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*2023* 9 shirts that make breast look bigger & good (+Wt not)!

*2023* 9 shirts that make breast look bigger & good (+Wt not)!

Wondering what shirts can make your breasts look good and bigger? You’ve come to the right place!

First thing first ladies, please don’t ever feel guilty if you want to make your breast look bigger.

There’s nothing wrong with that! Regardless of our age, shape, and size, we ALL deserve to look good and feel good, especially through some styling hacks.

In this article, I’m gonna share 9 shirts that ACTUALLY can make your breast look good.

Trust me, I’ve tried a ton of tops and these 9 are really the ones that work wonders.

Ready to look extra glam? Keep on reading!

1. Best neckline for small bust

Let’s talk about the basics first.

We all know low necklines will draw eyes to break and make it look more obvious – and thus bigger. But is every low neckline work the same way?

Not really.

If you have generous breasts, a V neckline can actually make your breast appear to be smaller.

The reason being is the sleek V-line just naturally draws eyes in and upwards.

In the meantime, shed away the volume of the upper body.

best neckline for small bust

Instead, go for a neckline like a round and a scoop (my favorite!) that highlights the chest.

Also, with a smooth neckline like this, it somehow just showcases your breast in a fuller shape.


2. Bigger breasts in vertical ribbed top

If you have tried to rib top, I’m sure you will notice your breast just look bigger visually.

And if you want to get the most out of the ribbed shirt, go for the vertical pattern instead of the horizontal one.

I know that’s controversial but I tried it myself, vertical lines truly exaggerate things more. If you want to know the science behind it, check out my other read below.

You will never view horizontal stripes in the same way, ever.

3. Corset makes the breast looks GOOD

Need I say more? Why undergo the surgery when you can simply wear a corset top and look stylish in a D cup?

Featuring a sturdy fabric and body-hugging design, a high-quality corset should be able to tighten up your belly area and also work as a powerful push-up bra for the breast area.

So yes, this godsent basically fake an hourglass shape body out of nowhere.

corset make breasts look good and bigger

Of course, a thick corset belt or underbust corset works amazing as well – it really depends on how dramatic you want the effect.

I once tried wearing a high-neck bodycon midi dress with a corset belt and it just flattered my chest area so well. So please get experimental with all kinds of combos!

4. Bolero hoodie that highlights chest area

Seems no one talks about the bolero hoodie.

I am surprised that this is so underrated as it just highlights the breast in such a perfect way.

If you want your shirt truly flatter the breast, it has to make people draw eyes to the area – that’s the basic.

Bolero hoodie make chest look bigger

Seriously, a bolero jacket with a sports bra is such a failproof combo here. Of course, any low-neck top will work great with the bolero jacket.

Another big plus? This is so chic casual and people won’t think you are trying hard at all! Effortlessly sassy is the best way.


That’s why I always think the solid shirt works better than the pattern one – the busy prints can be really distracting.

5. Cut out in the right place

Similar to the bolero hoodies, the cut-out sweater like this is another forgiving pick.

cut out top amazon

To boost the effect, wear this sticky push-up bra. This is so far the best of all I’ve tried.

6. What colors make your breasts look bigger

Another strategy – pick the right color. Instead of going for the solid hue, go for the one with white or light shades color block on the chest area.

what colors make your breasts look bigger

This tube top is a perfect example to demonstrate.

Featuring the dark blue line and the white middle section in between, it just exaggerates the chest area and makes you look curvier than you are.

7. Wear cross body bag

Guess what, your bag matters as well. Instead of wearing the slouchy shoulder bag or dainty handle bag, the way you wear a crossbody bag just highlights the curves even in a plain sweater.

Men don’t say but they secretly LOVE it. Trust me on that.

8. Thin strap rather than thick strap

If you want to make your breast look bigger and full in clothes, thin straps always work better than thick straps.

thin strap makes breast look bigger

That’s all because of the comparison. The thinner the strap, the bigger the chest will appear.

The black dress may not be obvious, but if you try out other colors, the difference is real.

Added to this, a cami top just makes you look more feminine and sassy.

The same rules apply to wearing heels. If you have thick calves, wearing heels with thin soles will make your legs appear to be even thicker.

9. When in doubt, wear wrap top

Last but not least, of course, the wrap top.

It’s effortlessly sassy and universally flattering. Together with the vertical ribbed texture, this look is a 10/10.


So there you go – the 9 shirts that will make your breast look bigger & good.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that gets you inspired and feel confident in rocking your outfits.

I don’t know about you but I really love the body-hugging tops (even I have a muffin top), it just makes me feel so put together.

So ladies, don’t care what others think, wear whatever you want!

By the way, if you are looking for more slimming hacks and styling tips, check out my other popular reads below. I’m sure you will love it.

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