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18 looks + tips! What to wear to a bachelorette party in the 30s & 40s?

18 looks + tips! What to wear to a bachelorette party in the 30s & 40s?

Wondering what to wear to a bachelorette party in your 30s and 40s? You’ve come to the right place! 

When we’re young, a bachelorette night is a crazy mix of wildness and alcohol.

From enjoying male strippers to all kinds of wild shots, you are ready to dig out your statement hot bodycon dress to rock the whole night.

But when we enter our 30s & 40s, admit it, things have changed.

We do want to dress for our age and appear to be sexy yet classy at the same time.

More often than not, you just secretly hope for a spa girls’ night instead of a crazy drinking party that makes you feel awful for the rest of the week.

To make sure you fully enjoy your time, I’ve gathered 18 bachelorette outfit ideas from dressy to casual for ladies in their 30s and 40s.

I’m sure you will love it! Enjoy ladies!

1. Wear a backless dress for a bachelorette party

what to wear to a bachelorette party in your 30s
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Regardless of your age, there’s one thing about a bachelorette party that’s remained unchanged: Dress to feel the BEST.

If you already feel so over about showing off the legs and cleavage, let’s not forget showing your back is a perfect alternative here!

There’s something special about the backless dress, it’s effortlessly feminine and sexy without trying too hard.

Whether you’re a bride-to-be or guest, you just can’t go wrong!

2. What to wear to a bachelorette party in the 30s & 40s? Jumpsuit

What to wear to a bachelorette party in 30s & 40s
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If you want to dress up for the bachelorette party with minimal effort, throw on a jumpsuit and you’re good to go!

Featuring the high waist and flare pants design, they are 100% tummy-friendly without sacrificing your style.

Together with a sleek clutch and nude pumps, you’ll never miss anything from your look.

For the brides, this white bandeau feather jumpsuit from Club L London is my best pick for you! Fabulous but looking high class.

3. Sparkly bachelorette outfits for bridesmaids

A bachelorette party is all about celebrating the bride’s last responsibilities-free days with her bridesmaids and a festive all-over sequin dress is just perfect for the vibes.

Go for a halter neck maxi glitter dress and feel like a queen for this special day!

You deserve that.

4. Wear a silk and satin dress to a bachelorette party

what to wear to a bachelorette party in the 30s & 40s
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While a sundress is more for daytime, if we are talking about a five star hotel or fancy restaurant bachelorette night, I’ll always go for a simple silk dress.

It just looks womanly and high-class in the simplest way. If you are on a budget, let’s not forget satin dress is equally flattering!

Of course, an oversized blazer is always welcomed for a dash of boss lady vibes.

5. Add an extra pop of fun to tassel dress

what to wear to a bachelorette party in your 30s
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For the ladies in their 30s and 40s, I get it, you want sometimes fun but not too over the top for the bachelorette party.

If you are going to dance, I’m sure you’ll have a blast with this tassel dress.

It just brings a touch of fun and makes you dance like nobody is watching.

6. What to wear to a bachelorette party plus size?

For the girls who are looking for something tummy flattering, a peplum dress is such a godsend.

Featuring the extra flared fabric gathered around the waist, it just covers the tummy totally and fakes an hourglass figure for you.

Below are my two high-quality picks from Amazon, enjoy!

what to wear to a bachelorette party plus size

Off-shoulder peplum pencil dress? This gorgeous piece just can’t be more slimming.

what to wear to a bachelorette party plus size

Want to spice up the look, this cold shoulder dress is perfect. It comes with many shades too, check it out!

7. Bachelorette party dress code ideas: blazer dress

bachelorette party dress code ideas
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Whether you are the bride or guest, a structured blazer dress is for you.

For a posh girl look, opt for the double-breasted gold button ones to give out the vibes.

Trust me, it looks super instagrammable when you girls coordinate the “Don’t mess with me” blazer look together.

8. What to wear to a bachelorette party in winter?

When you are in your 30s and 40s, you just no longer stand the low-quality cotton dress anymore.

To stay glam at the winter bachelorette party, a velvet dress just look incredibly sophisticated and lush.

what to wear to a bachelorette party in winter

With the buttery soft fabric, It just hugs your curves in the comfiest way.

Together with a sleek low bun and a dainty long necklace, you just prove to the world that dressing tastefully for a bachelorette party is totally possible!

9. Simple bachelorette party outfits at home

For a casual home party, dress whatever you feel at home if your crowd is chill and carefree.

So yes, from a tube top and denim shorts set to a billowy romper, they are all doable!

For footwear, swap the stilettos for walkable espadrille wedges or chunky low heels to feel the best.

10. Enjoy the time with your girls!

So you’ve pinned down the outfit, it’s time to get the right mood for the party. If your inner voice said, “I’m too old for this shit”, ignore it!

As the saying goes “30 is the new 20”. We will never be too mature for a wild fun night once in a while. So whether you are a mom of 2 or a hot single lady in the 40s, enjoy the bachelorette party with your girls.

At the end of the day, it’s never about the outfit but the laughter that COUNTS 🙂


So ladies, there you go the 18 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to a bachelorette party in your 30s & 40s.

What are your thoughts on that?

I hope these looks will get you inspired and now it’s time to pin down your style!

By the way, if you need more outfit ideas for weddings, bridal showers, and more. Check out the useful tips below!

See you there gorgeous!

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