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28 outfits: How to wear a bodycon skirt casually FOR REAL

28 outfits: How to wear a bodycon skirt casually FOR REAL

I don’t know about you but whenever I wear the bodycon skirt, I always worry about looking like trying too hard in other people’s eyes.

With the fitted cutting that hugs every curve on our body, it just naturally looks so dressed up and sexy.

Of course, that can be a good thing but when it comes to the lazy weekend, we may just want an off-duty ensemble.

No worries ladies, here are the 7 inspirations if you wonder how to wear a bodycon skirt casually!

Hope that helps and enjoy!


how to wear a bodycon skirt casually and modest
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Let’s start with the basic tips first shall we?

If you want to dress down your body con skirt, pair it with a casual top like T-shirt is a no-brainer.

Instead of the sleek V-neck top, I will choose the round neck top instead as the latter one can present in a more youthful and laid-back style.

To echo with the fit-cutting bottoms, we should always tie up the shirt.

Not only this can cinch our waist and contour our body proportion, it just adds a sense of spontaneousness to the overall look.

With a front knot shirt and a beige knee-high body con dress, this look is perfect for weekend casual outings!


how to wear a bodycon skirt casually and modest
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When autumn comes, wearing the shirt underneath the body con dress is always the flattering option.

Trust me, a plain turtleneck or white shirt can powerful enough to transform your look from sexy fashionistas to darling graceful sweethearts.

We all know body con dress can be quite revealing sometimes.

Wearing something underneath just makes the outfit looks more decent and truly versatile for a wider range of occasions.

Despite the high-neck top that many girls are wearing these days, I truly think the white shirt is a nice alternative.

With its thinness, it won’t add extra bulk to the body con skirt.

Plus, the little V-neck collar can always help elongate the neck and make your face appear to be smaller.

If you are looking for semi-formal attire, you should try out this combo!


how to wear a bodycon skirt casually and modest
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For a go-run-errands-but-still-want-to-look-chic look, wearing a crop hoodie with a bodycon skirt is just the perfect choice.

With a messy high bun and hoop earrings, you just look put together.

For a sexier pairing, you just can’t miss the crop halter top.

This neckline is just wonderful if you want to showcase your shoulders!


how to wear a bodycon skirt casually and modest
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I am not the biggest fan of the chunky sweater because I just don’t think it flatters my body.

However, if I can pair the top with a bodycon dress, that’s a different story!

Achieving contrast in the outfit is always stylish and one of the easiest ways is to pair the lousy top with the tight bottom.

With the contrast, my waist just looks smaller visually. I know that’s an illusion but I’ll take that!

If you are looking for a refined look, the fitted cream turtleneck is always the winning option.

To add a layer, you can access yourself with a long dainty rose gold necklace to complete the look.

Last, the pattern of the skirt matters as well. If you want a more relaxing vibe, the checkered and striped pattern can be a great choice.

With a pair of black Mary Jane, here’s your schoolgirl look in a bodycon skirt!


how to wear a bodycon skirt casually and modest
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If you have come across color psychology, you know color plays a major role in affecting your overall vibes of yours.

If you want to look more spontaneous, let’s pay more attention to the colors.

I will always avoid the high saturation, bright tone colors as they are just naturally too eye-catching.

Plus, they can be risky as well.

If you wear a bright yellow bodycon skirt with leopard prints here and there, that can look a bit tacky in people’s eyes. But is that mean you can’t wear those hues at all? Not really!

I will always choose a lighter shade as an alternative.

For example, if I want to wear green, I will choose dusty green instead of a bright tone.

So yes, pastel colors and other neutral tones like white, black, and beige are always welcomed!

Second, I will avoid styling tone-on-tone as the monochrome style tends to dress the outfit up.

If you really want to look united in a similar shade, you can always pair the lighter color for the top and a darker shade for the bottom for a harmonious look.


how to wear a bodycon skirt casually and modest
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When it comes to body con dresses, we always think of stretchy fabrics like spandex and polyester.

They are super comfy but let’s be real here – they just can’t hide our food baby. I mean, just not at all.

When I want to have a big feast but still want to wear a body con skirt, a denim skirt is my no-brainer.

As this fabric is way more sturdy and supportive, it can seamlessly hide my belly and hold my shape in place.

But as a little reminder, for the denim skirt, always size up slightly to make sure you have enough room to breathe.

And of course, the denim, just adds a pop of youthfulness and casualness to your outfit.

With a cap and a pair of sneakers, this is how you flaunt your curves in a sporty way.


how to wear a bodycon skirt casually and modest
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Last but not least, your footwear matters.

If you want to make your body con skirt looks more approachable, the sneaker is hands down one of the best choices.

However, for the other types of shoes, I do prefer the one with short heels rather than none.

With the heels, it just makes you walk slightly differently (even if you aren’t aware) and that makes you look curvier in a bodycon skirt.

Of course, I am not forcing you girls to wear stilettos here. Any medium-length knee can make your outfit right.

If you want to look more laid back, you can try out the slouchy boots for a soft yet feminine look.

Plus, compared to the other common tight boots, a slouchy one definitely looks freestyle and one-of-a-kind!


So ladies, here are the 7 ways if you wonder how to wear a bodycon skirt casually! Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Pair a bodycon skirt with a casual top
  • Wear a shirt underneath the bodycon dress
  • Wear a crop top with a bodycon skirt
  • Tuck the sweater with the bodycon skirt
  • Wear different colors for the top and bottom
  • Try out a denim bodycon dress for a casual look
  • Wear casual footwear with a bodycon skirt

With these 7 tips, I am sure you can slay in the body con skirt effortlessly on every occasion now.

As the saying goes “Fashion is about having a mix-and-match moment”. With different combinations, this is how you look distinctive in this popular bodycon skirt!

So, ladies, it’s time to embrace this figure-flattering statement and flaunt your curves confidently!

Looking for more styling tips? Check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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