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*2023* How to hide love handles in a tight dress? Tip 4 is wild!

*2023* How to hide love handles in a tight dress? Tip 4 is wild!

Wondering how to hide love handles in a tight dress or bodycon? Well, here are the right places if you want to know all the fun hacks!

I don’t know about you but as a pear-shaped girl, I have such a love-hate relationship with form-fitting dresses.

While they accentuate my curves in the best possible way and make me feel oh-so-feminine, they also ruthlessly show my love handle.

Life is tough sis.

But does that mean we should give up on these dresses? Of course NOT. In these years, I’ve slowly but surely know how to pick the right dress that works in my favor together.

And now it’s THE day to share all 8 outfit tips, enjoy!

1. When in doubt, wear a peplum dress

Surprise surprise, not all tight dresses are unforgiving. Featuring the extra stripe of fabric fathered around the high waist area, a peplum dress is such a god sent to look put together even if you are bloated as hell during the period day.

how to hide love handles in tight dress

Get this oh-so-gorgeous peplum dress on Amazon

The flared peplum design not only highlights your womanly curves but actually exaggerates the hourglass silhouette that you’ve always expected in a tight bodycon.

Such a dream.

peplum dress hide tummy

Get this sassy peplum dress on Amazon

I bought this dress (for both dating and for work) last year and I lost count of how many compliments I’ve received. With a square neck, adjustable zipper closure, and delicate peplum design, you are bound to look like a 10/10.

For my plus-size babes, this cold shoulder peplum dress is THE killer. Check’em out.

2. Hide love handles with a corset belt

A corset belt isn’t just stylish, but guess what, it truly gives you that confidence boost you need in wearing a tight dress!

how to hide handles with corset belt
Source: Pinterest

Need I say more? Ashley Graham just levels up this plain bodycon dress look tenfolds with this thick black corset belt. The best part? It just jazzes up this nude pink look in an effortless way.



If you value comfort, definitely go for the stretchy corset belt instead of the tough one.

3. Create an illusion with a tight dress

No ladies, no another wear black tip.

If all-black is not your thing, I’d say go for the color block dress or

how to hide tummy in tight dress

Get this color block dress on Amazon

White for the chest area and black for the tummy, the best combo ever.

illusion dress to look slim

Get this illusion dress on Amazon

Well, whoever designed this dress definitely deserves a pay raise. Not only does it camouflage the love handle and tummy area, but the upper body will also highlight your chest too.

It’s one of the rare kinds of dresses that look decent and sassy at the same time. Obsessed.


If you want to order this illusion dress, size up as their sizes run small.

4. Hide the muffin top in a tight ruched dress

Besides the color, the tight dress with a ruching design also creates the illusion!

hide muffin top in a tight ruched dress

This sassy ruched dress is for all my smart gals out there

It basically adds an extra layer to camouflage the muffin top. And even if the dress does show the bloated belly, people will think that’s the ruching. The best part? It looks so one-of-a-kind.

I never heard other talks about this, I hope that’s a new tip for you!


A similar ruched dress for my plus size baes. You’ll love it.

5. Pair a tight dress with the right outerwear

The difficulty level of rocking a white tight dress? 100/100. But can you make this a 60/100? Get inspired by this lady below.

Pair a tight dress with the right outerwear
Source: Pinterest

Pairing the dress with a summer poncho together with a nice thin belt just unites the whole get-up in a refreshing (and forgiving) way.


To nail this look, pick outerwear that is lightweight and billowy is key.

6. How to hide a muffin top in tight dress winter

Situation here: You are having a date night tomorrow and you want to look like a 10/10 in front of your crush.

We’ve all been there, aren’t we? While SHAPERX Corset apparently isn’t the most comfortable choice, this just gets things done and makes you feel good for the whole date night. In another sense, it’s so worth it!

How to hide a muffin top in tight dress winter

Get this SHAPERX Corset on Amazon

From my experience, it works better with thicker fabric so it won’t really show the shape of the corset. So I guess winter is the perfect time to try this thing on! The effect is D.R.A.M.A.T.I.C.

RELATED: 10 tips! How to wear a pencil skirt with a tummy & STAY SEXY? (Now you know why everyone looks so effortless)

7. Try Shaper Panty to hide a muffin top

If a corset is not your thing, try this shaper panty. Besides the tummy tuck and butt lift thing, the anti-slip design is what I adore. After all, no one wants the Spanx to keep rolling down when you walk.

hide muffin top with shapewear

Get this waist cincher on Amazon


Actually, regular pantyhose can achieve a tummy control effect too! Of course, the effect won’t be as strong as the waist cincher or corset.

8. Hide the love handle with tape

Not gonna lie, a sculpting tape sounds spammy to me but hey, this really works!

 hide love handle with tape

Get this contour tape on Amazon

Let’s be real, I don’t think the tape can hide the love handle 100%. But if you are telling me a remarkable change in the look, well, I’ll still take that!

From the Amazon reviews, it seems that this contour tape works best for ladies with sagging bellies.


So there you go ladies – the 8 outfit tricks if you are wondering how to hide your tummy and love handles in a tight dress. What are your thoughts? I hope you’ve learned some new hacks now!

I mean, life is too short to stay away from the bodycon dress. All we need to do is dress smarter and feel THE BEST.

And for the girls who are looking for more outfit-slimming hacks, check out the popular reads below!

See you there loves!

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