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*2023* 16 real-life looks! What to wear to symphony orchestra? (All yr round!)

*2023* 16 real-life looks! What to wear to symphony orchestra? (All yr round!)

Wondering what to wear to a symphony orchestra or philharmonic orchestra? You’ve come to the right place!

Whether you are a classical music fan or not, an orchestra concert is something you have to watch at least once in your lifetime.

Yes, it is that good.

WHAT TO WEAR symphony orchestra
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As a perfect blend of powerful live music, a prestigious venue, and the impressive skills of talented musicians, an orchestra symphony showcases the ultimate athleticism in musicianship.

Trust me, it’s incredibly fascinating to witness how all instrument comes together in perfect harmony.

That said, attending an orchestra symphony is such an opulent experience, and dressing up is definitely a big part of the fun.

Ahead, I’ve gathered 16 real-life symphony orchestra audience outfit ideas I’ve found on Instagram along with some pro tips.


1. Go in cocktail attire for the symphony orchestra

These days, the attire of classical music concerts and symphony orchestras has been more relaxed.

If you’ve been there, you will realize the crowd is a wild mix of everything. From casual jeans to dressy gowns, they are all doable.

That said, I’d say cocktail attire or business casual will be the safe bet if you want to blend in with the crowd.

For ladies, a classic yet forgiving LBD or cocktail dress is your safe bet. Can’t go wrong.

2. What to wear to the orchestra hall

If you don’t want to dress to the T for the symphony, feel free to keep it decent yet casual with two pieces.

These days, I can tell classical music show attire has become more relaxed and diverse.

Gravitate towards pants? I’d say lean into it.

A shimmering satin cami top and dress pants are more than enough to tell others you’ve put thought into your look.

When in doubt, wear a headband – this alone will boost the aesthetic tenfolds.

To recreate the look:

A simple yet classy cami satin top on Amazon (For regular size here, for plus size here♥)

3. What to wear to the opening night of the symphony

If you are lucky enough to attend an opening night of the symphony, dress up to show your respect.

For gentlemen, think of a well-tailored suit or even a tuxedo to look sleek and polished if you want to go dressier end.

For ladies, this best-looking dainty clutch and nice pumps are the perfect addition to any get-up.

4. What to wear to a classical concert

Don’t want to look too put together in a suit? Forget the tie and leave the collar slightly open.

If you want to spice things up, consider swapping the regular white shirt for a pastel one for an extra pop of fun!

5. Monochrome symphony outfit ideas

For an effortlessly chic look to the orchestra, a monochrome combo is a must-have especially if you are petite.

Putting similar shades of colors on your body just visually unites your figure and makes you look taller and slimmer.

And guess what, draping a blazer over your dress just adds a dose of boss lady vibes and makes you look extra chic.

6. Bring outerwear to a symphony orchestra

Regardless of the season, always bring outerwear with you. The hall can be unbearably chilly with the AC on.

In summer, a light cardigan or scarf works best. As for fall and winter, a classy trench coat will never go wrong.


If you are dressing for a black-tie event in a nice ball gown, wear a bolero jacket as the best fixture to keep the polished style in line.

7. Casual orchestra outfit ideas

For a casual look, team a classic houndstooth skirt with black knee-high boots is such a cute combo for winter.

Together with a cross-body bag, this is how you dress carefree for the symphony orchestra.

8. Forgiving cocktail dress for philharmonic orchestra

Want to look flawless for the symphony? This peplum dress below is my best pick for you.

Featuring the extra stripe of fabric gathered around the waist, this dress just camouflages the belly area completely and fakes an hourglass shape for you.

The best part? The formal and unique side ribbon collar makes it perfect for a romantic symphony date.

cocktail dress for philharmonic orchestra

9. Velvet dress for philharmonic orchestra in winter

As for my favorite look in winter, a glamourous velvet dress has to be top of the list.

Velvet dress for philharmonic orchestra in winter

Here’s the reason why I love this dress:

  • The ruching is a very belly-forgiving
  • It’s short but not too short – perfect!
  • The asymmetrical hemline makes your legs appear to be longer!

If you are on a date, this dress is sure to have him weak at his knees.


If you are looking for my slimming picks from tops, pants, and dresses (both regular & plus size babes) to look like a bombshell in the coming festive season, check out my budget picks page here! (I am pretty sure you will enjoy my GODDESS ESSENTIALS picks – u will need this for the party!)

10. What to wear to symphony matinee

This lady just proves to us how to rock a black-and-white look in a minimalist yet effortlessly stylish way.


If you are petite, consider wearing flared-leg pants – that will extend your legs longer visually.

11. What to wear to a symphony orchestra in fall & winter

To dress put-together without sacrificing your comfort, a high-neck sweater dress and ankle boots just look as practical as it’s relaxed.

12. Elevate your look with a neck scarf

There are many ways to look expensive.

Besides the “Putting all designer logo over my body” formula (which isn’t working), consider styling yourself with a neck scarf and structured blazer.

Level of sophistication: 10/10.

13. Wear accessories for symphony night

A slouchy shirt seems too laidback?

Balance that off with the statement earrings and you’ll be fine!

Accessories have always been a big part of finishing off your symphony night.

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Alright, now keep on reading!

14. Can I wear jeans to the symphony orchestra?

So here’s one of the most asked questions of all time: Can I wear jeans to the symphony?

Yes, you can.

That said, not every pair of jeans is appropriate.

To play it safe, avoid the baggy, acid wash, or heavily distressed jeans and opt for the solid hue of navy blue and black.

For me, I’ll go for white jeans as it looks somehow more unique and elegant.

And of course, you want to dress it up with a nice blouse to look more put together.

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15. Play extra thought to the color combo

This lady just perfectly shows us how to freshen up the black pants with a statement pink top.


16. What jacket to wear to the symphony

For more outerwear ideas, a double-breasted blazer and biker jacket are some of the best choices to get you ready for the philharmonic orchestra.


So there you go – the 16 real-life guests’ outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to a symphony orchestra or philharmonic orchestra.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that gets you inspired!

I know pinning down the outfit for orchestra can be quite stressful but hey, it’s not complicated at all!

When in doubt, think Sunday best or going on a nice dinner date and you’ll be fine!

By the way, if you are interested in more outfit inspirations for specific events, check out the list below! See you there loves!

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