*2022* FULL LIST 28 cute teacher outfits (kindergarten to plus size!)

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Whether you are a kindergarten, preschool, elementary, or high school teacher, this article is for you.

As the saying goes "It takes a big heart to shape the little mind" Being a teacher is no easy feat at all.

Despite teaching, your daily task involves handling crying kids (or rebellious teens) and all sorts of craziness.

That said, you definitely want to pick the right outfit to support your busy day.

To make your outfit choice in the morning a breeze, I've gathered 28 teacher outfit ideas below. The best part? They are as stylish as they are functional.

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Before sharing the overall outfit ideas, there are some special reminders for preschool and kindergarten teachers. If you aren't one of them, feel free to skip to point 3!

1. Dress code for preschool teachers: No white

Dress code for preschool teachers

▲ Source: 1,2

Tempting to wear your refreshing white top to school? Hold on a second sis.

Kids are messy and they throw all kinds of dirt on your clothes. (We all know they are uncontrollable).

So I'll at least avoid white clothes as 10/10 they will get screwed.

Plus, leave your designer clothes at home and avoid non-washable materials like silk, velvet, and satin.

Opt for the comfy fabric like cotton instead as you'll need to wash the clothes A LOT.

2. No super hugging clothes for pre-k & kindergarten teachers

pre k and kindergarten teacher outfits

▲ Source: 1,2

No super body-hugging clothes for two reasons.

First, a teacher's image has to be decent and professional and body con dress may not be the best choice here. (even it's midi length)

Second, let's not forget you will always need to sit cross-legged on the floor, sit in small chairs, and run after the kids. Trust me, wearing super tight pants for 2 hours straight is real torture.

3. Universial dress code of teachers: Business casual

So now you may wonder: What exactly should a teacher wear? It depends on different settings but I'd say business casual for most of the time.

So yes, a billowy blouse is failproof.

It's decent, incredibly lightweight, and super easy to mix and match. For the baking summer day, a chiffon blouse is a lifesaver.

Below, I've handpicked two high-quality and popular pieces from Amazon. Enjoy!

They come in all different colors and sizes.

Dress code of teachers

!!!GET THIS!!!

Asymmetrical chiffon blouse

(This is how you add extra style in a simple top!)

Dress code of teachers

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Amazon brand's Short-Sleeve Woven Blouse

(As we all know, Amazon brand has the highest quality & cheapest price! Unbeatable)

4. Cute & casual teacher outfits: chambray shirt

cute and casual teacher outfits

▲ Source: 1,2

As a teacher normally holds both classroom teaching and outdoor activities (especially for the kindergarten and elementary school teachers), it's ideal to layer up your look so you can easily take clothes on and off for the temperature change.

I truly think a chambray shirt has the ideal thickness - it gives you the extra warmth without feeling baggy.

Whether you wear it as a top or as outerwear, it's all doable. Pair this with off-white jeans and pointy flats just look so trendy and refreshing.

5. Spring outfits for teachers: Pastel hue

Spring outfits for teachers

 ▲ Source: 1,2

People always thought dressing modestly meant boring. That's not true.

For the spring teacher outfits, bring out the darling pastel hues to prove being a teacher doesn't have to sacrifice the style at all.

If you think an all-over mint green dress is too bold, what about throwing a lavender sweater top to spice up the ordinary button-down slack look.

Believe it or not, wearing pastel hues are the instant mood booster and makes you appear to be more likable.

6.  Peplum top as the failproof teacher OOTD

Peplum tops are just universally flattering.

Especially for the pre-k and kindergarten teachers who are concerned about the tummy area when you sit cross-leg on the floor with kids, a peplum top is a must-have to make you feel carefree tenfold.

Below are some Amazon picks for both regular and plus sizes! Enjoy♡

peplum top teacher outfits

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 Plus Size Ruffle Hem Short Sleeve!

(To spice up the look, a long necklace is here to help!)

peplum top teacher outfits

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Button-Down peplum blouse!

(The Short Kimono Sleeve and   Drawstring Waist Detail is bound to make you feel the BEST)

7. Plus size teacher outfit ideas

I like them both but if you want to look even more slimming. Choose the square neck one!

plus size teacher outfit ideas

!!!GET THIS!!!

 Plus Size Butterfly Short top!

(Those butterfly sleeve is sooo arm forgiving!)

plus size teacher outfit ideas

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Chiffon Blouse Batwing Sleeve Tops!

(Need I say more? This lightweight blouse is perfect for the baking hot days!)

8. First day of school teacher outfit: A cute quote tee

If you want something extra fun for the first day of school, a cute teacher quote tee will never go wrong!

That just makes you feel good to welcome another meaningful semester!

Below is some of the most popular choice of all time, enjoy!

hello kindergarten tee

!!!GET THIS!!!

 Hello Kindergarten tee!

(Those butterfly sleeve is sooo arm forgiving!)

kindergarten tee

!!!GET THIS!!!

This fun Kindergarten CREW tee!

(This "Kindergarten crew" T-shirt is just so on point. Not too cheesy but cute!)

Sense of mission ❤️❤️❤️

9. Tunic + leggings as the high school teacher outfits

high school teacher outfits

▲ Source: 1,2

Some of you may be asked: Can teachers wear leggings? I'd say yes. For a comfy look in minimal effort, you can't go wrong with a tunic shirt and black leggings.

For footwear, it looks great with ballet flats, just sweet and classy.

Is that just me but seems high school teachers wear this look A LOT.

Love love love the cowl neck that makes you look like wearing a scarf! People will think you are layering up the clothes but in fact, that's a one-piece!

My favorite one is this classic red plaid but it comes with all different patterns! Check out more Amazon reviews below!

For plus size teachers

The V-neck can let your neckline looks more slender and graceful.

And most importantly, this babydoll top is super lightweight and breathable! Simple yet cute.

10. Cute teacher outfit combo: T-shirt + midi skirt

▲Source: 1,2

Bored with the regular T-shirt and jeans look? What about layering up your white tee with a fun polka dot dress? Or else, pair up the front-knot tee with a midi chiffon dress.

This get-up is youthful yet appropriate for teaching. If I was a student teacher, I will definitely try this look!

11. Fall teachers outfit: Cardigan

 ▲Source: 1,2

Bored with the regular T-shirt and jeans look? What about layering up your white tee with a fun polka dot dress?

Or else, pair up the front-knot tee with a midi chiffon dress that is equally flattering!

Believe it or not, you need your cardigan 24/7.

12. Teacher dress length: Knee high or below

▲Source: 1,2

Oversleeping to school? No worries. Throw on a one-piece dress and you're good to go!

For the length of the dress, knee-high or below-knee are always ideal. It looks great whether you team it with sandal flats or boots.

These two Amazon handpicks below are simple yet figure-flattering. Love the self-tie design and high waist cuts. Check them out!

Many may not know, but horizontal stripes will look slimmer than vertical stripes! This tee shirt dress is surprisingly figure-flattering!

This high waist midi dress is how you contour the figure and look taller and slimmer!

13. Winter teacher outfit ideas: Sleeveless puffer jacket

▲ Source: Missstylishteacher.com.,Pinterest

For a hassle-free winter teacher look, I'd highly recommend a puffer jacket.

To be specific, go for the slim cut and sleeveless one for convenience so you can easily hug the kids and engage in all kinds of activities.

As a petite girl, I love teaming my jacket and dress in similar hues.

The monochrome look can unite and elongate the figure and make you look taller and slimmer.

14. Spice up your look with cute hairstyles

preschool kindergarten teacher hairstyle

▲ Source:1,2

To finish your teacher look with an extra pop of fun, it's always worth the good 5 minutes for an easy quick high bun.

When I was at work, I always prefer to open up my face more - somehow it just make me feel more focused.

If you google "Easy teacher hairstyle", there's a ton of choice! Try them out!


So ladies, there you go the 18 teacher outfit ideas from pre-k, kindergarten, elementary and high school!

Hope you find these tips and OOTD ideas useful! Now go dress up and be the most stylish teacher in your school!

By the way, you may be interested in the articles below. See you there gorgeous!

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