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2023 what to REALLY wear to a military ball? 13 real-life looks!

2023 what to REALLY wear to a military ball? 13 real-life looks!

Wondering what to wear to the military ball? You’ve come to the right place!

While there’s a wide range of special occasions you can join as service members and their spouses throughout the year, the military ball has to be the classic one that evokes feelings of grandeur and dance your night away. 

When it comes to its nature, a military ball is a blend of a fun celebration and a formal work event for a service member.

So yes people, expect to have fun but not in the – getting all drunk in a mini bodycon dress – type of wild fun.

To make sure you fully enjoy the day, below I’ve gathered 13 real-life military ball outfits from Instagram to get you inspired! ♥


1. What to wear to military ball guys

For the service members, you are required to wear a uniform while for male guests, a dark suit or tuxedo would be ideal.

As for the smart casual look like a blazer, collared shirt, and khakis, that can appear to be underdressed so I’d say stay away from it.

2. What dress to wear to a military ball

These days, I do see some ladies wearing dresses slightly above the knee or cocktail dresses. But if you want to play safe, go with the one from knee to floor-length depending on your preference.

As a rule of thumb, you want to dress classy, and elegant.

Most of the military is formal or white-tie attire, showing too much skin in this formal setting is not appropriate.

Of course, that’s all about finding the happy medium.

It’s totally fine to wear a slightly low V-neck dress but make sure it doesn’t too low that shows too much of your cleavage.

3. What to wear to ROTC military ball

If you want to freshen up the “Oh-so-fancy” military ball look with your own style, consider a one-shoulder dress that looks effortlessly sleek without minimal effort.

4. Military ball dress ideas

In case you don’t know, dresses with an asymmetrical design like one shoulder can draw eyes vertically and elongate your figure as a whole.

If you want to double the slimming effect, this dress below is such a godsent.

Military ball dress ideas
Get this one-shoulder dress on Amazon

Featuring both the one-shoulder design and asymmetrical hemline, it is bound to fake an hourglass body for you.

5. What NOT to wear to a military ball

Some of the ladies may wonder: Can I wear a dress with a side slit to the military ball?


If you are wearing a floor-length dress with a side low slit, that’s totally doable and considered classy.

However, anything too dramatic like high slits on both sides or a short dress with mid-thigh silts is the big No-no.

6. What to wear to an army military ball

Of course, champagne gold with sequin is another fabulous combo of all time. You know, a little glitter never hurt nobody!

7. What to wear to a marine ball

While the all-over sequin dress can be tricky to wear, this beaded sequin dress is such a lowkey yet high-quality piece that screams the Great Gatsby vibes.

What to wear to a marine ball

Such a statement piece to WOW everybody

8. ALWAYS bring outerwear with you

While the dress code is more relaxed these days, some formal military balls still require ladies to cover their shoulders.

If you would love to wear a strapless dress, it’s best to wear a classy bolero jacket with you.

But seriously, regardless of what you wear, bringing outerwear or a scarf with you is always a safe bet.

The ballroom can be chilly with the A/C on and you certainly don’t want to rub your shoulder the whole night!

9. What to wear to military ball JROTC?

I’m loving this lace bolero jacket – just as feminine as it’s forgiving.

What to wear to military ball JROTC

The cropped design just elongates your figure visually and adds a dash of elegance to your overall style.

10. Inappropriate military ball dresses

We all know a mini dress isn’t appropriate for the military ball, but what about a dress with a long train?

It seems all glamorous but on the practical side, you don’t want to be the reason for someone to trip over.

Plus, the military ball can be pretty crowded, and wearing a long train dress can be hard to handle.

I’d say this lady is rocking the evening gown in the perfect length.

Enough to make a statement but not too over the top.

11. Go matchy for a picture-perfect look

When in doubt, going matchy with your partner is always the right way to go. Go for the chic and timeless combo like red x black to look picture perfect!

12. What color to wear to a military ball

While there’s no best or worst color to wear to a military ball, jewel tones will always work wonders if you want to match your partner’s uniform.

Shades like sapphire, ruby, and emerald are all fabulous choices to glam yourself up and look polished.

13. What shoes to wear to the military ball

Last but not least, what shoes to wear to the military ball?

To finish your look on a dressy end, heels are the essentials.

However, picking the right type of heels is key here. The military ball requires you to stay active from mingling with others during the social hours to the dancing session.

Instead of the high stiletto heels, pick the low chunky heels with exquisite embellishment that are equally flattering!

Of course, wearing sneakers and sandals flats are the big No-no.

That said, feel free to bring the foldable ballet flats (My best pick on Amazon) with you so you can wear them after the military if your feet are hurt.

For a girl who doesn’t wear high heels often, that’s such a great hack!

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So there you go – the 13 real-life military ball outfits along with some pro tips.

What do you think about these looks? I hope this article does cover most of your questions!

And now it’s time for you to glam yourself up for a perfect night and feel the best!

For more military service events, check out my specific articles below! See you there loves ♥♥♥

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