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*2023 12 elements GET!* Dress to impress dress code for ladies

*2023 12 elements GET!* Dress to impress dress code for ladies

Wondering what exactly is dress to impress dress code? You’ve come to the right place!

First thing first, if you are confused, no worries. You are just a completely normal human being trying to figure out this vague term as everyone does.

Instead of looking at it like a dress code, I personally think dressing to impress is more like a reminder.

After all, you can dress to impress on all kinds of occasions – from school, and the workplace to an oh-so-fancy gala event.

From my perspective, dressing to impress means you are trying extra effort to look well dressed and respect the host as well as the guest. So yes, treat it as an advanced level of manner.

To make your party live easier, below I’ve gathered 12 elements for a dress-to-impress dress code for ladies.

And yes, that includes both casual and dressy party settings, enjoy!

1. Dress to impress element: Hats

Believe it or not, dressing to impress is not that tricky to master. And no, you don’t have to dress over the top to impress others.

At the end of the day, it’s all about taking an extra step to look more dressy than you usually are.

In that sense, throwing on a hat can be the easiest trick!

what is dress to impress hat
Source: 1,2

A sweater dress looks too plain for the party? Team it with a fedora hat and instantly it just looks polished tenfolds. Guess who is the refined lady down the street?

Or else, use the hat as a highlight. To brighten up a black-and-white ensemble, throw on a classic red beret just freshen things up in the most stylish way.

2. Opt for the unique necklines

Another easy way to dress to impress is – simply wearing a unique neckline!

Instead of going for the round neck and V-neck which are so common, make a twist and explore more necklines.

Some of the necklines like a cowl, Queen Anne, and boat neckline, look way more elegant and dressy compare to the rest.

dress to impress attire ladies
Source: 1,2

Among all types of necklines, my favorite has to be the one-shoulder. If you have a round face like me, you will find this type of dress looks extra forgiving.

The asymmetrical neckline draws eyes vertically and elongates your upper body visually.

Also, by showing out the shoulder area (arguably the slimmest part of the body), just make your face appear to be smaller by comparison.

3. A statement outerwear

The third element of dress to impress – pick a statement outerwear.

Ladies, keep your favorite cardigan and hoodie at home as they are not serving today’s purpose at all. My personal favorite is something structured like a blazer as it just looks dressier and smart.

As for the ladies who think wearing a blazer is too dress to the T, a quick trick here is to drape your outerwear over the shoulder for sleek boss babe vibes.

This unusual silhouette just ticks the “dress to impress” box without trying too hard.

dress to impress outerwear
Source: 1,2

On winter days, the cape blazer just works wonders.

Seriously, a statement piece like this can elevate any outfit from a casual jumpsuit to a classic LBD. That spilled sleeve just screams “I’ve got a know and I KNOW it”.

For a formal event, wearing a polished bolero jacket with your sleeveless evening dress is the perfect way to go. And guess what, it just contours the upper arm fat and draws eyes to the chest area.


4. Choose a glamourous fabric

To dress to impress, picking the right fabric is key.

Instead of going for the casual one like denim, cotton, and polyester, step up your game and go for the fabric we seldom wear in our daily wardrobe.

When the days are chilling out, velvet is definitely my go-to. Need I say more? Velvet is the “Go big or go home” type of fabric. Regardless of the cutting of the garment, it just looks irresistibly glamourous and posh.

dress to impress birthday outfits

Get this velvet dress on Amazon

Call me biased but this dress above is for my plus-size queens. This gorgeous midi bodycon just showcases your curves in the most elegant way.

Together with a dainty clutch and nice pumps, these looks definitely meet the “Dress to impress” on a semi-formal event.

The best part? There’s a forgiving ruching design that camouflages your belly perfectly. Such a god sent.

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And for my other favorite, you guessed it, silk and satin (if you want to do it on a budget).

The naturally rich texture of silk is just undeniably luxurious and womanly.

dress to impress dress code female

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Together with a nice hairdo, you are bound to dress to impress.

5. Dress to impress with monochromatic outfits

When in doubt, do a monochrome look. Wearing similar hues in one look just unites your figure from head to toe and makes you appear to be slimmer and taller.

Another big plus? The monotone ensemble just looks so high fashion and unique by nature.

Trust me, when you wear an all-white look on street, people will just subconsciously assume you are a fashion blogger.

Enjoy the attention sis.

Dress to impress monochromatic outfits
Source: 1,2

If you don’t want to appear to be too matchy, wearing the same color in different hues is key.

Think of a buttermilk yellow top with a darker shade of yellow for the bottom. That way, you can add some dimensions to the look and carry the style with ease.

Of course, to add an extra pop of fun, brighten up the get-up with a white cute bag.

6. Dress to impress party outfits

Don’t overthink, dress to impress simply means being playful and wearing your best outfits.

In another sense, it means leaving your fashion comfort zone! From all the sparkles, puffy sleeves, and feature trim skirts, experiment with all kinds of looks that you rarely wear.

Trust me, you will feel so good when you see the “New me” in front of the mirror.

Dress to impress party outfits

Get this off-shoulder flounce dress on Amazon

If you want something bold yet manageable, this off-shoulder flounce dress is a good place to start.

Featuring the forgiving empire waist and flowy sleeve, you’ll feel like a fairy in no time. Together with a nice pair of embellished shoes, this look will WOW everyone.

7. Dress to impress for plus-size ladies

For my plus-size babes, the peplum dress is your killer look.

Featuring the extra stripe of fabric gathered around the waist, it just hides your tummy area perfectly and fakes a nice hourglass with ease.

dress to impress plus size
Source & peplum dress on Amazon

I bought this peplum dress a few months ago and Oh-my, it just flatters my curve in the most perfect way. The asymmetrical peplum and 2/3 sleeve design just elongate our figure even more.

And of course, if you want to dress up the look more, add a belt with the peplum will look a 10/10.


8. Dress to impress work attire

Dress to impress is not just for holiday parties, if you want to make your career life easier, think dress to impress work attire!

To stand out from the crowd while keeping things modest and classy, I’d say go creative with the colors.

Dress to impress work attire
Source: 1,2

While everyone is wearing a navy blue pantsuit, you just easily stand out in a pastel blue set. The change of color just makes you look more approachable while remaining professional.

Be the fresh breath of air in the workplace!

9. Dress to impress in a casual way

Can we dress to impress in the casual setting? For sure.

One of the pieces of advice will be to swap your regular dark jeans for white or cream pants for an elevated look.

dress to impress casual
Source: 1,2

While white jeans are getting more popular these days, still, you can’t see many people rock them in the street. That being said, you just look naturally more dressed up when you go for the white pants!

To further elevate the look, team it with a scarf and form-fitting top and you’ll look like an old money lady on a casual brunch.

10. What shoes to dress to impress

Shoes can make or break the outfit, choose them carefully.

As a rule of thumb, if you want to dress to impress, opt for the modern pointy-toe instead of the casual round-toe shoes.

Below are my two best picks for you to complete your goddess party look.

What shoes to dress to impress

Get these sequin heels on Amazon

shoes to dress to impress

Get these ribbon shoes on Amazon

That sparkly ribbon is to die for. Just shut up and take my money.

11. When in doubt, wear accessories

As Michael Kors said, “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.” 

To nail the dress-to-impress formula, accessories have one be part of the equation.

Despite the earrings and necklaces, spice up the look with a nice headband or chain belt.

dress to impress party

Get this Jewel Encrusted Headband & Embellished Loop Chain Belt on Nasty GAL

Again, not many people wear a chain belt so you can easily nail the competition.

Dress smart, not harder!

12. Hairstyle to look dressy

Last but not least, the hairstyle. Need I say more? It’s always worth a good 20 minutes for a nice hair-do.

hairstyle dress to impress
Source: 1,2

From waterfall braid and fishtail to curled plait, I’d encourage you to try all hairstyles to find the one that flatters your face shape the most.


If you have fine hair like me, try using BOLDIFY Hair Volumizing Powder to finish up the look. The result is dramatic.


So there you go – the 12 elements when it comes to the Dress to Impress dress code for ladies.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope now you have more confidence in planning your outfit and rock the party!

Remember, there’s no standard answer to the dress-to-impress dress code. If you don’t gravitate toward the dramatic look, that’s completely fine! Pay attention to the above 12 elements and I’m sure you are sure to turn heads!

Looking for more party outfit ideas? Check out my other popular read below!

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