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*2023* DON’T wear flat shoes with the formal dress UNTIL these 8 tips!

*2023* DON’T wear flat shoes with the formal dress UNTIL these 8 tips!

Wondering is it even possible to wear flat shoes with a formal dress and still feel put together? Girl you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s be real, not everyone can handle stilettos.

Are they gorgeous and make your legs look so damn fine? YES. But are they unbelievably painful to the point that you want to storm back home by just an hour? HELL YES.

Trust me, the high heel isn’t the only solution for formal or semi-formal occasions.

After trying out all possible ways myself over the years, I’m proud to share 8 styling tips so you can wear flats with a formal dress and NOT feel awkward.

Ready to get some new tips? Keep on reading!

1. Pair flats and dress in similar shades

The easiest to pair your flats and formal dress up is to do it in a monochromatic way. Or at least, similar shades.

The reason behind this is you want to blend your flats smoothly into your ensemble so your flats just look awkward.

Seriously, in this way, dressing like a set just can’t be any more effortless.

how to look dressy in flats
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The best part? You can never go wrong with the combo. Whether you team your bag with flats or match it with outerwear, it just works brilliantly.

As a petite girl like me, I LOVE teaming my hat and shoes in similar hues on those chilly days. It just elongates my figure from head to toe visually and makes me appear to be taller.


2. Show a peek at formal dress

When in doubt, go for the long or maxi formal dress for your coming company events because people can’t really see your shoes anyways!

business casual with flats
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When you are wearing a long dress, more often than not, people can only see the pointy toe of your shoes. Seriously, 9 out of 10 times they will just think you are wearing stilettos.

Of course, to give your dress semi-formal vibes, definitely go for the pointy toe instead of the super approachable round toe.

A sleek V-line just looks more sophisticated by nature.

Not today sis.

3. Are ballet flats business casual?

If you are wondering how to make flats look dressy, well, what about taking a step back and picking a classy pair of shoes?

Meaning going for flats with embellishments like a big ribbon which makes them appear more formal and classy.

Also, the texture plays a huge role too – go for the one with tweed or satin finish just elevate the formality of the look tenfolds.

Are ballet flats business casual

Get these rhinestone flats on Amazon

If you are looking for some budget-friendly picks, these rhinestone flats are such a gem.

With this amount of sequin, these pairs can literally handle all kinds of formal dresses without looking top heavy at all.

The best part? These flats are made with rubber soles and no break-in period. (scream!)


If case this matters, the purple color is more like a gray lavender.

As for another direction, pick flats with nice straps. (Think pearl or silver chain strap). Trust me, this will make or break the taste of your whole look.

pearl strap flats

Get these pearl strap flats on Amazon

I bought these satin flats a few months ago and I’m obsessed. I am preppy confident these cuties will work wonders for you too!

4. A cocktail dress with neutral flats

To dress business formal in flats, you either highlight them or conceal them.

If wearing dressy flats aren’t really your thing, go for the neutrals so your flats won’t stand out much.

A cocktail dress with neutral flats
Source: 1,2

Think the elegant nude shoes or universally forgiving black flats as the safe bet.

5. Wear the asymmetrical dress with flats

Flats are irresistibly comfy but guess what, they aren’t the most flattering if you are petite like me.

But here’s an easy trick I’ve found – wear the dress with an inverted V-line (asymmetrical hemline or whatever you call it) when you wear flats.

The inverted V-line just draws eyes upward and again, makes your legs appear to be taller and slimmer.

Don’t trust me? Try it out yourself gal. The difference is so worth it!

6. Wear a side slit dress with flats

Or else, a slide silt dress work wonders with flats as well. The silt just shed down the heaviness of the dress and avoids looking top-heavy with the flats.

7. Pick the right occasions

Last but not least, just wear flats regardless!

Before you roll your eyes and yell “But hey, I’m not Kate Moss!”, hear me out.

What I’m trying to say here is for some of the events, that’s actually totally fine for you to wear a formal dress with flats!

An outdoor garden business party is a good example here.

So yes, with the right occasions, you can totally rock this combo with full confidence!

8. The length of your dress matters

Last but not least, the length of your dress matter as well.

I will actually suggest you either wear a full-length dress or a knee-high (or above) dress.

Otherwise, you can easily look out of the place with the flats.


So there you go ladies – the 8 outfit tips if you are wondering how to wear flat shoes with a formal dress and now feeling out of the place.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that proves you look dressy in flats in totally possible!

So here I leave you all with one of my favorite quotes – “Once you have found your fashion comfort zone, TAKE A RISK”.

Looking for more styling tips? Check out my other popular reads. See you there loves.

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