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*2023*8 looks to wear to beauty & cosmetology school! Dos & Dont’s!

*2023*8 looks to wear to beauty & cosmetology school! Dos & Dont’s!

Whether you are wondering what to wear to beauty and cosmetology school or what do cosmetologists wear to work? I’ve got you covered. 

As the saying goes “Dress like what you wanna be addressed”.If you want to present yourself as a professional cosmetologist, well, make sure your outfit is on point!

And let’s not mention your hairstyles and makeup matter as well.

So yes, every detail counts to establish a trustworthy beauty professional.

That pretty much explains why beauty schools have a strict dress code because it’s necessary for the students to get used to the professional image.

That said, the dress code can vary in different places so you better check out your school website.

For the girls who want to have a general picture of beauty school attire, here I’ve gathered 18 esthetician school outfit guidelines and ideas.


1. Avoid off-shoulder and spaghetti strap tops to beauty school

what to wear to beauty school?
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Speaking of the beauty school attire, look for modest wear. So things like mini skirts, bodycon, low neck tops… are the big No-nos.

Most of the cosmetology schools banned clothes that show shoulders and underarm areas.

So bye-bye off-shoulder blouse and spaghetti strap top – leave them for the weekend ladies.

2. What to wear to beauty school? All-black

Most beauty schools require students to dress in grey, white, black, and more often than not, dress in all-black.

This begs the question: How to look good wearing all-black?

Well, believe it or not, you can have a ton of variations even in all-black.

Below are some of the outfits that are as comfy as they are cute.

Running out of time in the morning? Throw on a one-piece self-toe romper and a pair of loafers and you are good to go!

Featuring the gorgeously lightweight fabric, this romper is a must-have for cosmetology students.

Check this versatile piece out!♡

what to wear to beauty school all-black attire

3. All-black cosmetology outfits with a sprinkle of fun

Feeling bored in a solid black top? Think out of the box and go for the mesh sleeve!

It just looks like you’ve given thought to your style and freshened things up.

Check out this gorgeous piece below! Polka dot is my forever favorite. Anyone?

All black cosmetology outfit ideas

4. Cosmetology school dress code: Modest and comfy

For girls who are insecure about the belly area like me, go for the peplum top to feel the most confident and comfiest.

Featuring the flared A-line silhouette, it just covers the tummy perfectly even when you are sitting down.

Such a godsend.

Cosmetology school dress code: peplum top

5. What to wear to cosmetology school? A midi black dress

And of course, we all need a decent black dress for cosmetology school. It takes me some time to find this perfect black dress.

Mock neck, midi length, and most importantly – middle sleeve design that is super convenient to perform the daily task at school.

Oops and let’s not forget about the puffy shoulder design, so elegant and chic.

what to wear to cosmetology school

6. What to wear to the beauty school tour? Black blazer

what to wear to beauty school tour
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Some ladies wonder what to wear to a beauty school tour.

Well, you just can’t go wrong with a blazer – it just naturally makes you look so well-groomed.

If you want to add more dimensions to your black-on-black look, get creative with the textures.

For example, if you are wearing a black matte top, go for lowkey shiny black pants that will always give you a nice contrast.

And that brings me to my next favorite piece – faux leather black leggings.

7. What do cosmetologists wear to work?

what do cosmetologists wear to work
Source: 1,2

To spice up your all-black look, throw on a statement piece like faux leather black leggings and you will never feel like missing anything.

To dress it down for school, team it with a loose-fit sweater that is just perfect for a simple yet stylish get-up.

Here’s the only reminder: Make sure your top is long enough to cover your butt. You always want to make sure your overall outfit looks modest.

And if you think comfiness and style can never co-exist, check out this faux leather legging below.

Wear faux leather leggings to beauty school

This stretchy pairs got a high waist tummy control, and crotch line and most importantly, the fabric is super stretchy.

Check it out!

8. What shoes to wear to cosmetology school?

As expected, tennis sneakers can appear to be too casual (for some schools) so go for closed-toe shoes as a failproof.

I personally will prefer flats with arch support more than low heels as again, comfort is KEY.

After all, you have to stay mobile all the time when you are in cosmetology school from doing hair to running all sorts of daily tasks.

If you want to add an extra pop of fun, go for the animal prints flats – that just brighten up your all-black outfit in the most stylish way!

These Amazon flats come with 40+ different prints and shades, you’re bound to find your favorite one! I owned one of the pairs and they are wide-feet friendly!

What shoes to wear to cosmetology school?

9. What makeup to wear to esthetician and beauty school?

what to wear to esthetician school
Source: 1,2

Tempting to go all-in with the eyeshadow and lipstick just because you are a makeup artist to be? HOLD ON SIS.

The last thing you want to do is to look distracting in class.

For an afternoon school day, you should definitely go for natural makeup as a student.

Give yourself a touch of glam with a light shade lipstick and thin eyeliner is more than enough to look polished and well put-together.

10. Get your hairstyle on point as a beauty professional

what hairstyle to wear to beauty school
Source: 1,2

So you’ve pinned down your outfit and makeup looks, it’s time to get your hairstyle right!

I know, sometimes we just don’t feel like doing the hair but guess what, it’s totally worth it.

Instead of letting all your hair down without styling that scream “I don’t care I just don’t have time”, a sleek low bun can instantly boost your professionalism tenfolds…

and THAT’s the power of hairstyle.


So there you go ladies – 18 outfits if you wonder what to wear to beauty and cosmetology school.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that gives you some directions! So may I wish you girls clam and carry on?

Shine bright my future stylist and hairdresser!

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