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2023! What to wear with pink espadrilles? 18 looks!

2023! What to wear with pink espadrilles? 18 looks!

If you want a summer dreamy look, a pair of espadrilles is a no-brainer.

The canvas fabric, just adds a dash of holiday vibes to the outfit.

These days, espadrilles have evolved into a wide range of shoes, including flats, mules, slip-on, and sling-backs.

While white espadrilles are the most common color to choose from, I would love to focus on pink espadrilles this time!

The reason being is people always secretly love pink espadrilles but thought it’s tricky to style.

Well, think again.

So ladies, below are the 7 ideas when you wonder what to wear with pink espadrilles. Enjoy!


What to wear with pink espadrilles
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Echoing your espadrilles with another pink item always makes your outfit look more thoughtful and put together.

Whether it’s rosy pink or dusty pink, this styling is suitable for all shades of pink.

To fully utilize this tip, always dress simply with neutral colors for the top and bottom. Only with the simple Canvas, your pink espadrilles can pop up the color easily.

If you want to highlight the pink more, feel free to pair it with a pink little pink so they echo with each other!

But of course, it doesn’t necessarily need to be the bag. For example, you can wear a pale pink tank top with a pair of skinny jeans and pink espadrilles.

That way, your top, and the shoes can complement each other well also!


What to wear with pink espadrilles
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Of course, let’s not forget one of the hottest trends these days – monochrome wearing!

As a petite and also pear-shaped girl, I just adore the tone on tone as it visually makes me look taller and slimmer.

Styling with a similar shade of pink, it just makes my body figure appear to be one long rectangle instead of two squares with different colors.

To add some layer to the outfit, avoid pairing the same tint of color all the time as it can look boring.

For example, if you are wearing a pale pink dress, you can pick a darker shade of pink (i.e. Dusty pink) for the espadrilles. Another way is to get creative with the fabrics.

If you are wearing cotton for the top, you can choose other fabrics like suede or tweed for the dress to enrich the look!

If you are the type of girl who is always indecisive about which clothes to pick, try monochrome and you will be surprised how much time you’ve saved!


What to wear with pink espadrilles
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Does anyone agree that off-shoulder and pink espadrilles just look so darling together?

Off-shoulder dress is a classic summer look and it is just always in style.

Showing the neckline not only can add a touch of soft femininity, it makes our face appear to be smaller.

But as a reminder, for the board shoulder girls, wearing off-shoulder may further accentuate your shoulder area.

Instead, wearing V stylish V-neck top will be a great alternative!

As for the ladies who want to look more sophisticated, you can try the boatneck dress. With the elegant neckline design, it just instantly elevates your look!


If you wonder can you look classy with the espadrilles? Well, absolutely!

As the saying goes, “Less is more”.

With just a T-shirt and jeans, you can bring out elegance and grace if you pay attention to the details.

For the shirt, you can choose the V-neck instead of the round neck to look more on-point and sleek.

I don’t know about you but I just feel like my face looks chubbier when I was wearing a round neck. As for the jeans, I prefer white jeans more than blue jeans here as they just naturally look more polished.

When it comes to espadrilles, this Channel one is made from soft lambskin leather instead of the causal canvas fabric.

It just adds a sense of formalness and refinement to the look. Completed the outfit with the mulberry silk scarf on the neck, this look is just unbeatable!


To all my dear boho girls out there, don’t worry, I won’t miss you out!

Actually, with the right colors and designs, espadrilles complement really well with the boho dress.

For this look, instead of choosing solids, espadrilles with dusty pink patterns can echo the embroidered tank dress really well.

To complete the look, feel free to add a classic Panama hat and the dangle feather earrings!

So ladies, if you get bored with wearing gladiator sandals, espadrilles are a refreshing choice!


For a summer carefree look, let’s not forget about the over-the-knee smock dress.

With the billowy silhouette and wide hem of the dress, the legs will just look slimmer comparatively.

That way, even if you are wearing the lace-up espadrille wedge, your body figure won’t feel too overwhelming!

Also, as smock dresses are simple and neat in design, they won’t compete for attention with the espadrilles.

I know some ladies always worry the smock dress will make them look pregnant.

While I understand where is that coming from, I just don’t think this is the case.

If you wonder how to wear a smock dress in a less bulky way, read these 7 tips!


If you want a casual look on Lazy Sunday, consider espadrille sneakers! It’s comfy but looks more refreshing than regular sneakers.

My favorite look is paired with a cropped pullover hoodie with pale pink joggers. With a similar shade of pink for the joggers and sneakers, it just slightly elongates my leg more.


So ladies, here are the 7 ideas when you wonder how to wear pink espadrilles! Let’s have a recap first.

  • Echo your pink espadrilles by adding another pink item
  • Embrace monochrome for a dreamy look
  • Pair off the shoulder with pink espadrilles
  • Match the pink espadrilles with a silk scarf for a classy look
  • Embrace the boho style with the dusty pink sling-backs
  • Wear the smock dress with lace-up espadrilles
  • Go for a casual style with espadrille sneakers

I hope now I’ve convinced you pink espadrilles are actually way more versatile than you think. I remembered earlier this month a reader emailed me “I am 40, am I too old for pink espadrilles?”.

Of course not!

Ladies, our age doesn’t define us at all.

If you want to wear something, no one can disapprove of that.

Plus, by pairing it with different outfits, we can for sure look sophisticated with pink espadrilles!

As the saying goes “Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu.”

It’s time to get creative with our pink espadrille now!

If you are looking for more styling tips, check out my popular reads below! See you there loves!

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