on buying all those fancy vintage outfits (we all know how pricy it can be), let’s pay attention to the neckline of your clothes when you do your shopping next time.

While V neck is the most-worn style these days, there is a wide range of flattering necklines for us to choose from.

Necklines like empire-hem and queen anna are my favorite ones.

And if you want a sophisticated vibe, a timeless boat neckline is always the perfect choice of all time.


how to look vintage with normal clothes
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When it comes to the classic vintage style, of course, we have to mention the signature patterns like polka dots, argyle, and plaid pants.

For a darling outfit with a retro twist, marrying with prints like polka dots is always classic.

However, if you want to avoid looking customary with patterns, try to be delicate with them.

For example, instead of wearing a black and white big polka one-piece dress, opt for a blouse with small polka patterns in neutral tones like beige for a refreshing look.

As for the signature argyle sweater. I will wear it in a lazy oversize way with a short pleated dress.

Complement your look with a pair of ankle boots, this is how you pull off vintage-inspired items with 2022 flare!

So, it’s not that hard to add a sense of contemporary spin to the retro look. All we need is to give these prints and patterns a stylish twist!


how to look vintage with normal clothes
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If I can only pick one item to achieve a vintage look, colored leggings will be the magic piece that transforms the vibes.

Even if you are wearing the modern top and skirt, a pair of mustard yellow leggings will never fail to take you back to the good old ’70s.

Colors like mustard yellow, crimson, and saturated green are just distinctive yet elegant with all sorts of outfit combinations.

Pair wine-red tights with a pair of round-toe heels, it just looks sweet yet graceful.

As a little reminder, it will look extra vintage if you choose oblique tight over the sheer pairs.

And if you think colored tights are too overwhelming for you, patterned tights can be a perfect alternative.

Whether tulle tights or lace tights, they are the perfect embellishment to give you a sense of Polishness and decency.


how to look vintage with normal clothes
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To sparkle your outfit, classic vintage shoe types like kitten heels, and round-toe heels, and Mary Jane are here to sparkle for a retro look.

As a petite girl, I will always try to match my dress and shoe with similar hues so that can helps elongate my body figure visually.

After all, we all know round-toe may not be the most leg-flattering shoe out there.

And if you want to add some spice to the outfit, marry a pair of mesh fishnet short socks with Mary Jane for an edgy look.

For me, I love wearing kitten heels with the in-style square toe design.

After all, fashion is all about matching old and new designs together!


how to look vintage with normal clothes
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Despite the outfit, your hairstyle truly matters.

Girls, can we all admit that more often than not, we are just too lazy to even curl our hair for a date night? (I hope I am not the only one here… I guess?)

If you want to level up your vintage games in modern clothes, let’s invest more time in your hairstyles.

Without going too overboard, a messy low bun can always add a nice final touch to the look.

With the accessories like pearl hair clips and silk hair ribbons, this is how you keep the 70s flair in just ten minutes!


how to look vintage with normal clothes
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If you just get your feet wet in vintage style, throwing yourself a pair of round sunglasses is always a good place to start for a pop of fun retro vibes!

Whether you are oval-shaped, square, or heart-shaped face, round sunglasses can be surprisingly versatile to pair with.

While once we think round glasses are nerdy, now they definitely come back in a cute and chic form all over Pinterest and Instagram.

These days, oversize sunglasses are all the rage and they just add a sense of effortlessness to the look.

As a girl with chubby cheeks, I adore this trend so much – large circle frames just help contour my face!

If you think sunglasses aren’t necessarily your thing, let me introduce you to another universal item – the scarf.

Whether you use it as a neck scarf or headscarf, it just instantly makes you look more dressed up and a dash of old-time vibes.


So ladies, here are the 8 foolproof ways if you wonder how to look vintage with normal clothes! Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Pair two dark colors together for retro vibes
  • Layer your clothes up for a vintage look
  • Pay attention to the neckline
  • Embrace vintage prints and patterns in a modern way
  • Add an extra pop with vintage-colored leggings
  • Finish off the vintage look with mary jane
  • Get yourself a retro hairstyle
  • Accessorize yourself with vintage round sunglasses

As the saying goes “Nothing haunts us like the vintage we didn’t buy.” But with 8 actionable tips, you can simply create your one-of-a-kind retro style straight from your wardrobe!

Looking for more styling tips? Check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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