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*2023*20 Prohibition party outfits + tips (more than flapper dress!)

*2023*20 Prohibition party  outfits + tips (more than flapper dress!)

Looking for some prohibition outfit ideas for the coming speakeasy party? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Named the “roaring 20s”, the 1920s is an era of prosperity and dissipation. All the jazz bands and bootleggers just make the 1920s extra iconic.

When it comes to the twenties fashion, it’s just another level.

From the feather headband and cloche hats to fur coats, all the glitz and glamour just make this decade extra fun and unique.

In this article, I’ve gathered 20 prohibition & 1920s party outfits from casual to dressy. The best part? It’s way more than a flapper dress.


1. Couple prohibition party outfits

I get it, the term “prohibition party” can be really vauge and hard to find outfit inspo in such a small niche.

When in doubt, just think the 1920s Great Gatsby or speakeasy party attire and you’ll be fine!

Couple prohibition party outfits
Source: Pinterest

For a classic couple look, think a flapper dress for ladies and a classic suspender and bow-tie combo for the gents.

Of course, hats are extra crucial for the prohibition party.

A newsboy cap here can really spice things up here and bring you back to the good old days.


For ladies, make sure your bag is not too “modern-looking”.

I’d say the handle bag always work better than the shoulder or chain bag for this type of vintage party.

2. A fur jacket for 1920s prohibition party

When we talk about the glistening prohibition party, think giddy magic and wild romance.

And what represent this vibes better than a oh-so-fancy fur jacket?

what to wear 1920s prohibition party
Source: Pinterest

Keep it simple with a LBD and expensive fur cape for an unapologetically flamboyant look.


Unlike the people back in that time, you can go for the faux fur version now! Equally glam.

3. Casual 1920s prohibition party outfits

When it comes to the 1920s party, some may think the only way is to go all costumey.

Well, don’t underestimate the power of accessories!

You can certainly get away with a simple grey sweater and suede skirt set if you match it with the statement feather headband and pearl necklace.

For footwear, you can wear your usual stilettos but I’d say black and burgundy are the safer choice.


If you want to dress it up, add a pair of black gloves and you’ll be all set!

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4. Retro Peaky Blinder outfits

Dress dapper and vintage just can’t be any easier in this look below.

Peaky Blinder outfits suspender
Source: Pinterest

All you have to do is match your baker cap with pants as a whole set. That way, your figure will look united and elongated visually.

Of course, the suspender belt is the highlight of the whole outfit as well.

If you want to look extra dapper, tie your hair and hide it in your cap!

Peaky Blinder outfits
Source: Pinterest

Does anyone remember this quote from Tommy Shelby?

“Never assume that loud is strong and quiet is weak. The fiercest storms rise from the calmest seas.”

So true.

5. Go ALL GLAM for the Gatsby party

The truth is, you can never be too sparkly for the 1920s party.

Get inspired from this lady and shower yourself with sequin from head to toe.

To add a hint of persionality, wear a pair of conversation-starting shoes always play the trick.

6.LBD + beaded shawl for prohibition party

Can you rock your favorite LBD for the prohibition party? For sure!

LBD and beaded shawl for prohibition party
Shop this 1920s Beaded Shawl on Etsy! (Best Seller)

Stunningly embellished with sequins and metal hook closure, this aesthetic is just another level.

All you have to do is to pick a statement-beaded shawl to completely change the style!

Quick and easy!

7. Prohibition-era outfits: sequin robe

Besides the sequin dress, let’s not forget sequin robe is another great one.

Prohibition-era outfits sequin robe
Source: Pinterest

Need I say more? This is just one of a kind.

To look sleek and put together, it’s best to layer it up with a plain low-neck black dress together with an elegant thin belt.

glitter robe sequin
Shop this glitter robe on Amazon

To scream the full attitude, I’d say go for the pointy boots to finish off the look.

8. Embroidered shirt & velvet pants

If you gravitate towards pants, this prohibition party outfit is for you.

Embroidered shirt velvet pants
Source: Elsie Green

An embellished floral shirt and velvet red pants just look as chic as it looks lowkey glam.

Together with the silver heels, this is how you rock the Great Gatsby attire in the most distinctive way.

9. Fun prohibition fringe dress 

Another type of statement dress for prohibition party: Fringe dress.

If you want to give this iconic look a fresh update, below’s my pick for you!

Fun prohibition fringe dress 
Shop this flirty fringe flapper dress on Etsy!

I mean, imagine how gorgeous you look when you dance around with the jazz music?

The experience is a 10/10.

And this delicate halter neckline is to die for – obsessed!

10. What shoes to wear prohibition party?

If you just want to get around the party, I’d think actually all different retro shoes should be a pass.

From the 1920s, some of the popular shoes for ladies includes T-strap heels, Mary Janes, and oxfords.

What shoes to wear prohibition party
Shop T-strap heels on Amazon!

Of all, my all-time favourite is the T-strap heels.

The straight line in the middle and pointy toe just elongate your legs in the most forgiving and elegant way.

11. Embellished purse:1920s great gatsby party

Chanel classic flaps are nice but in this situation, a darling embellished purse definitely work way better.

Embellished purse 1920s great gatsby party
Shop this aesthetic evening bag on Etsy!

This bag is even prettier in person.


To make sure you can put all the personal belonging in this mini clutch, make sure you swap your wallet to a cardholder.

My another trick is to bring the lisptick and eyeliner in mini size! (Many brands – like Charlotte Tilbury offer that! Shop it around!)

12. Long pearl necklace

To bring back the good old glam, the long necklace is another iconic accessory.

long pearl necklace vintage party
Source: Pinterest

Again, if you want to highlight the glam, layer the pearl necklace with a black dress for a nice contrast.


As a girl with chubby cheeks, I will prefer the long pearl necklace instead of the short or choker style one.

The reason is the long Y-necklace can naturally elongate the upper body and also make your face appear to be smaller.

Trust me, the difference is real – especially when you are taking selfies.

13. Plus size 1920s prohibition party dress

For my plus size queens out there – I’d say flaunt your curves with full confidence!

Plus size 1920s prohibition party dress
Shop this plus size flapper dress on Amazon~

You get what you paid for but guess what – this dress looks more expensive than the price paid.

Trust me, this baby will be a hit for your 20s party.


I’ve browsed all the Amazon review, this dress is definitely suitable for top-heavy sis!

14. Sequin jumpsuit for the Great Gatsby party

Sequin jumpsuit for Great Gatsby party
Source: Pinterest

A sequin jumpsuit because looking feminine is not the only option for the Great Gatsby.

Regardless of the party theme, keep your crown high and be the girl boss.


If go top-less is not your style, a sleek cami top will wonders with the pantsuit set!

15. Satin dress x feather boa

satin dress feather boa
Source: Pinterest

To dress for prohibition party on a budget, wear your Friday night satin dress and bring on the feather boa!

16. Real Bootlegger from 1920s

Yes people, this is a real bootlegger from the 1920s!

Real Bootlegger from 1920s
Source: Ancient Faces

This lady was putting flask in her Russian boot – smart move.

Seriously, looking this photo just make me appreciate modern days even more.

17. Bootleggers in the 1920s party

Bootleggers in the 1920s party
Source: Ancient Faces

This bootleggings just demonstrated another way to hide her secret pleasure!

18. Plus size vintage dress

Last but not least, another pick for my plus size babes.

plus size vintage cocktail dress
Shop this glam dress on ModCloth!

If you are not fond of maxi dress, this exclusive cocktail dress with jacquard prints just boost the vintage aesthetic tenfolds

And guess what, this structured cutting and strcutured fabric just accentuate your curves in the most forgiving way.

For the vintage outfits, definitely check out ModCloth – the outfit there is just another level.


So there you go – the 20 prohibition & 1920s party outfits with all different styles!

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that get you inspired and now it’s time to pin down your final look!

If you are looking for more vintage parties, check out my other popular articles down below! See you loves!

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