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*2023* How to wear heels when you’re TALL? 5 must-know tips!

*2023* How to wear heels when you’re TALL? 5 must-know tips!

Okay, the struggle is real.

When you are already 5”11 and feel like a giant around all of your girlfriends, should you wear heels?

Honey, of course. If heels are the thing you want to do from the bottom of your heart, you need no people’s approval to do it!

The real question should be how to wear heels when you’re tall so you can express your femininity in your own perfect way.

While it’s unavoidable that wearing heels will add you a few more inches, there are 5 tips to wearing heels when you’re tall!


1. Wear kitten heels when you are tall

how to wear heels when you're tall
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Yes, you guessed it, the kitten heels.

When you first try out the heels, it can be an overwhelming journey if you walk out to the street with 5-inch heels for the first time.

A kitten heel is always the best choice for beginners as their heels are generally around just 1.5 inches, it’s comfortable to wear and you feel less intimidated when you look in the mirror.

For tall girls, the reason for wearing heels isn’t about gaining some height anymore instead, they want to express their femininity through heels as a self-exploration.

The design of kitten heels provides a slight curve of your shoe that can make you look more polished and elegant.

There is a great variety when it comes to kitten heels, besides the classy ones, let’s not forget kitten heels sandals can be also flattering as well.

2. Wear round-toe heels instead of pointed heels

how to wear heels when you're tall
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With the pointed heels, the defined lining can create a V shape and make your legs look longer by illusion.

That’s a good thing but for tall girls, wearing pointed heels can make them appear to be even taller and that can be intimidating for some ladies.

If that’s your concern, round-toe heels can be a perfect alternative for you.

The round shape won’t further elongate your leg and also create a softer look.

Compare to the sharply pointed heel express, round-toe heels are way more approachable and warmer to me.

Added to this, round-toe heels are better for foot health obviously by providing more space for our foot to place.

Consider how many years we will wear heels, comfy round-toe heels are definitely more of a bargain!

3. Opt for chunky heels instead of the thin heels

Chunky heels are always flattering on tall girls.

how to wear heels when you're tall
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While thin heels like stilettos are always popular, some short girls just don’t have a choice because thin heels help them to maximize their height visually than chunky heels.

However, to all my tall ladies out there, YOU have a choice and you can look gorgeous in any heels basically. If I were you, I will choose chunky heels as I value comfort a lot.

With the larger surface, the heels can withstand way more pressure than tiny little heels and make you feel more secure and confident in your shoes.

Trust me on this, every time when I wear a stiletto, I just can’t walk for more than 3 hours, isn’t that ironic?

Another point is with the same 3 inches in height, chunky heels appear to be shorter than thin heels visually.

That being said, you can feel less intimidating in heels, and make things easier for you.

4. Wear ankle boots with flared jeans

Ankle boots and flare jeans are the best friends for tall girls indeed.

how to wear heels when you're tall
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With a pair of flared jeans that cover over your ankle area, it looks best by showing the toe cap of your ankle boots.

Not only this is the most in-trend way to style flared jeans, but when people look at you, they will just think you probably wearing really tall heels inside your jeans instead of thinking you are a tall girl.

I know this idea seems silly but many of my tall friends love this idea so much and they now wear flared jeans like CRAZY.

I am glad that they look so carefree with their flared jeans though!

5. Choose heels with stripes

how to wear heels when you're tall
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As a tall girl and accordingly heavier weight, wearing heels can be really tough work.

Instead of wearing heels without stripes, you can always choose ankle stripes heels as stripes can hold your foot and ankle in place.

That being said, this type of heels can scatter the pressure on your toe and give you extra support.

Plus, the ankle strap can minimalize the leg elongating effect. So if you don’t want to look too intimidating, strap heels are the one!


So ladies, here are the 5 tips on how to wear heels when you’re tall! Let’s have a recap first.

  • Wear kitten heels when you first try wearing heels
  • Wear round-toe heels instead of pointed heels
  • Opt for chunky heels instead of the thin heels
  • Wear ankle boots with flared jeans
  • Choose heels with stripes

What do you think about these tips? I hope you find these helpful! If you are still struggling should you wear heels, the answer is a BIG FAT YES!

The most beautiful moment of a woman is the moment she decides to embrace herself and strive.

Being tall is hot in my eyes and let’s not forget you can carry those high-fashion clothes like a queen.

Instead of treating it as insecurity, you should always be proud of your figure. So ladies, time to wear your heels on and slay your day!

By the way, if you are interested in heels, high chance you’ll love the tips below!

See you there girls x

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