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*2023* 20 Baddie beach outfits to rock this summer + styling tips!

*2023* 20 Baddie beach outfits to rock this summer + styling tips!

Looking for some baddie beach outfit ideas to get inspired this summer? You’ve come to the right place!

As the saying goes “Beach more, worry less”. There’s always something special about the ocean air and those summer waves that get us every time.

When the days are not that great, all you need is a beach and sunshine and let your spirit fly. Trust me, it cures e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

To make sure you have the best time, picking the right outfit is key. That said, this article is dedicated to my baddie girls.

Below, I’ve gathered 20 baddie beach outfits with all kinds of combo. For your convenience, some of the links are shoppable on Amazon and my favourite store – Pretty Little Thing.

Enjoy loves!

1. Baddie beach outfits

Beach baddie fashion comes in all kinds of styles.

Sometimes, all you need is a cropped white shirt and denim hot pants that make you look chic with minimal effort.

2. Summer baddie beach outfits

To indulge in the vacay mood, pick summery colors like baby pink, sky blue, and all kind of pastels.

The statement straw hat and buttermilk yellow slip dress are bound to make you feel the best.

3. Beachwear baddie beach outfits

Fashion comes and goes but the baddie pink aesthetic is here to stay.

To rock the monochromatic look in the best way, pair up different shades and patterns of pink to add in some layers.

4. Baddie bikini top

As a perfect blend of minimalist sporty streetwear, spiciness, and boss lady vibes, this outfit is a 10/10.

A bucket hat is always a cute option.

5. Bandana top baddie beach outfits

Feeling extra stylish for the beach day? A statement bandana top just screams “I’m hot and I KNOW it”.

Bandana top baddie beach outfits

Get this bandana top on Amazon, it comes with 20 + patterns. Check them out! ♥♥♥

6. Summer baddie beach outfits

A baddie always knows how to rock black in a cool way.

To feel the most carefree, you just can’t go wrong with the breathable linen set.

7. Baddie beach vacation outfits

Whether you are a skinny bitch or a girl with a food baby 24/7 (aka me), this sexy oversized shirt is for you.

To add in the carefree beach vibes, finish up your look with the bandana just to boost the aesthetic tenfolds.

8. Baddie aesthetic beach day outfits

PRO TIP: Match the base color of the bandana with the outfit to look like a set.

A similar color tone can elongate your figure from head to toe. As a petite girl, I do see the difference!

9. Baddie pastel beach day outfits

Baddie pastel beach day outfits
Get this crochet racer neck set on Pretty Little Thing

Seriously? My top three favorite colors in one look?

These pastel hues just brighten up your beach day like no other.

10. Cute beach baddie outfit ideas

To restores the soul at the beach, stay cute and comfy with a shirt dress, straw basket bag, and spaghetti strap sandals.

11. Baddie crochet pantsuit outfit ideas

Baddie crochet pantsuit outfit ideas
Get this brown cream crochet pantsuit set on Pretty Little Thing

A cream and brown crochet set? I mean, what’s not to love?

Whether you are going to a music festival or a beach party, this look is sure to earn you some serious style points.

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12. Bikini and sweatpants for the baddie look

If you are the legit baddie, you won’t be surprised to match the bikini with the slouchy sweatpants.

You just can’t go wrong with this combo.

13. Beach day baddie outfit

Who said the beach set has to be in the typical bright hue?

Beach day baddie outfit
Get this stripe racer beach set on Pretty Little Thing

Be the trendsetter and rock this mocha beach set in the most stylish way.

The earthy tone is the new black.

14. Beach day oversized shirt outfit

Want to look youthful and sexy without appearing to be trying too hard?

Throw on an oversized T-shirt and wear your swimsuit underneath seal the deal.

Leave something to the imagination, ladies.

15. Baddie cut-out beach dress

The key value of being a baddie is looking phenomenal even on her off days.

Baddie cut out beach dress
Get this orange metallic beach dress on Pretty Little Thing

This orange metallic material dress with cut-out detailing just brings your vacay to look to another level.

Slay the game girls.

16. Beachwear baddie beach outfits

A halter neck cropped top and sage green print dress just scream the summer beach vibes to the fullest.

If you want to take this look to another level, add in the aesthetic glitzy chain belt. Your waist needs jewelry too!

17. Baddie bikini outfits

All kinds of girls wear bikinis but when it comes to the edgy underwire gold tassel design, you know that’s for baddie girls.

Baddie bikini outfits
Get this brown underwire gold tassel bikini top on Pretty little thing

Side note, the underwire can always give your chest a little boost. SWEET.

18. Halter top + striped pants

Who said beach babe has to look in only one way?

For a billowy silhouette, match your cute cropped top with loose striped pants to feel the most carefree.

19. Big leaf summer print set

If a beach day can only pin to one ensemble, this baddie co-ord set has to be the one.

beach outfits baddie
Get this orange big leaf tie front beach top on Pretty Little Thing

These tropical prints and edgy cuts are bound to make you feel amazing.

20. Plus size baddie swimwear outfit

For my plus-size and curvy ladies, this get-up is for you.

Plus size baddie swimwear outfit
Get this plus-size swimsuit set on Amazon

As a girl with a food baby 24/7, this forgiving bikini cover-up just wipe out my insecurity and make me feel superb chic.

Come say hi to the new fashionista version of me.


So ladies, there you go the 20 baddie beach vacation outfits to rock this summer.

I hope that gets you inspired and that it’s time to create your one-of-a-kind look. Enjoy the good times and tan lines!

For more baddie outfit ideas, see you in the articles below!

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