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*2023* 14 farm fancy & farm chic attire for farm parties + weddings!

*2023* 14 farm fancy & farm chic attire for farm parties + weddings!

If you are looking for farm chic and farm fancy attire or wondering what to wear to a farm party, well, you’ve come to the right place!

First thing first, can we all acknowledge that the dress code can be pretty misleading sometimes?

From “farm chic”, “farm fancy”, and “farm casual” to “farm cocktail”, all these terms can be really overwhelming. Seriously, what are these even mean?

You are definitely not alone here.

In this article, I’m gonna share all 14 farm fancy and farm chic outfit inspo for your coming farm party.

From casual to dressy, feminine to cowgirl chic, I’ve got you all covered.

Stay tuned and enjoy!

1. Farm fancy attire: Floral

Alright, so what in the world is farm fancy?

You can think of it as the usual farm outfits but in a more thoughtful and dressed-up way. Blogger Jenny says it’s like a “gala” but on a farm.

All in all, just slightly dress up your outfit and you’re good to go!

Farm fancy attire floral
Source: josieldn

One of the classics is a floral dress that really screams the carefree farm vibes.

If you want to create a billowy silhouette, go for the maxi dress and match it with a canvas bag as a set.

2. Farm chic attire: Gingham

farm chic attire gingham

Exuding the country girl charm, the cottage-core gingham pattern is always in style.

I love how this girl matches this square-neck gingham dress with a cream beret and brown combat boots – it just freshens up the look in the most distinctive way.


To avoid not looking like a tablecloth, be aware of the scale.

Stylight has shared that the larger the scale, the (potentially) less flattering.

I 100% agree with that.

3. Farm casual attire: Checked shirt

When it comes to the farm casual look, you guessed it, the checked / plaid shirt.

Whether you wear it alone or team it with denim dungarees, it just screams the farm aesthetic in an instant.

For the couples out there, if you don’t want to look too matchy, avoid both wearing plaid shirts together.

Instead, you can pick the same color tone for the pattern and the dress!

4. Dark green jumpsuit for a farm party

If you are joining a farm party, a statement jumpsuit can work wonders.

To really match the country vibes, think the iconic colors like sage green or earth tones (brown, yellow, and beige).

what to wear to farm party
Shop this velvet jumpsuit on Amazon

I am obsessed with this jumpsuit because of its exquisite shade and texture. I mean, if you want to look extra glam and expensive looking, pick the velvet!

Also, the one-shoulder neckline and the belted waist design just look as forgiving as it looks chic – LOVE.


A bold red jumpsuit looks really hot but may not be the best for your coming farm party or barn wedding!

5. When in doubt, puffy sleeves

Fashion comes and goes but puff sleeve fashion is here to stay.

I mean, what’s more romantic and fancier than the puffy sleeve?

And the best part? There are literally A TON of sleeve variations from bishop, and peasant to lantern sleeves – each gives off a totally different vibe.

farm fancy attire puffy sleeve
Shop this pink dress on ROOLEE

Need I say more? This bubble gum pink dress and nude block heels are EVERYTHING.

6. Farm fancy ruffle dungarees

Dungarees are cute, but if you want to take farm fancy to another level – ruffle dungaree is your gem.

Farm fancy ruffle dungarees
Source: josieldn

A sleek cream turtleneck with the ruffle dungarees is the match made in style heaven.

This combo just looks as cute as it looks elegant and cottage core.

7. Farm chic outfits in fall & winter

When the days are chilly out, a felt hat and brown knee boots are your best friend.

Farm chic outfits in fall
Source: josieldn

If you want to look extra preppy, match the beige with brown shade can never go wrong.

The posh country life look is real.

Farm chic outfits winter
Source: Josieldn

Another trick to spice up your plain sweater look:

Wear a cute scarf and keep it structured with a nice belt – I personally think this is the most elegant way to wear a scarf!

Sleek and sophisticated.

8. Headband and blouse as a set

How to elevate an otherwise plain look to farm fancy? Well, match it as a set!

green headband and blouse outfit ideas
Source: josieldn

As the saying goes “Less is more”.

Sometimes all you miss from an outfit is a forest-green headband to complete a sweet farm girl look.

If you choose wisely, a headband can really flatter your face shape and accentuate your facial features – try it out!

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Alright, now keep on reading!

9. Suspender overalls for farm aesthetic

To stand out from the crowd, the suspender overall is the statement piece.

Regardless of what you match with it, the whole outfit just screams the full attitude.

Suspender overalls for farm aesthetic
Source: Pinterest

Speaking of fall and winter fashion, match this embroidered white top with corduroy pink overalls for an artsy yet aesthetic look.

Together with ankle boots and a color-matching clutch, this farm chic look is to die for.

Suspender overalls for farm chic
Source: Pinterest

If you are feeling extra playful, this vintage forest green blouse and beige overalls just earn the whimsical vibes you desire.

10. Farm cocktail attire: statement blazer

Yes, people, farm cocktail attire exists.

If you want to look put together, rocking an earth-tone blazer is the safe bet.

Farm cocktail attire statement blazer
Source: Pinterest

This satin jumpsuit and blazer set just exude the farmcore vibes in the modern way.

For a nice photoshoot, consider draping the blazer for a classic boss babe look.

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11. What shoes to wear to the farm party? Espadrille wedges

As we all know, a pair of shoes can make or break your mood.

So yes ladies, today is definitely not the best timing to break in those gorgeous new shoes. Just don’t do that.

espadrilles wedges for farm party
Shop espadrilles on Amazon

If the regular sneakers aren’t for you, here are some options:

  • All sorts of boots
  • Chunky low-block heels

And my all-time favorite – lace-up espadrilles.

I mean, it’s just as comfy as it looks forgiving and unique. It just boosts the romance of the get-up with any outfit!

12. What to wear to the farm party?

My another favourite: The high platform block heels.

what to wear to the farm party
Source: Pinterest

As a petite girl myself, these types of shoes are my life-saver when I want to rock a maxi dress.

13. Farm casual look: Tank top & neckerchief

To spice up your regular white tank and jeans look, all you need to do is style yourself a cute neckerchief!

Farm casual Tank top & neckerchief
Source: Pinterest

To add an extra pop to the look, pick bright hues like green and yellow for the neckerchief for the best effect.

I also love how she matches the belt and boots in similar shades – the cutest.

14. Hot cowgirl look for a farm party

For a fun and wild farm party look, the cowgirl costume is one of the most popular of all time.

cowgirl look farm party
Source: Pinterest

Depends on your style, you can always recreate the cowgirl look with your existing clothes or buy the fun costume from Amazon!


So there you go – the 14 farm chic and farm fancy attire for your coming farm party.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope these ideas get you inspired and help you pin down your favourite look!

If you are looking for more country life outfits, below are some of

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