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*2023*What to REALLY wear to a rainy wedding? 18 visual guides!

*2023*What to REALLY wear to a rainy wedding? 18 visual guides!

Wondering what to wear to a rainy wedding as a guest? You’ve come to the right place! 

You know life is unpredictable, and so is the weather for the wedding day.

As a wedding guest, you eagerly pinned down your romantic maxi skirt 2 weeks ago and are ready to dress up for your best friend’s big day.

But when you check the weather forecast this morning, the rainy cloud sign just pops up out of nowhere.

And your heart sinks.

And this begs the question: What shoes and dress should I supposed wear now?

I get it, the struggle is real.

That said, ahead I’ve gathered 18 outfit ideas if you are looking for rainy-day wedding guest attire.

I’m sure they will be of help, enjoy!

1. What to wear to a rainy spring wedding

What to wear to a rainy spring wedding
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Even though the weather is rainy, or shall I say – chaotic out there, this is definitely not the excuse for us to go laidback in our looks.

As wedding guests, our goal is to blend in with the surroundings and bring a pop of joy to the event.

For a refreshing spring wedding, the standard dull dark hues for rainy days are definitely not the best choice.

Think the classic wedding shades like romantic pastels or classy jewel tones, or earth tones.

Feeling too ordinary in a trench coat? Add on a red bag or pastel-shade wellies and just scream “I hate rain but I still CARE about fashion”.

2. Pay attention to the texture for a rainy-day wedding

Pay attention to the texture for a rainy day wedding
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To survive through a rainy wedding, picking the right textures for your clothes is KEY.

Some fabric just doesn’t dry quickly and it tends to get really heavy.

Trust me, the discomfort will mildly annoy you for the whole wedding so avoid them at all costs.

That said, if you want to wear that cute denim skirt or glamorous velvet dress, well, think again.

And of course, avoid any fabric that can get see-through in rain like a cotton dress.

As a perfect alternative, go for wool, polyester, nylon, and silk for a put-together look.

And guess what, the lace dress is surprisingly rainy-day friendly. So if you want to stay feminine and polished, this is the best pick!

3. Winter rainy wedding guest attire: blazer

Regardless of the season, you’ll always need outerwear for a rainy wedding day to serve as a cover-up for your cute dress and jumpsuit.

For a universally flattering piece, you just can’t go wrong with a blazer.

They just go well with everything from an LBD to a stylish co-ord set and make you look more dressed up.

Together with a sleek clutch and nice nude heels, this wedding guest look is a 10/10.

4. What to wear to a rainy spring wedding

what to wear to a rainy day wedding
Source: 1,2

For the ladies who look sophisticated for the wedding, let’s not forget a neck scarf is equally flattering.

You can wear them in a myriad of ways from an elegant neck scarf to a poncho.

Some ladies even use them as hair wrap on rainy days.

To glam up the look, definitely for the satin or silk scarf. This just tells others you’ve given thought to your style even on a wet drippy day.

5. What to wear to a summer rainy wedding

What to wear to a summer rainy wedding
Source: 1,2

Tempting to wear your romantic maxi dress? DON’T.

Trust me, no matter how careful you are, the hems can pick up a lot of rainwater and mud and you will end up so clumsy.

To play safe, go for the knee-high and midi length to feel the best.

Added to this, go for the simple and lightweight dress as again, comfort is KEY for rainy days.

Sorry to say that but the heavy-tiered skirt may not be the best pick for a rainy wedding.

6. What to wear to a rainy outdoor wedding

Feeling annoyed when the wind blows up your skirt?

No worries as the jumpsuit are equally flattering and even more convenient for a rainy wedding.

What to wear to a rainy outdoor wedding
Source: 1,2

Featuring the billowy silhouette and self-tie belt, throw on this one-piece and you’ll never feel anything from your outfit!

7. What to wear to a rainy fall wedding

Of course, a handy blouse and the lightweight pants combo will never fail as wedding guest attire.

Long slacks, palazzo pants…they are all elegant choices. To stay festive, you just can’t go wrong with delightful floral pants.

Just make sure the length will not drag onto the floor and you’ll be fine!

What to wear to a rainy fall wedding
Source: 1,2

8. How to dress classy for rainy wedding

For the ladies who prefer a simple style, below I’ve handpicked a flattering one with an elastic waistband. The comfiness is 10/10. Check this out!

9. What shoes to wear to a rainy day wedding

What shoes to wear to a rainy day wedding
Source: 1,2

For a summer rainy wedding, go for the high-platform sandals or ankle boots for a stress-free yet aesthetic look.

That way, you can avoid most of the nasty mud and dirt on the ground.

My favorite is the romantic espadrilles wedge. They are comfy to walk all day and look great with a floral dress. They are the best.

And of course, if you want to wear high heels (brave girl!), always opt for chunky soles to make sure your shoes won’t sink into the mud.

10. Wear wellies to a cold rainy wedding

what to wear to a cold rainy wedding wellies
Source: 1,2

If we are talking about raining cats and dogs day, definitely wear wellies for both bride and guests.

Depending on your style, wellies can blend into the outfit surprisingly well.

For the bride, it’s a popular choice to go for the white wellies with a cute ribbon for an aesthetic monochromic look.

Or else, go for bright red wellies for a pop of fun! The combos are literally endless.

11. What hairstyle to wear to a rainy wedding

What hairstyle to wear to a rainy wedding
Source: 1,2

Not gonna lie, looking well-groomed on rainy days can be hard. As we all know, moisture can make the cuticle frizz and ruin your hairstyle quickly.

As a girl with fine thin hair, I’ll never curl the romantic big waves on a rainy day.

So set the right expectation and go for rainy day-approved hairstyles.

Think a messy bun, or a sleek ponytail – something easy to make so you can always redo it anytime.

When in doubt, save your hair with a nice hat.

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12. Last reminder for attending a rainy day wedding

Last but not least, bring some tissue and towels as they are unbelievably useful on rainy days!

Especially for the outdoor wedding which doesn’t offer a tent, you will need to wipe the chairs, clean up the dirt from your dress all other uses.


So ladies, there you go the 18 outfit ideas and tips if you wonder what to wear to a rainy wedding.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope you get inspired!

As the saying goes “When life gives you a rainy day, play in the puddles!”

By the way, if you need more outfit ideas for weddings, bridal showers, and more. Check out the useful tips below!

See you there gorgeous!

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