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*2023* 10 outfits to wear mid-calf boots with jeans & look SLIM

*2023* 10 outfits to wear mid-calf boots with jeans & look SLIM

Wondering how to wear mid-calf boots with jeans? Well, you are in the right place!

First thing first, let me tell you one thing – you are THE girl!

Compared with ankle or thigh-high boots, calf-high boots are way trickier to wear in jeans. Guess what, sometimes that can be a make-or-break situation.

That said, I’ve gathered 10 ways to wear mid-calf boots with jeans together with some specific styling tips. Enjoy!

1. Match the shades

The reason why mid-calf boots are tricky to wear is the length can easily create a horizontal line across your calf. It just makes your legs appear to be taller and slimmer visually.

To get away from this illusion, matching up the hues is crucial for a put-together look.

This lady cleverly matched her sweater and boots with similar shades and that just united her figure without even trying.

Always remember, if you wear many different hues in one outfit, high chance there’s an exaggeration effect and makes you appear to be shorter and bigger.

2. Mid-calf boots with straight-leg jeans

For an effortlessly chic look, pair up your boyfriend’s jeans with mid-calf boots underneath just seal the deal.

It just looks like you just randomly throw on something, but looks like an off-duty model.

Again, you can see this lady matches the brown boots with her boho bag. This just help draw attention upwards and balance off the bottom-heavy look. (Light wash jeans and dark shade boots can easily look heavy on feet)

The lesson of the day is you can wear all types of boots if you know how to style around them!

3. Calf boots x wide leg jeans

If you gravitate toward a classy style with a modern twist, I’d say copy this look!

First thing first, can I comment this color combo is so elegant? White and brown make everything look high fashion tenfolds, especially when everyone is wearing boring shades on winter days.

I love how this lady embraces different shades of brown in one outfit – it just adds dimensions to the look without trying too hard.


To make sure you look sleek wearing the mid-calf boots underneath, make sure your jeans are wide enough to achieve that cool girl effect.

4. Cowgirl calf boots outfit ideas

Among all types of mid-calf boots, these cowgirl boots are my absolute favorite. As a mid-size girl, I just find this extra forgiving.

Cowgirl calf boots outfit ideas
Source: 1,2

Featuring the inverted V-line, it just draws eyes vertically unlike the other mid-calf boots.

Seriously, these full-of-attitude cowgirl boots just look good on everything.

Whether you dress it up with a cropped biker jacket or keep the French girl chic in a nice pair of sunglasses and a plain white tee, both looks will work wonders.


I don’t really recommend wearing dark hue jeans with light shade boots – that will make you appear to be top heavy and ruin your body proportion in an instant.

I once wore black jeans with cream mid-calf sock boots and Oh my, the result is disastrous.

Of course, if you are those thin and slim girls, go ahead as you can pretty much pull off everything.

5. Wear mid-calf boots with high thin heels

I know I’m annoying here but I truly want to remind you again of the importance of matching the hues when you style mid-calf boots.

See? This girl is matching her suede mid-calf boots with her crossbody bag.

If you want to rock these shiny black legging (which is tricky to style), definitely balance things up with the matte finish calf-high boots.

6. Wear socks with mid-calf boots

Of course, mid-calf boots come in all kinds of styles and yes, you can always look cozy and cute in them!

socks and mid-calf boots
Source: 1,2

Wearing something flowy on the upper body like a poncho with boots is one of the best tricks to fake long and slim legs. At the end of the day, it is just about the comparison.

And guess what, this is the perfect timing for you to rock those striped socks.

They aren’t the most forgiving when you wear them alone, but when you show a peek of the socks in boots, it just adds an extra dash of style you are looking for!

7. Wear boot cuffs with mid-calf boots

For all the thick calves girls out there, do yourself a favor and go for the boot cuff instead of trying your best to squeeze those thigh-high socks.

boot cuff and mid-calf boots

Get these boot cuffs on Amazon (Bought it and am obsessed!)

I still remember how shocked I was when I knew this thing exist, such a godsend!

8. Jumpsuit and mid-calf boots

Seem no one has mentioned this but mid-calf boots do look great with the jumpsuit.

how to wear calf boots
Source: 1,2

Since you only have two-piece – the jumpsuit and boots are in one look (instead of the top, bottom, outerwear, and boots). It’s just way easier to carry.

Whether you do it in a high fashion all-white look or the high street chic look, this look is sure to turn heads.

9. Double denim x calf boots

Similar to the jumpsuit look, double denim actually looks great here!

If you want to highlight the boots, definitely wear the same hues for the top and pants.

10. How to wear low-calf boots

Last but not least, do it the foolproof way, wearing jeans and mid-calf boots in exactly the same hues!

Can we all agree that this girl’s boss look is just another level? This lady doesn’t throw on a big logo here but I can feel her refined taste for sure.


So there you go my loves – the 10 outfit ideas and tips if you are wondering how to wear mid-calf boots with jeans.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope these looks prove to you wearing mid-calf boots can be flattering if you pay attention to the styling!

They are not the most forgiving boots to wear, but if you get the look right, the look is just another level. So yes, think high-risk high return!

If you are looking for more winter outfits and boot styling tips, check out my other popular reads below. See you there loves!

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