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*2023*How to dress like Ivanka trump? 30 classic outfits!

*2023*How to dress like Ivanka trump? 30 classic outfits!

While Donald Trump is not everyone cup’s of tea, his daughter Ivanka Trump is such a smart independent businesswoman. 

And when it comes to her fashion taste, I must say she is killing it.

The charm of her style is all about reaching a happy balance. Feminine but not too girly, classy but not too showy.

From the formal boss lady look to casual vacay style, Ivanka brings her A-game on all occasions.

That said, if you are wondering how to dress like Ivanka Trump, I’ve gathered 8 outfit tips for you to get inspired.



how to dress like Ivanka trump, Ivanka trump street style
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Speaking of one of her signature looks, a crisp blazer is definitely the one.

But let’s be real, a standard black blazer can look really boring. To elevate this formal workwear style, Ivanka cleverly put her focus on colors.

Whether that’s dusty pink or pastel blue, these lovely hues just freshen up the look with a subtle touch of playfulness.

While an oversized blazer is such a hit, Ivanka rarely wears them as they can appear more on the casual side for an important conference meeting.

From this detailing, you can tell she is really intentional about managing her professional image through her outfits.


how to dress like Ivanka trump, Ivanka trump street style
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Ivanka Trump has a good figure and she surely knows how to rock it in a classy, elegant way.

Instead of showing every inch of her skin out, she chooses the express her femininity through modest wear like a knitted turtleneck knit top and midi dress.

That said, body-hugging design is the key here. Not only does it make her look instantly smart and put together, these cutting just put her curves into the spotlight.

So ladies, when you wear a one-piece dress next time, try adding a belt to accentuate your high waist area – you’ll be bound to feel fabulous.


how to dress like Ivanka trump
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If you think pastel hues are off-limits and age-inappropriate for you, well, think again.

Ivanka is now 40 years old and those dreamy floral shades still serve her well.

Instead of going for the super forgiving dark colors like black and navy blue, she embraces all refreshing light shades like lavender, peach, mint green, and more.

We can stay young forever but no one stops us from staying youthful!

For a simple look, a carol shade one-piece dress and pointy white heels are just more than enough to create a ladylike yet sophisticated temperament.


how to dress like Ivanka trump
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Dressing like a grown lady doesn’t mean you have to look boring! The cute prints and patterns just add an extra dash of fun to your ensemble.

Apparently, Ivanka Trump obsesses with polka-dot prints.

To sneak in a hint of retro vibes to the office look, get a sleek low bun and polka dot pencil dress that just satisfies your vintage wear desire.

Life is too short to wear boring clothes.

Perhaps it’s time to dust off your floral pleated dress and striped wrap dress.

Wait no more girls, NOW is the time for them to shine.


how to dress like Ivanka trump
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Besides the blazer, Ivanka wears a belted shirt dress all the time.

Whether that’s a formal White House task force meeting or a casual National park visit, you will see Ivanka wear a simple shirt dress without sacrificing her style.

Featuring the incredibly lightweight fabric and billowy silhouette, the dress shirt is such a handy choice for you to dress up and down.

If you want a stylish twist, copy Ivanka’s take on the light blue fishtail dress shirt.

Together with black ballet flats, this appears to be as cute as it’s feminine.


how to dress like Ivanka trump
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If you want to upgrade your style to a real grown woman. I’d say wear a fewer round-neck tee as that can appear juvenile.

Instead, get experimental with all kinds of feminine necklines like Ivanka.

From a universally flattering drop-shoulder dress to a retro sweetheart neckline to a unique one-shoulder top, I’m sure you will find your favorite one.

I am such a fan of the off-shoulder necklines.

As a girl with chubby cheeks, showcasing the shoulder area always makes my face appear to be smaller.

For the girls who think off-shoulder is too revealing, let’s not forget boatneck is another lovely choice.


how to dress like Ivanka trump
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Not gonna lie, looking decent in vacation time can be challenging. But still, Ivanka Trump nails leisurewear perfectly.

Again, we see her wearing her favorite shirt dress but this time, she opts for fabric like linen.

It’s no secret that linen is having a major moment these days, while it’s comfy and lightweight, it’s even more durable than cotton.

Trust me, there’s nothing worse than sweating in a polyester dress that soon will smell bad on baking hot days.

Conclusion? It’s always worth investing in a high-quality linen dress that you can wear season after season.


how to dress like Ivanka trump
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Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be. Ivanka doesn’t have a “universally flattering” heart-shaped face but she rocks all different hairstyles with confidence.

From a cute layered bob to romanticside-swept waves, she embraces every look gracefully.

As a round-face girl, I seldom change my hairstyle as I think that can be risky.

But Ivanka truly inspires me to try more. Well, a bob haircut is still too aggressive for me but a statement headband would be lovely!


So ladies, here are the 8 outfit tips if you wonder how to dress like Ivanka Trump.

While we don’t have Ivanka Money, I’m sure these tips are simple enough to follow!

To sum up, Ivanka’s fashion style is all about expressing femininity and classiness with modest and simple wear. As Emma Watson said, “My idea of sexy is that less is more.

The less you reveal the more people can wonder”. I guess Ivanka does share the same principle when it comes to her style.

Let’s have a quick recap:

  • Have fun with blazer
  • Express her femininty through body-hugging clothes
  • Go with pastel hues
  • Stay fun with patterns & prints
  • Belted shirt dress as a versatile piece
  • Pay attention to the neckline
  • Looking decent & chic in vacay
  • Spice up the look with a different hairstyle

I’m sure I haven’t covered all the outfit key elements from Ivanka.

If you have any fashion insights, please feel free to contribute in the comment section below x

By the way, if you are interested in more classy outfit tips, you may find the articles below useful!

See you there gorgeous!

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