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*2023* What to wear to a police academy graduation?15 real-life looks!

*2023* What to wear to a police academy graduation?15 real-life looks!

Wondering what to wear to a police academy graduation? Here’s the most updated real-look guide you can find on the internet!

You just can’t be any more proud.

Your loved one has finally gone through the 21 weeks of training and now he or she is qualified as an officer! 

The sense of pride is real when you see them get pinned on their up. You murmured to yourself “You’ve made it my darling”.

To attend a special occasion like Police Academy Graduation, picking the right outfit is key. After all, you will take A TON of photos!

Below, I’ve gathered 15 real-life police academy graduation outfits from Instagram along with some pro tips. Enjoy my loves!

1. What to wear to a police academy graduation

I know you are so tempted to go all in on this big day. But hold on sis, you should definitely pick something cute yet COMFY to wear.

The police academy graduation can last for hours (depending on how many graduates are in the department) so you may need to sit and stand for a long time.

Instead of wearing a sexy bodycon dress that makes you feel suffocated the whole time, go for something comfy and airy to wear!

2. Complete the look with a nice hair-updo

As a rule of thumb, you don’t want to dress too sexy for someone’s graduation. After all, you will be representing your officer’s image and dressing decent is necessary.

But does that mean you have to look boring? Not at all.

To finish your get-up on a dressier end, spare 15 minutes to do an elegant hair-updo is totally worth it.

I’m sure your loved one will appreciate that too!

3. Casual police academy graduation outfit

The guest outfits for police academy graduation are a blend of everything from a full suit to a casual tee.

If you need reassurance, it’s totally okay to wear a white tee and sneakers!

4. Police support T-shirts for academy graduation

Of course, the proud wife (mom, sis, bro …whatever) type of shirt has always been the popular choice if you want to give your loved one a sweet surprise!

“I am the proud wife of an awesome military police”. Who won’t melt by that?!

5. Proud police wife tee as a nice surprise

If you want a low-key version, this one is perfect!

6. Go classy with an LBD

This is just too adorable.

If you are looking for some cute ways to take photos with your hot officer, get inspired by this one!

7. Blazer + midi dress as a failproof

Want to look put together as a guest? A knee-high dress and black blazer are failproof.

For footwear, close-toe heels look universally flattering but I advise going for the low chunky sole in case you need to stand and walk around.

8. Look extra forgiving for police academy graduation

On this day, you certainly want to look THE BEST and that means finding the perfect dress that can cover the belly!

As a girl with a food baby 24/7, this dress below is my best pick for you. Featuring the peplum design, it just covers the belly completely and fakes an hourglass figure for you.

The best part? They look high fashion yet affordable! Such a gem.

9. What to wear to police academy graduation plus size

For my plus-size queens, this cold-shoulder peplum dress is for you

10. When in doubt, bring an outerwear

I call this beautiful shoot “Hold hope for the future”.

By the way, the graduation ceremony holds indoors and air-conditioned. Regardless of the season, it’s best to bring a light cardigan with you.

11. Spice up the look with a statement necklace

If one piece is not your cup of tea, go for a casual top, and tweed skirt to seal the deal too! You can always elevate the look with a long necklace.

She believed she could so she did ♥♥♥

I don’t know this girl but as a woman, I feel proud, too

12. What to wear to police academy graduation winter

While the police graduation was held indoors, you may also want to take photos outdoors for some variations.

When the days are chilly out there, throwing on a trench coat is always classy and effortless.

13. You don’t have to wear blue!

I know many guests may want to wear blue in hopes to go matchy with the officer. I thought that was cute but that doesn’t mean you can only wear blue and black!

For me, I prefer delightful hues like yellow and velvet. These celebratory colors are such a mood booster!

14. Can you wear jeans to the police academy graduation?

Can you wear jeans to the police academy graduation? For sure!

Team it with a bold red off-shoulder top and hoop earrings to feel the best!

15. Police academy graduation gifts

If you are bringing your kids, don’t forget to “accessories” them as well! These cute ribbon bow headband (from Amazon) is going to melt your husband’s heart


So there you go people – the 15 outfits if you wonder what to wear to a police academy graduation.

I hope this guide is helpful! But seriously, your officer won’t really care what you wear simply because seeing you again is their biggest gift!

For more outfit ideas, feel free to check the list below! See you there love!

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