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*2023*27 Hawaiian luau party outfit ideas for ladies! Non cliche!

*2023*27 Hawaiian luau party outfit ideas for ladies! Non cliche!

When it comes to my favorite party, the Hawaiian luau theme party got to be the one.

I mean, who can resist this all-in-one package with lively music, poolside dance, a big feast with tropical dishes, and youthful summer vibes?

And let’s not forget this is another perfect time for us to get dressed up!

No matter how old are we, getting dressed for the party is always exciting.

So ladies, if you are still wondering what to wear to a Hawaiian theme party, below are the 27 luau outfit ideas (together with footwear & accessories tips) from traditional Hawaiian look to high street style.

Enjoy ladies!


If you go to a luau party and you can’t find people wearing vibrant Hawaiian shirts, well, you are probably in the wrong place.

hawaiian luau outfit ideas ladies, dress up for hawaiian theme party
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As iconic dress shirts originated in Hawaii, they are mostly in a relaxed fit with delightful tropical and floral prints.

With this statement piece, your get-up just screams summer holiday vibes even with the simplest look!

But that said, just randomly throwing on a Hawaiian shirt can easily end up looking like a tacky tourist.

Hawaiian luau party outfit ideas
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To level up your fashion game, check out these 8 fresh ways to wear it.

From sexy front knots to high-street layering hacks, I’ve got you covered!


Want a billowy silhouette for a luau party? A Hawaiian Muumuu dress is the winning option of all time.

hawaiian luau outfit ideas ladies, dress up for hawaiian theme party
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Differing from a random floral dress, the Muumuu dress is a flowy loose long dress featuring Hawaiian theme prints like palm branches and florals.

If you want to add a dash of femininity to the island girl look, go for the vintage puff-sleeve style or off-shoulder style to look extra tasteful.

muumuu dress Amazon
Shop this darling Muumuu dress on Amazon!

Together with a pair of side sandals, you are good to go!


For some girls, a mix-and-match outfit is like going down the rabbit hole every single time.

hawaiian luau outfit ideas ladies, dress up for hawaiian theme party
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When you finally decide on the look, it’s already 1 hour passed by (Girl I feel you, same here).

If you just want to quickly pin down the look, a co-ord set always comes in handy.

Shop Showpo!

Featuring the cropped top and A-line skort design, these sets just naturally sculpt your figure for longer legs.

Or else, the tube romper is another comfy choice!

To complete your sweet Moana look, don’t forget to spoil yourself with a darling flower crown!


If all-over floral prints are too bold for you, wear a plain top with floral culottes just instantly subdue the boldness and make it more sophisticated.

hawaiian luau outfit ideas ladies, dress up for hawaiian theme party
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As a girl with chubby cheeks, I will always pick a sweetheart neck crop top as this neckline always makes my face appear to be smaller.

Together with flowy chiffon pants and wedge canvas shoes, this is how you dress up for luau with a high street splash.


Can you wear denim for the party? For sure!

hawaiian luau outfit ideas ladies, dress up for hawaiian theme party
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To coordinate the lively tropical theme, always opt for light hue jeans like light blue and white.

Trust me, that can be awkward if you wear black skinny jeans next to the poolside bar.

Feeling extra playful today?

FLORAL cropped shirt with jeans
Source: Pinterest

Dig out your vintage round sunglasses for a vintage look.

If you want to give a nice contrast to your look, wear your green Hawaiian front knot shirt on top of the neat neutral tones just makes you look way more put-together.


Crochet is all the rage and it’s not surprising to know why.

hawaiian luau crochet outfit ideas ladies, dress up for hawaiian theme party
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As a perfect blend of creativity, a sense of freedom, and eco-friendly materials, crochet outfits truly deserve their attention.

For a hula girl look, get yourself a colorful crochet halter top and linen wrap skirt that looks one-of-a-kind.

crochet dress luau party outfit
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Except for going to the big brand stores, you can always find some darling pieces from Etsy.

If you love to do some little DIY projects, crocheting the top yourself can be incredibly satisfying!

So girls, if you are wondering what to do for the lazy Sunday afternoon, now you have a plan!


Time has changed and a Hawaiian party does not necessarily have to be that TYPICAL anymore.

If you want to showcase your street style, I’d say team up with a tropical handkerchief top with white jeans.

Source: Pinterest

Together with the funky sunnies and hoop earrings, you’re sure to stand out.


While dark hues are forgiving, for all the plus-size ladies out there, it’s time to get bold and rock some bright hues!

hawaiian luau outfit ideas plus size, dress up for hawaiian theme party
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For a casual look, embrace the summer vibes with a vintage graphic shirt and fruit print ruffle dress that just looks fun and cute.

And if you want some cover-up, a billowy sheer poncho is perfectly on point with almost everything.

Together with a bralette and jeans underneath, it just looks as sassy as it looks stylish.

So yes, my advice to you is to wear whatever you feel comfy! Forget the boring fashion rules and embrace your day girls!

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hey ladies, why not quickly do an affirmation and feel instantly better?

This new year, I’m trying not only to share fashion tips but come up with ways to instill body positivity in all women who are reading my articles – aka YOU!

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Alright, now keep on reading!


Everyone knows nude heels are leg-flattering but my dear, let’s not wear them for the luau party, shall we?

hawaiian luau outfit ideas ladies, dress up for hawaiian theme party
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If you want to fully enjoy the day with all the walking and dancing, do yourself a favor to pick the casual slide sandals.

But if you are wearing a maxi dress that day, wedge sandals will always work wonders as well!

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So finally you’ve pinned down your Hawaiian party look but wait a minute, what about all the accessories that give this authentic island girl look a dreamy finish touch?

hawaiian luau outfit, dress up for hawaiian theme party
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If you don’t want to make an effort to your hair, at least add a plumeria hair clip to complete your Hawaiian ensemble. I usually buy them on Amazon for 12 pcs so I can share them with my girlfriends.

hairclip for luau party
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We all know how these hair clips disappear in nowhere suddenly!

So yes, you will need them anyway. Check out here to see the colors!

In the meantime, it’s a perfect time to try out new hairstyles. Instead of lying all your hair down, what about doing youthful pigtail braids or simply curling your hair differently?

I guarantee that will be an instant mood booster!


So ladies, here are the 10 Hawaiian luau party outfit ideas. Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Wear a Hawaiian (Aloha) shirt for a luau party
  • Embrace tropical vibes with a Hawaiian Muumuu dress
  • Opt for a floral co-ord set as a handy choice
  • Get a flowy look with floral pants
  • Keep it simple with denim
  • Look one-of-a-kind in crochet
  • High street luau look for teenagers
  • Versatile luau look for plus size
  • Opt for comfy footwear for a party
  • Always accessorize the look

I hope you will love these 27 outfit ideas! For me, I am gonna pick a one-piece crochet dress this summer as I’ve never worn it before!

You know, summer is always about unlocking some new things!

So ladies, please feel free to comment below your go-to outfits as I would really love to know!

By the way, are you looking for more party outfit ideas? Check out my other reads below. See you love!

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