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*2023* 28 Black jeans outfit ideas:10 types of jeans!

*2023* 28 Black jeans outfit ideas:10 types of jeans!

As the saying goes “Jeans are like fries – you can’t have just one”. That’s just so true.

Especially when it comes to black jeans, I literally have a ton of them from all possible styles.

From skinny black jeans to high street mom jeans to vintage black flared jeans, I can wear black jeans on any occasion.

So, ladies, I’ve gathered 11 black jeans outfit ideas with 28 flattering looks.


1. Classy black jeans and top outfit ideas

Classy black jeans and top outfit ideas
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If you are looking for some jeans and top outfit ideas for a classy look, a sleek shirt and black jeans are the perfect combos.

Unlike the regular blue jeans, black jeans in general just make you look more dressed up and decent.

Together with a chic white dress shirt and a nice pair of pointy beige flats, this is how you pull off the casual work attire on point.

If you want to add an extra dash of sophistication to your style, swap out the slouchy shirt for the structured oxford shirt and you’ll be looking put-together.

2.Black skinny high waisted jeans outfit ideas

Black skinny high waisted jeans outfit ideas
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For wintertime, layer up your look with black jeans is a no-brainer.

As we all know, wearing jeans with ankle boots can make your legs appear to be shorter as they cut off the ankle area visually.

However, the forgiving black jeans just contour everything and keep your legs tall and slim.

For a 2-shades look, throw a beige beret, black jeans, and pale brown boots that just scream fall vibes. Simple but stylish.

3. Black split leg jeans outfit ideas

Black split leg jeans outfit ideas
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Oh my, the cool girls’ essential – slit-leg black jeans.

If you want to add an extra pop to your denim ensemble, go for the boho sunglasses, side slit jeans, and resting bitch face just exudes a sense of confidence.

Together with a spaghetti strap crop top and croc-embossed leather shoulder bag, the outfit just screams “I don’t do fashion. I AM FASHION”.

4. Black coated jeans outfit ideas

Black coated jeans outfit ideas
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I hope you get excited about black coated jeans as this is how you stand out from the black jeans crowd.

In short, coated jeans are layered with a waxy coating that resembles the texture and sheen of leather.

So these expensive-looking jeans just make you look so poised and dressy.

While it seems awkward to team regular black jeans with an animal print top, black coated jeans can definitely pull that off with the delicate vibes.

Black coated jeans outfit ideas
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As a statement piece that rarely sees girls wearing on the street, you just look effortlessly chic with minimal effort.

A ready-to-concert look, complete the look with a vintage graphic tee, black coated jeans, and Dr.Martin boots and you’re good to go.

5. Black mom jeans outfit ideas

Black mom jeans outfit ideas
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Speaking of a fail-proof combo to look good in black mom jeans, I’ll say team the loose pants with body-hugging to enjoy the smaller waist illusion.

Plus, you won’t appear to be too slouchy and baggy in a silhouette that’s not serving you right.

So yes, that can be anything from a sexy halter neck crop top to a fitted puffy sleeve top.

Black mom jeans outfit ideas with blazer
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As for another popular combo, oversized blazer and black mom jeans, definitely keep your blazer unbuttoned so you can show the waistline.

If you are a tall and slim girl, it’s true that you can get away from this. But for most of us, opening up the blazer just look way better for an effortlessly chic yet flattering look.

And if you are petite like me, consider cuffing the jeans to show the ankles out.

That makes a HUGE difference.

6. Black ripped jeans outfit ideas

Black ripped jeans outfit ideas
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There are all different kinds of ripped jeans out there but I personally prefer the one with a subtle design.

Seems no one talks about it but knee ripped jeans are extremely leg-flattering.

The trick here is to always pick the hole above your actual knee so it can contour your legs and make it longer.

Together with the monotone pointy heels, you’re bound to feel like a model.

7. black ripped skinny jeans outfit ideas

black jeans outfit ideas
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If you want to bring your A-game for the teenage girl’s night out, get bold with the heavily ripped stretchy jeans to flaunt your curves.

Or else, balance out the spiciness with a slouchy solid top to make your ensemble sleek and nice.

Feel free to try out all different combos to reach the happy medium!

8. Black flared jeans outfit ideas

Black flared jeans outfit ideas

Can you look feminine and tasteful in jeans? Well, that’s tricky but black flared pants will never disappoint you.

Featuring the flared bell-bottom design, it just contours the calf area and draw eyes vertically for the legs.

Plus, the bell-bottom will exaggerate your moves and make you look more feminine in walking.

Such a nice effect.

Black jeans outfit ideas
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For footwear, team it with the pointy heels that just look so high fashion and classy.

It’s pity I just don’t see ladies on street wearing this combo enough. If you want something bougie this winter, try this out and you’ll be impressed.

9. Black patchwork jeans for my baddie girls

Black patchwork jeans outfit ideas
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For my baddie girls out there, I won’t miss you out.

The black patchwork jeans are having a moment these days and I must say this looks one-of-a-kind.

While patchwork can easily add bulks to your bottom, black jeans are powerful enough to balance out the effect.

To put your jeans in the spotlight, keep the rest of your look simple and prints-free.

A solid sleeveless polo shirt or a black bolero top just bring the best with the patchwork jeans.

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10. Black acid wash jeans outfit ideas

Black acid wash jeans outfit ideas
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Speaking of a vintage style, how can we not talk about the black acid wash jeans that remind us of the good old 80s?

As a perfect mix of rebellious and vintage vibes, team it with a band tee, fringe bags and black felt hats just full of attitude.

Wondering how to style acid-wash jeans? Check out these 9 outfit combos that you never possibly thought of!

11. Black jeans outfit ideas for plus size baes

Black jeans outfit ideas for plus size
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Last but not least, the black jeans outfit ideas for ladies.

For the comfy choice, paper bag jeans are my go-to to ensure my tummy can BREATHE even filled with food babies.

For those big feast nights, I will never be wearing those skinny jeans that squeeze my muffin tops out and feel like suffocated. Just never.

Another tip, opt for the tops that offer a slimming effect. Think peplum top (My fav!) that can cover the tummy and an off-shoulder top that makes our face look slightly smaller and shed the heaviness of the upper body.

The trick works every time.

For the other plus-size denim tips, check out the articles below.

These are the articles with the most pageviews on this site so I guess you guys think it’s useful!

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