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*2023* Wt to Wear to Networking Event? 8 outfits + hacks!*

*2023* Wt to Wear to Networking Event? 8 outfits + hacks!*

Wondering what to wear to a networking event and feel the most confident self? Well, look nowhere as I’ve got you covered!

As an introvert, planning out my outfits ahead is HUGE when it comes to networking. After all, as the quote said, “The way you dress is the way you will be addressed”.

When you are looking and feeling good in your power suit, you will show up differently and people can just sense that.

Yes people, every time.

Ahead, I’ve gathered 8 business formal and casual outfit ideas for different types of networking events. From luncheon to happy hour, you will find the right look here for sure.


1. What To Wear To A Business Networking Event?

When attending a business networking event always have a clear goal in mind of what outcome you want from this event.

Always dress to impress, as you will likely encounter professionals who are at the top of their career game in such events.

Therefore, wear something that speaks to your skills and enhances your personality. The best way to do so is to play by the rules and opt for business professional attire.

And what else can be a better option than a sober business suit with court shoes to slay like a boss lady?

What To Wear To A Business Networking Event
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When choosing a business suit for your next event always go for neutral colors such as black, grey, brown, and white.

Wearing playful and bright tones may make you look immature and unprofessional.

I know that’s not your intention but sometimes people will just think you are too stylish to truly mean business.

I hate that stereotype too but sadly it can be the case.

2. What To Wear To A Happy Hour Networking Event?

A happy hour networking event is a fun way to meet potential contacts to boost your career growth.

They are somewhat the same as other networking events except with a more casual dress code and environment.

Happy Hour Networking Event outfits
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Therefore, no need to go tough on yourself by wearing stiff suits.

However, that does not mean you can show up to a happy hour event in your joggers. In fact, go the middle way and opt for smart casual attire.

Whether you go for jeans with a t-shirt or button-down shirt throwing on a few professional elements like an office blazer and dressy pumps can take you a long way.

3. What To Wear To Cocktail Networking Event?

Cocktail networking events are more of a semi-formal event with a sophisticated professional environment.

I know you are the diva but on some occasions, dressing in a blingy outfit for this event would be a disaster.

When in doubt, go dressy. Whether you go for a fit and flare, a pencil dress, or a pleated skirt outfit, make sure to look put together with a more professional-looking vibe.

Cocktail Networking Event outfit ideas
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Never go for short dresses and skirt outfits while attending professional dressy events. Instead, opt for less revealing mid-length dresses for a more sophisticated semi-formal look.

4. What To Wear To An Alumni Networking Event?

Alumni Networking events are more of a personal networking event.

These types of meet-ups are usually organized by colleges and schools for graduates, after years down the line.

Although they are not career-oriented networking events, you can make the best out of the opportunity for yourself with your personality and dress up.

Who knows, the college junior munching on the snacks at the bar can be your next big client!

A true story- met a young guy dressing like a kid but later, he connected me and his friend for business. The story of the day? Everyone can be a potential business partner!

What To Wear Alumni Networking Event
Source: 1, 2, 3

Keeping in view the formality of the event, jumpsuits are the best outfit option to go about.

Although neutral colors will work well but opting for bright and lively tones (red, blue, burgundy) will also not hurt anyone!


Accessories are crucial for preppy attire. A stylish clutch, handbag, waistbelt, and wristwatch can be a game changer for your next alumni networking look.

5. Prints And Plaids for networking

So, here comes my personal favorite, throw on some plaids and prints to add a little definition to your professional networking look.

Prints And Plaids for networking
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If you are bored of wearing solids all the time to your office networking parties.

Just add some plaids and subtle prints to your existing look and see the magic happen.

You can do so by wearing a plaid blazer over your solid outfit or by adding some stripes or animal prints to your skirt. These outfits will surely make you stand out with keeping your professional vibe intact.

6. Networking Event Outfit Ideas For Women

Still can’t figure out what to wear to your next networking event. Well not to worry.

This elegant office dress from Amazon is a sure shot to win hearts and of course a lot of social contacts at your next networking event.

Networking Event Outfit Ideas For Women

Get this one-piece pencil skirt on Amazon (It comes in all hues and sizes)

However, if you wanna go the extra mile and elevate your networking dress up game like never before. Just throw on an office blazer and let everyone wander in aww!

Networking Event Outfit Ideas For Women

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If the networking setting isn’t that formal, rolling up that sleeve will draw your eyes upward and make you look taller without trying too hard.

Try this trick!

7. What Shoes To Wear At A Networking Event?

The choice of your shoes entirely depends upon the formality of the networking events.

Like for some happy hour networking events you can opt for some classy-looking shoes like tennis sneakers or loafers.

However, dress pumps and sandals are some of the universal shoe choices to wear at a networking event.

And the best part is you can choose from a variety of colors and styles to match your outfit needs!

What Shoes To Wear At A Networking Event?

Get these Clarks Linvale Jerica Pumps

What can I say? You can never go wrong with the Brand CLARKS

8. What To Bring To Networking Event?

For efficient networking, you need to bring in a few important things while attending an event.

Pen, notepad, business cards, brochures, and flyers are some of the must-have stuff to bring to a networking event.

But, wait? How do you carry them all in your hand?

So here is the easy solution to this problem, just bring in a portfolio case to keep all these essential things in handy while maintaining professionalism.

If you are looking for a decent folder, here is our ultimate from Amazon.

What To Bring Networking Event

Get this padfolio on Amazon

Do you know that bringing a padfolio is not just for the practical issue, rather, that’s for boosting the impression and trustworthiness?

Subconsciously people will think you are a decent and well-prepared person.

And guess what, you can handle networking way more effortlessly.


So there you go people, the 8 outfit inspo and tips if you are wondering what to wear to networking events.

Now it’s time to pin down the final look and look and feel THE BEST.

As the saying goes “Networking is a lot like nutrition and fitness: we know what to do, the hard part is making it a top priority.”

I’m sure you can nail it!

Looking for more business wear outfit tips? Check out the popular articles below. See you there loves!

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