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*2023*Trade Show Attire For Women: 8 outfit tips!

*2023*Trade Show Attire For Women: 8 outfit tips!

If you are looking for trade show attire for women, you’ve come to the right place.

In short, a trade show is a gathering of businesses (exhibitors), professionals, and visitors who all come together for business purposes.

So, ladies, you want to dress like you want to be addressed.

Ahead, I’ve gathered 8 outfit combos when it comes to trading show attire that is as professional as it looks approachable and practical for the trade show day.


1. What To Wear To A Fashion Trade Show?

So trap no. 1, is a fashion trade show so you can wear as flamboyant as your want. Well, think again sis. Regardless of the industry, a trade show is all about business – always remember that.

You are not just representing yourself, but more, your fashion company.

While professional smart casual attire works well for most trade shows, fashion trade shows require a semi-formal dress code with a touch of professionalism.

What To Wear Fashion Trade Show
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Wearing sleek dresses or fit and flare with decent accessories and pumps would be the perfect outfit to slay your fashion trade show.

Throwing on a finely tailored office blazer over your dress would add the right amount of professionalism to your entire look.

When in doubt, think tastefully rather than dress in-trend.


Make sure the dress fits perfectly and is less revealing with a length approaching your knees for a more professional vibe.

Also, I highly suggest you add a belt to your dress – way more put together.

2. What To Wear At A Conference Booth?

If you are representing your business at a conference or trade show. The dressing of the booth staff matters a lot.

Wearing a button-down shirt with tailored slacks is a good idea to wear at the conference booth. Sky blue, black, and white with neutral trousers are some appropriate color combos to go with.

However, make sure all the staff does uniform dressing to look utterly professional and presentable.

What To Wear Conference Booth
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Personal Hygiene is important. Make sure your hands and feet look tidy with your nails manicured.

However, avoid wearing bold nail polish as it will not align well with the professional dress code. Seriously, the trade show is not the best time for acrylic nails. Think the elegant french nails for elegant vibes.

3. What To Wear As A Vendor?

As a vendor representing your business at a trade show. It is important to look presentable and approachable at the same time.

However, make sure your dressing is on a more formal side than all your staff working at the booth.

What To Wear As  A Vendor?
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Going business professional with a tailored suit is an ideal outfit in such circumstances. Whether you wear it with a white t-shirt, a corset blouse, or a turtle neck, all you need is a boss lady attitude to slay the suit look.


While opting for a sophisticated suit look, try to opt for minimal makeup with a sleek hairstyle for an impactful business professional look.

4. What To Wear To A Business Convention?

Are you looking for cute outfit inspiration to wear at a business convention as an attendee? Then you are certainly at the right place.

While attending a business convention casual dressy outfits are the way to go about. Midi-pencil skirt outfits, jumpsuits, and dresses, options are limitless.

What To Wear Business Convention
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While neutral may work well. However, bright colors such as red, pink, and burgundy also make a good choice to wear at a business convention.


Consider wearing comfortable shoes, as you will be required to walk a lot at the business convention.

Do not wear new shoes or those that you do not wear often for a move conveniently moving around the convention.

5. What To Wear To An Exhibition?

Whether it is a business or an art gallery exhibition, it usually has a slightly less formal dress code than B2B trade shows.

Therefore, wearing colorful prints is a good idea to wear at an exhibition. But make sure you neutralize the print with a plain top or bottom.

For Instance, if you are wearing a polka dot blouse or an animal print skirt, make the other piece of your outfit plain for a preppy yet sophisticated look.

For dresses, wearing a simple waist belt is all that you need to cut down the drama.

What To Wear To An Exhibition
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6. Trade Show Outfit Ideas

Still, wondering how to find that aww so perfect outfit to wear at a trade show? Well here is our top pick from Amazon to cut you the hassle.

This blazer suit for women is an ideal outfit for all the boss ladies out there to rock their business trade show without compromising on style.

And the best part is you can choose from a variety of colors to suit your style.

suit women for trade show

If you are among the attendees then you need something more on the dressy side. This Jumpsuit from Amazon has the perfect amount of dress and elegance to fulfill all your dress-up requirements.

If you prefer something lightweight, this cute jumpsuit is your best bet.

trade show outfit ideas jumpsuit

The square neckline is both professional and flattering especially if you have a round face like me.

Together with a pair of nice pumps and a dainty clutch, this is how you level up the casual jumpsuit look.

7. Accessories To Wear At A Trade Show

Finishing off your professional trade attire with some smart accessories can elevate your look beyond measure.

Guess what, from the study, it’s shown that wearing a watch makes a person more conscientious and reliable.

This wristwatch is our top pick. The sleek metal strap with a flawless dial design is all you need to upgrade your workwear look effortlessly.

Accessories To Wear At  A Trade Show

No matter the dress code, can we all agree a handbag can make or break an outfit? This Stylish Women’s Handbag from Amazon is a god-sent for all those working ladies out there.

Seriously, I don’t think a trade show is a place for you to bring a designer bag. This spacious and structured bag is more than enough to create a professional and classy image for you.

bag To Wear At  A Trade Show

8. Best Women’s Shoes For Trade Shows

While choosing shoes to wear at a trade show make sure they are comfortable and fit perfectly on your feet.

Low heel or chunky dress pumps are some of the appropriate shoe choices to wear at a trade show.

So, if you are fond of wearing chunky heels. These Kitten Heels Pumps from Amazon are gonna be your next favorite dress shoes to wear to work from now on.

Best Women's Shoes For Trade Shows

Or else, go for this pair of Ribbon slip-on flats for 10/10 comfort. I truly love how feminine yet professional the shoes are.


  • ALWAYS bring a cardigan with you as the venue can be chilly with A/C
  • Don’t overdo the perfume and makeup – that’s not professional


So there you go ladies, the 8 outfit inspo for women’s trade show attire. What are your thoughts on that?

I hope these ideas get you inspired and now it’s time to pin down the right look and feel like a boss lady on a trade show!

If you are looking for more business outfit ideas, check out my articles below. See you there loves.

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