[18 looks in 2022!] How to wear Bermuda shorts in winter?

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Ladies, get ready because Bermuda shorts are back in style! Hovers just above the knee, they are modest, comfy yet stylish.

As a semi-casual attire, the outfit combinations are truly endless.

In the era that everyone opts for short jeans, wearing Bermuda shorts can easily make you stand out and look chic.

Some people may wonder if Bermuda shorts only for the summery days. Well, of course no!

By adding some twists to the shorts, you can definitely wear the Bermuda pants all year long. So ladies, here are the 6 inspiration if you wonder how to wear Bermuda shorts in winter. Enjoy!

1. PAIR Bermuda shorts WITH BOOTS

How to wear Bermuda shorts in winter
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I don’t always wear knee-high boots but when it comes to Bermuda shorts, I have to admit they are the perfect pair. Together, they just look so on point.

As a petite girl, I will always opt for the Bermuda shorts with a short inseam so I can show some skin between the pants and the shorts.

Otherwise, I will for sure be swamped with the bottom wear. Also, I will wear monotone boots with my shorts. With the same color tone, my leg can appear to be longer and slimmer visually.

But seriously, I urge you to try out this combination because this is so stylish but not in a common way!

2. Opt for faux leather bermuda shorts for wintery vibes

How to wear Bermuda shorts in winter
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Besides the common denim Bermuda shorts, faux leather is a perfect fit for wintery look.

If you want to achieve a cool and edgy style, faux leather is such a no-brainer.

Whether you pair it with the knee-high boots or sleek loafters, you will look effortlessly chic with your pants. To highlight your pants, keep the rest of your outfit simple and prints-free.

My another favorite is the Corduroy Bermuda shorts, with the soft yet durable fabric, it just make the outfit looks more approachable and warm!

3. Add a blazer to look put together

How to wear Bermuda shorts in winter
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As the saying goes “When in doubt, throw on a blazer!” I can’t agree with that more as this reminder just save me so much time in front of my wardrobe.

If you have no idea what top to wear with the Bermuda shorts, you can always wear a simple white shirt and throw on a nice belted coat or blazer to make you look more put together.

As for a more office-appropriate look, you can style your Bermuda shorts with a matching blazer. I will go for the dark hues for this look but if you are bold enough, white tone on tone can look truly stunning!

4. pair sweater with BERMUDA shorts

How to wear Bermuda shorts in winter
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Pair sweater with Bermuda shorts – that’s probably one of my most worn combinations during winter. It’s easy to pair but looks effortlessly stylish.

If you want to look polished, you can wear the thin and lightweight turtleneck sweater so you can do a neat full tuck. In the meantime, the chunky sweaters can look equally flattering as well.

Pair with an oversized sweater, it just gives a sense of spontaneity to your wintery look. If you want to look slightly formal, a cowl neck sweater can be a decent choice!

If you are not into the billowing silhouette, you can always french tuck your sweater to accentuate your high waist area.

If your sweater is too thick to even do the french tuck, at least you have to choose the cropped version to avoid a top-heavy look.

5. Wear bermuda shorts with tights

How to wear Bermuda shorts in winter
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If we can wear denim shorts with sheer tights, of course we can do the same thing with Bermuda shorts!

If you want a harmonious and low-key look, always pair the pants and tights in the same color. To give the outfit character, you can wear patterned stockings instead of solid tights.

My favorite one is the houndstooth tight, with this classic pattern, it just adds a sense of classiness to the outfit.

On the other side, if you want a more playful and edgy look, feel free to pair the tights with some colour contrast!

6. embrace Monochrome style with bermuda pants

How to wear Bermuda shorts in winter
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If you want to achieve a high-fashion look, monochrome wearing will never disappoint you.

As Bermuda shorts is not in fitted cutting, it will for sure add some bulk to the lower body. Added with other heavy and baggy outerwear and tops, you can look a bit clumsy during the winter days.

That’s why monochrome wearing is such a useful tool here! By wearing similar shades of the same color, your body figure will show as a long rectangle instead of many different color palettes.

That way, you can look taller and slimmer visually. If you want your outfit to look less rigid, it’s important to mix and match different fabrics and textures.

For example, if you are wearing faux fur leather for your pants, choose another fabric for the top so you can layer the clothes up and spice up the look!

So yes, even in all black outfits, there are countless fabrics and shades for you to mix and match!


So ladies, here are the 6 ways if you wonder how to wear Bermuda shorts in winter! Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Pair Bermuda shorts with boots
  • Opt for faux leather Bermuda shorts for wintery vibes
  • Add a blazer to look put together
  • Pair sweater with Bermuda shorts
  • Wear Bermuda shorts with tights
  • Embrace monochrome style with Bermuda pants

I guess now you don’t have any excuses to not wear Bermuda pants in winter! Pair it with a black turtleneck and a pair of knee-high boots – this is how you look like a fashion blogger instantly!

It may not be the hottest trend but I am sure Bermuda pants will be one of the classy appeals of all time.


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