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*2023*what to wear with corduroy leggings? 28 looks!

*2023*what to wear with corduroy leggings? 28 looks!

I don’t wear leggings often but when it comes to corduroy leggings, that’s a different story. 

During the fall season, a pair of stretchy corduroy leggings can really add a sense of coziness to the cool days.

With the fitted design and sturdy fabric, they just go well with everything.

With the different combinations, you can easily be dressed up or down with corduroy leggings.

If you wonder what to wear with corduroy leggings in an effortlessly chic way, here are my 5 ideas!



what to wear with corduroy leggings
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For a charming stylish look, pair your corduroy legging with a monochrome style that can always make you look more put together.

As a sturdy fabric, corduroy leggings can make your legs look slightly thicker.

By styling your top and bottom with a similar tint of color, it can visually elongate your body and balance out the bulkiness of your body.

The beauty of monochrome pairing is it looks simple yet effortlessly eye-catching with just one color tone.

But of course, you can always add an extra pop of complementary hue to the shoes.

To look less rigid, you can always throw on different types of fabrics to spice up the look!

My all-time favorite is matching beige chunky turtleneck with cream leggings for a warm-tone cozy look!


what to wear with corduroy leggings
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For an off-duty yet stylish ensemble, pairing a cozy chunky sweater with corduroy legging is such a no-brainer.

As corduroy is a thick fabric, it will look best to pair the top with something heavy-knit to create harmony in our outfit.

If you want to show some skin, wearing the big V-neck oversized sweater is another perfect set too!

And for the ladies who want to look classy in leggings, you just can’t go wrong with a long cardigan.

To look more polished, you can wrap the cardigan with a nice belt.

I am really excited about this combination because whenever I try this look, I always get compliments from my family and friends.

If you don’t believe me, try out yourself!


what to wear with corduroy leggings
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To embrace the autumn vibes, completing your look with a scarf is always a winning option for many reasons!

First, adding a scarf can avoid looking top-heavy.

As I’ve said before, corduroy is a sturdy fabric. If you wearing something light for the top, that can look a little bitch of a mismatch and make you look slightly dumpy.

A smart way to get away with that is to wear a scarf.

By adding some volume to the upper body, your body will look great in a good proportion.

To maximize the benefit, I will wear some similar or complementary shade for both neck scarf and boots so I won’t be overwhelmed by too many different colors on my body.

This tip is especially useful if you are wearing bright hues!


what to wear with corduroy leggings
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As the saying goes “When in doubt, throw on a blazer!” It just couldn’t be more true.

While wearing a blazer with leggings can look awkward in some cases, corduroy leggings are an exceptional case.

With the sturdy and thick fabric, it just looks like the structured tights. With a long blazer and a beige roll neck, I am sure people just can’t tell it’s leggings.

To add a dash of elegance to the look, you can add a pair of mules to complete your look.

But if you are a petite girl like me, you can also try out the cropped blazer for a casual chic look – equally flattering!


what to wear with corduroy leggings
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As casual wear, corduroy leggings can pair with a wide range of shoes. from nude heels to simple white sneakers, it just never fails to get the look right.

But if you want an urban-chic look, pairing the leggings with boots is a no-brainer.

To look more dressed up, I love to style a pair of beige thigh-high boots with cream corduroy leggings for a united look.

Not only it can elongate my leg, but it also balances out the thickness of the corduroy.

Plus, style with thigh-high or mid-calf boots is also perfect timing to experiment with some bold colors.

With the colors like bright orange or red, the leggings can look quite overwhelming if you are not getting used to them.

To get a subtle look, wearing boots are one of the easiest ways to soften the look!


So ladies, here are the 5 ideas if you wonder what to wear with corduroy leggings!

Let’s have a quick sum up first.

  • Wear corduroy leggings in monochrome style
  • Pair corduroy leggings with a sweater or cardigan
  • Add a neck scarf with corduroy leggings
  • Wear a blazer with corduroy leggings for a dressy look
  • Wear corduroy leggings with boots

Corduroy pants are truly one of the timeless appeals of the cool-weather wardrobe.

It’s as comfy as the normal leggings but it looks more dressed up with its striped and sturdy fabric.

Whether you want a casual chic look or semi-formal attire, the leggings can always work in your favor!

If you haven’t tried out the corduroy leggings before, it’s time to get your feet wet by styling them!

Looking for more styling tips? Check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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