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*2023*Librarian clothes to wear to work at the library? Avoid this!

*2023*Librarian clothes to wear to work at the library? Avoid this!

Wondering what to wear to work in a library? Or, in other words, how to dress like a librarian? You’ve come to the right place!

As the saying goes “A trained librarian is a powerful search engine with heart”, that’s so true!

That said, regardless of the role you take in the library, it’s important to dress decently to maintain a professional, reliable image of librarians.

Below, I’ve gathered 18 librarian clothes outfit ideas from summer to winter.

The best part? I’m sure they are as stylish as they are comfy.


1. Librarian dress code: It VARIES

Before getting into the outfit inspirations, let’s make this clear first – what you should dress depends on a wide range of factors. Below is some example:

Your roles in your library:

There is a wide range of roles in the library from librarians, and public relations Specialists to IT support specialists.

Different roles may have different specific attire.

That said, if your role is more client-facing, you should dress in a more formal way.

The nature of the library:

In general, an academic or government library will hold a higher standard in attire. As for the public library, you can dress slightly more casually.

So before you want to copy all the looks below, make sure you’ve put your roles and the nature of the library into account and slightly some adjustments.

If you’re ready, keep on reading!

2. What to wear to work at the library?

Most of the time, you want to dress smart casual as a librarian. For the top, go for something comfy and decent like a button-down and blouse.

Avoid anything too revealing like off-shoulder, cold-shoulder, super body-hugging, and low-cut tops.

I personally wear button-downs a lot so I know how hard it is to find a not-see-through shirt on a budget.

Below I’ve handpicked some high-quality button-downs from Amazon for both regular and plus-size ladies.

I hope you find this useful!

librarian clothes outfit ideas

A sleek button-down is a must-have – whether that’s for a library interview or daily work!

librarian clothes outfit ideas

I handpicked this 3/4 sleeve as this type of sleeve can draw eyes vertically and visually elongate your figure.

For my curvy queens, this one is a REAL GEM. Click the button down below!

3. Can I wear a T-shirt as a library staff?

The T-shirt is more on the casual side. However, according to the staff dress code from Sewickley Public Library, it is acceptable when your T-shirt is worn under a blouse, shirt, jacket, or jumper.

By layering up, you can definitely look more work-appropriate even in T-shirt.

Of course, not all library dress code works the same so here’s just a reference.

4. Librarian wardrobe: A boatneck top

If you aren’t a fan of collared tops, feel free to go with the round neck or V-neck tee as long as the top looks decent.

For me, my favorite is a boatneck top, this neckline just easily upgrades the elegance of the whole look.

librarian wardrobe outfit ideas

You know the quality is assured when the clothes are from Amazon Essentials. The size chart is always so. on. point. LOVE

5. Black jeans as a failproof librarian look

So here’s the most asked question: Can I wear jeans to work in a library? Well, again, it depends.

Some corporate business libraries totally ban jeans, some allow only black jeans while some community public libraries are totally okay with that.

To all soon-to-be librarians and library assistants out there, if you want to play safe, don’t wear jeans on the first day. (We all know how a good first impression will make our work life easier!)

Ask and observe how your colleagues wear so you can wear the right type of jeans moving forward!

For me, I’d stick with the black jeans for a working look, it just looks way more formal than the rest of the hues.

what to wear to work at the library?

If you want a pair of ultra-leg-flattering jeans, make sure you check the Amazon reviews out! Those ladies rock the pants perfectly.

6. How to dress like a librarian? Cotton slacks

If your role has to climb up and down, you definitely need some comfy pair of pants.

That’s why cotton slacks come in really handy – it looks professional like dress pants but it’s unbelievably stretchy and lightweight just like yoga pants.

I just can’t recommend enough the bootcut pants below, my favorite is beige color. It just goes with every top!

what to wear to work at the library?

Shop these cute slacks on Amazon

7. How to dress like a librarian? Tunic and leggings

If you want something extra forgiving to the belly area, the tunic will do the trick.

Many librarians wear tunics with leggings and flats as a daily working look in fall and winter.

Just one reminder though, that some tunics can appear to be too casual like a slouchy sweater.

Make sure you find the right fitted one to look professional. A tip here is to always look for the one with an elegant neckline, like the right one below!

what to wear to work at the library?

Shop these cowl neck tunic tops on Amazon

8. Librarian clothing style: Cardigan 24/7

To fully enjoy your librarian life, please, bring outerwear with you. Libraries are air-conditioned 24/7 and that can be FREEZING COLD – especially for ladies.

So yes, a light cardigan goes a long way. For a professional look, a sleek blazer will always work well.

9. Cute librarian outfits: Neck scarf

If you want to add a pop of fun for a cute and aesthetic librarian outfit, go styling a neck scarf as an instant mood booster.

That’s totally doable and flattering.

Molly, the library services manager, just proving you working in the library doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style!

Denim jacket and red mini skirt, this look is a 10/10.

10. What shoes to wear to work at the library?

When it comes to footwear, there is a wide range of choices as long as they are comfy and decent.

As you will need to walk around in the library, high heels are not recommended.

Of all, loafers have been the librarian’s all-time favorite. These comfy pairs just add a dash of style to any outfit.

If you haven’t come across the brand Charles & Keith before, today is your lucky day. This brand has all high fashion-looking designs at an Amazon price.

You just can’t believe it’s real. One downside though, the sizes and bags are quickly sold out so that can be quite frustrating.

what shoes to wear to work at the library?

Of course, flats are equally popular. As a petite girl, I love wearing pointy-toe flats as the V-line just elongates my legs visually.

what to wear to work at the library?
Mary Jane to finish off a cute librarian outfit!

11. A middle size bag to complete your librarian look

As a librarian, you always have to bring a cardigan with you so I’d advise you to at least pick a middle-size bag.

Below are two of my favorite from CHARLES & KEITH I’ve bought the left one and have been loving it! My friend always thought it was from a designer brand.

what to wear to work at the library?

The snake print bag is sold out at the moment but I guess (hope) they will restock quickly! Feel free to check more bags HERE!


So, ladies, here are the 18 librarian outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to work at the library!

I hope that gets you inspired. Remember, these are just some of the many looks, be creative and get your own librarian style!

If you are interested in more outfit tips, I’m sure you will find the articles below useful!

See you there!

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