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*16 real-life guest outfits!* What to wear to Navy or marine graduations?

*16 real-life guest outfits!* What to wear to Navy or marine graduations?

Wondering what to wear to Navy or Marine graduation? Here’s the right place to get inspired!

Regardless of your identity, girlfriend, wife, father, or mom, that’s one thing for sure:

You are VERY proud of your new sailor or marine.

As we all know, the 8 to 13 weeks of boot camp are extremely challenging both physically and mentally.

The sense of pride is real when you see your loved one finish this Mission Impossible.

what to wear Navy Marine graduation
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Finally, the long-awaited day has come.

You are invited to the navy or marine graduation and are so ready to get them a BIG BIG HUG!

And now this begs the question: What to wear to the navy & marine graduation ceremony? Are there any dress codes?


Ahead, I’ve gathered 16 real-life graduation guest outfit ideas along with some pro tips, enjoy!

1. What to wear to navy graduation?

As a graduation guest, there’s no specific dress code really.

The crowd will be a mix of everything from a casual tee to Sunday best so it’s kind of a freestyle!

That said, looking decent is key.

After all, you will be taking a ton of pictures with your loved ones that day and representing their image to some extent.

A super hot clubbing dress is not appropriate in this case.

2. Dress formal for a navy boot camp graduation

For gentlemen, if you want to dress up the look, a suit set is fail-proof.

Just look effortlessly great for such a big day.


As your sailor or marine will dress white or blue uniform, opt for other colors for your outfit so they can stand out in the photos!

3. What to wear to marine graduation?

Or else, feel free to dress it down in a baseball and collared shirt!

4. What to wear to boot camp graduation?

For ladies, you just can’t go wrong with an LBD that is universally forgiving.

I know many of you are so tempted to go all in for a special occasion like this. But hold on sis, comfort always comes first.

The ceremony can last for hours and you may need to walk the stairs and sit for a long time.

Make sure your dress is comfy and has some wiggle room for your tummy.

As a perfect combo: A tunic dress and ballet flats just work wonders.

5. Bring outerwear for the indoor graduation ceremony

The navy or marine graduation is held indoors and it’s air-conditioned.

Even if it’s hot summer, you can be freezing cold indoors.

Regardless of the season, make sure you bring a poncho or light cardigan with you.

6. A classy dress for navy or marine graduation

You haven’t seen your boyfriend or husband for months and now it’s time to remind him he has a beautiful girl who supports him 24/7!

Feel free to dress up in a classy midi skirt with comfy low chunky heels. I’m sure he will appreciate that!

7. What to wear to Navy and Marine family day

If you prefer the all-black style, I’d say lean into it.

When the days are chilly out there, throw on a faux fur jacket and you’ll never feel anything missing from your outfit!

8. Go matchy-matchy with a nautical theme

If you want to dress matchy with your sailor, a summary blue striped dress just screams nautical flare like no other!

I thought that was really cute! Such a instagrammable shot!

9. A floral dress for the Bootcamp ceremony

A floral dress is another darling choice for a celebratory day like boot camp graduation.

An off-shoulder dress with flat sandals is as practical as it looks feminine. LOVE.

10. Romantic couple reunion

If you need some new poses for a photoshoot, get inspired by this romantic couple.

If you are feeling extra playful. Throw on a vintage dress for a series of retro shoots! That gonna be memorable.

11. What to wear to marine parents’ graduation?

If you are not seeing a ton of “Proud Navy Dad”, and “Marine Mom” types of shirts, you are going to the wrong graduation.

You can call them cheesy but guess what, showing your love explicitly means a lot to the graduates who just survive through the camp!

They may look at you in poker faces but secretly LOVE it!

12. Navy dad shirt

This “Navy dad and proud of it” shirt is so minimalistic and I love it!

Navy dad shirt
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13. Marine dad shirt

This stylish “Marine dad” shirt will make people around you think “Damn! Where did this guy buy the shirt? I want one too!”

Fine. Maybe too dramatic.

Marine dad shirt
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14. What to wear to USMC graduation?

Show up to your big brother’s navy boot camp graduation in “Navy sis hoodie” and I’m sure his heart will melt RIGHT AWAY.

15. Proud to be a NAVY MOM shirt

“Proud to be a navy mom shirt”. This slim cut is gonna be figure flattering!

what to wear to navy mom shirt
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16. Go subtle with a NAVY tee for graduation

Last but not least, if you want something more subtle, go for a shirt with “NAVY” for the theme!

navy tee for marine graduation
Get this NAVY shirt on Amazon

A statement shirt like this is such a mood booster!


So people, there you go the 16 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to navy and marine graduation.

As the saying goes “You’re my favorite hello…and my hardest goodbye!” Being a family member of a sailor or marine is no easy feat. 

While this big day is for them, please give yourself a pat on the back too – you are doing GREAT!

If you are looking for more styling tips, feel free to check out the tips below! See you there loves!

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