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Make boyfriend or husband feel SPECIAL on birthday: 7 tricks 2023!

Make boyfriend or husband feel SPECIAL on birthday: 7 tricks 2023!

Alright ladies, here’s the mission today: How to make our boyfriends or husbands feel special on their birthdays.

I don’t know about you but I do think celebrating a loves one birthday is even more satisfying than celebrating mine. When you see the heartfelt smile on your face, the satisfaction is real.

Seriously, we ladies LOVE planning other people’s birthdays. That’s such a little game and challenge that makes me actually look forward to the coming month! (Trust me, this is how I survive January…)

From my experience as a birthday planning addict, I must admit some of the years aren’t a great success.

That’s why I am *so passionate* about writing this topic as I have many reminders for you. Seriously, before you go check the gift guide, get these 7 tips right!

1. Figure out his style to make him feel special

Alright, let’s get the fundamental things right first.

If you want to make your boyfriend or husband feel special in a positive way on his birthday, that has to be something he actually likes.

So before you go all in saving all birthday party ideas pins in Pinterest, let’s sink in for a second and figure out what your loved one may prefer.

Below are some of the leading questions:

  • Is he an introvert or an extrovert?
    • I remember one time I surprise my ex by calling all of his uni friends and families to his home, and I never forgot how uneasy his face was…
  • What is his mental state these days?
    • Is he overwhelmed by work and having a deep rest on his Birthday? Or has he been feeling bored lately and wanted to try something new on this big day?

I know this thinking process is not exciting but trust me on this, we have to get the direction RIGHT.

Seriously, this is the biggest trap ever.

Something we ladies think is a PERFECT birthday (fancy dinner + a bunch of close friends for 1-hour photo taking time) may not something your boyfriend or husband prefers.

2. Compliment your man on his birthday

Make boyfriend or husbands feel special on birthday

That’s a no-brainer and yes, I mean praise him right when he wakes up. Never underestimate how a simple compliment can set him in a totally different mood.

Of course, instead of saying the “oh-so-expected” compliments like you look great today, be more specific.

According to this post, there’s one direction of compliments that the guys actually care about. (This was confirmed with many guy friends, should be accurate)

Men want to feel respected. In other words, INFLATE HIS EGO on this birthday. That’s literally the Achilles heel of every man!

Some of the examples:

“I’m so proud / so lucky (these two are the trigger words) to have a masculine (or other specific adjectives) boyfriend or husband like you, happy birthday dear”

“I can’t live without you. You’re so important to me” (I know, of course, you can live without him, don’t take it too seriously. The goal here is to make him feel special on his day.)

“I feel so safe with you. I feel so grateful to celebrate my birthday with you.” ( Don’t forget man’s nature is to PROTECT)

“Nobody can make me feel the way you do” – Compliment your man’s sex skills !!
Need I say more? That’s the ultimate confidence booster for them.

The goal is to make your boyfriend and husband feel valued and feel BIG.

Level up your compliement sis!

3. Failproof gift ideas for boyfriend’s birthday

We girls enjoy the process of thinking about the right gifts.

You know, browsing all the gift guides from the sites, watching every single youtube video, and getting yourself all hyped up and imagining how surprised he looks when he received the gift.

But hey, does he really want that cool Wireless 3-in-1 Charging Stand? May not be the case.

To make sure you buy the right gif, here’re three golden rules:

  1. Buy something he has lowkey expressed he wants
    • or you can always find that out by asking his bros)
  2. Buy something he already has
    • If he buy many Jordans in the past, high chance that will be a great success when you buy him another pair of Jordan! We don’t have to complicate things.
  3. Think twice about personalized gifts
    • Personalized gifts are sweet and heartfelt, but if you already sent him many personalized gifts in the past, a “The best husband in the world” mug may not make him feel that special

4. A failproof gift surprise for him

If you want him to feel special on his birthday, creating a surprise is the best possible way.

The strategy here is to make his mood soars from -50 to 100 (A 150 increase) instead of 0 to 100. (A 100 increase).

So here’s my failproof way to give him a gift. I will always prepare two gifts.

For the first gift, I will give him something super practical like a shaver or hoodie. High chance he will feel slightly disappointed but of course, he will politely tell you he loves the gift.

Then, after a good ten minutes, give him the second gifts he *actually* wants, say a PS4. Trust me, he will be so surprised and extra grateful for the gift.

The point here is, you just created a memorable experience instead of just handing him the gift as he expected!

Whether your man is introverted or extrovert, a gift surprise like this can NEVER fail!

This just creates sweet memories for life and you guys will joke about how disappointed he looks when he gets the first gift for the rest of his lifetime.

5. Don’t reveal your whole day plan

surprise boyfriend or husband birthday

To make your boyfriend or husband feel special about his birthday, don’t tell him your whole day plan straight away! I mean, that just steals their happiness and makes them take it for granted for the schedule.

Instead, I’d say make him guess. Make your birthday plan a game to play with. Give him a little bit of hint and direction and make him curious and ask.

Really, adding a sense of mysteriousness throughout the day just makes him engaged even more! At the end of the day, it’s the process that matters.

6. Do something HE WANTS

To make your man feel special, treat him like a king and really, cater to his need, for one day.

You can be the queen for the other 364 days sis.

If he loves Japanese omakase, book a nice restaurant for his birthday dinner even if you are not really a fan of raw fish. Trust me, he will feel so spoiled and be grateful for your kind act.

So yes, when you plan the activities, go do the hobbies he wants and he places he has bookmarks instead of going to a instagrammable resto you desire.

7. Dress yourself up

Last but not least, of course, you ARE the present! (Never underestimate the power of that ladies)

Dressing up in the way he likes will make him feel so-oh-special. For example, if he loves seeing you wear black sheer tights but you normally wear that, surprise him that day!

If a guy has to choose between receiving a high-end gift or having a gorgeous lady dress up especially for him, you will be surprised how many guys will choose the latter choice.

Yes, they are such simple creatures compared to ladies.

Oh and if you want to have a wild night with him after the birthday dinner, this pure instinct pheromone-infused perfume may make him crazy about you. *Tried it, swear by it*


So there you go ladies, the 7 basic tips to make your boyfriend or husband feel special on his birthday!

Now you get the basics right and it’s time for you to browse any many gift guides and surprise ideas as you want!

In case you are will meet his parents on his birthday for the first time, this article below is a must-read, see you there girls!

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