*2022 biker chic looks!* What to wear to Sturgis Bike Rally?

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Wondering what to wear to the Sturgis bike rally? You’ve come to the right place!

As the world’s largest motorcycle rally, you’re bound to have wild fun at this event.

Whether you’re long-time biker fans or just a curious human being who want to spice up the weekend, those bike shows and live concerts will never fail to surprise you.

To make this rally extra special, one big part of the fun is all about getting creative with the looks that scream the chic biker vibes.

From rowdy-howdy get-up to smoking hot bodycon look, the styling combos are basically endless.

Need more inspo? Below I’ve gathered 14 real-life motorcycle rally week outfits with all possible styles for both guys and gals!


1. What to wear to Sturgis Bike Rally

If you’ve been to the Sturgis bike rally, you will know South Dakota in August is BAKING HOT. But guess what ladies, your outfit should be even hotter!

What to wear to Sturgis Bike Rally

In the crowd, you will expect to see a ton of gals rocking in sexy tube tops and hot pants.

Of course, this get-up is not protective for a legit motorbike ride. But if you’re here for some Instagramable pictures, this look is a 10/10.

2. What to wear to a motorcycle rally

Not a fan of showing a ton of skin? What about showing your ASSet in tight leggings?

What to wear to motorcycle rally

Together with a fun “GIRL WHO RIDE” tee and converse, this look is just as comfy as it screams attitude.

3. Biker chick outfit ideas

To visit the world’s largest bike bar, a black striped top is such a classic piece.

Biker chick outfit ideas

Whether you team it with a mini skirt for a hot bartender look or boss it up with a distressed denim vest, it just works wonders.

4. Cool biker outfit ideas

I’ve found this super flattering tank with criss-cross detail in the front. Check this out below!

Biker chick outfit ideas
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This design just draws people’s attention to your chest area without trying too hard.

Love it.

5. Sturgis bike rally motorcyclist outfits

Sturgis bike rally motorcyclist outfits

For the legit riders, make sure you dress protective enough before you enjoy the ride.

The helmet, eye protection, long pants, and full-fingered gloves are all essentials.

6. Sturgis Tee that screams the vibes

Sturgis Tee outfit ideas

Of course, many biker fans will buy the Sturgis T-shirt when they walk through the vendor booth – I suggest you get one too!


According to Travel Hack Guide, the longer you wait to buy, the cheaper the shirt and memorabilia will be!

So if you want to dig out some gems, wait for the last two days!

7. High-waisted faux leather shorts

Of course, how can we not talk about the classic faux leather biker jacket and pants?

While faux leather leggings may be too warm in August, these high waist motorcycle coated shorts is such a dream.

High waisted faux leather shorts biker
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Regardless of your style, this statement piece just jazzes up your look in an instant. Together with the combat boots, you just scream the “I’ve got a style and I ROCK IT” vibes from head to toe.

The best part? The super high waist design and structured fabric just camouflage your belly perfectly and fake a nice body for you.

Such a dream.

8. Keep it simple for the Sturgis Bike rally

So here’s one of the most asked questions when it comes to a Sturgis Bike rally, “Can I wear my daily clothes for Sturgis festival?”

Well, for sure!

There’s no rule on what to or what not to wear to the motorbike fest so you do you!

Sturgis Bike rally simple outfits

For gents, throw on a simple tee or polo shirt together with sneakers and you’ll never feel anything missing from your outfits.


During those hot days, wearing white is your best pick! Tried it and you’ll notice the difference!

9. What to wear to a motorcycle club party

What to wear to a motorcycle club party

For ladies, feel free to go casual with a simple black tee shirt dress or a lightweight romper.

Or else, get out of your comfort zone and embrace some fun hues and patterns! Such a mood booster.

10. Bandana for a classic biker chic look

Bandana biker chic look

As for accessories, the classic bandana just screams the biker girl chic in the best possible way.

To brighten up an all-black look, a vibrant red bandana just adds an extra pop to the style.

Can’t go wrong.

And let’s not forget the Sturgis Bike rally is the perfect opportunity to rock those fishnet tights!

sturgis bike rally fishnet tights
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11. Hot ladies in US flag

US flag sturgis bike rally

When it comes to another popular look, you will be seeing the US flag literally everywhere.

From a bodysuit to a maxi dress, feel free to embrace these vibrant hues and feel extra patriotic.

12. Extra spicy top for a motorbike rally

motorbike outfit ideas
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If you are looking for a sexy top that has the push-up effect, this one just literally fakes a nice body for you out of nowhere.

The best part? The material isn’t too plastic-y so it doesn’t look cheap AT ALL!

13. Sturgis bike rally outfits for rainy days

Sturgis bike rally outfits rainy days
Get this reusable raincoat on Amazon

I know, bringing a raincoat is not an exciting thing but can you ignore it?


More often than not, the weather in Sturgis bike rally week is an unpredictable blend of the storm, rain, and crazy heat. It’s best to bring your reusable raincoat with you as a safe bet.

I know some people will bring a hooded windbreaker – that can serve as an alternative as well!

14. What shoes to wear to Sturgis Bike Rally

In case you need a reminder, surviving Sturgis bike week isn’t easy. Whether you are just passing by or a motorcyclist enthusiast ready to unlock a fun ride, comfy shoes are key.

From a wide range of fascinating vendors, unlimited downtown activities, off-site bars, and more, you will end up spending way more time than you’ve planned.

Trust me on that.

If your outfit doesn’t really match boots or sneakers, don’t worry as there are a ton of choices. Sandals wedges, low block heels, or flats are all doable!

For the girls who want to look 10/10 in their stiletto heels, think again!


So there you go – the 14 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to the Sturgis bike rally.

Of course, these looks are perfect for any other bike rally and motorbike-themed party as well! Now it’s time for you to settle the look and enjoy the party!

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