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*2023* What to REALLY wear to the aquarium?18 Dos & Donts FULL LIST

*2023* What to REALLY wear to the aquarium?18 Dos & Donts FULL LIST

Whether you are 12 years old or a mom of two, visiting an aquarium is always fun.

Finding Nemo and Dory like a treasure hunt, seeing sharks swim above your head, taking a close look at those cute squishy jellyfish, you’re bound to have a good time for sure.

So now you are all excited to explore the fascinating undersea world, but here’s the one question: What to wear to the aquarium?

To fully enjoy your aqua park trip, there are some outfits and shoes dos and don’ts to follow.

Below, I’ve gathered 18 aquarium outfit ideas from casual to dressy, enjoy!

1. Go aquarium in a casual top and jeans

what to wear to the aquarium
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For a cute summer look, keep it casual with a cute top and denim jeans. Together with a baseball cap, it just looks extra chill.

There aren’t really any aquarium dress codes but I’d say go for loose-cutting clothes as you’ll need to walk A LOT and climb some stairs.

You certainly don’t wear to wear a sexy bodycon dress that makes you feel so conscious all the time.

By the way, according to many aquarium websites, clothing with explicit language is not allowed.

2. What to wear to the aquarium? Be attentive to colors

what to wear to the aquarium
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A sea aquarium is always tranquil and whimsy and you want to give out similar vibes as well.

And guess what, how you dress closely affects how you feel.

For failproof ideas, you can wear classic marine hues like blue and lake green. Think of a refreshing blue striped shirt dress that serves the purpose.

Of course, there’s a wide range of hues you can pick from.

The only reminder is to avoid wearing intense bold hues like red, neon, orange, and more.

I personally will also opt for complicated animal prints. An all-over leopard dress just doesn’t match the aquarium trip at all.

3. Bring outerwear for your aqua park trip

what to wear to the aquarium
Source: 1,2

Even if you are visiting an aquarium on a baking hot summer day, indoors can be really cold.

It’s best to bring outerwear with you, say a denim jacket, scarf and poncho.

Some of you may want to visit the penguin center after the aquarium, let’s not forget the temperature there is freezing cold.

If you want to bring a windbreaker, think again.

4. Cute aquarium outfits

Wondering what top should you wear? Well, what about a fun tee with your favorite sea creatures?

Visiting the penguins with a penguin sweater is just cuteness overload.

5. Dressy maxi dress for aquarium photoshoots

aquarium photoshoots outfits
Source: 1,2

These days, more and more ladies go dressy for aquarium aesthetic shots.

Not gonna lie, I’m gonna try this when I go to the aqua park next time – it’s so instagrammable.

To make sure your photoshoots are stunning, a maxi chiffon dress just works wonders for a dash of romance.

Basically, anything flowy is doable so feel free to experiment with the combos!

what to wear to aquarium
Source: 1,2

If you are heading to a fancy underwater restaurant, definitely DRESS WELL. That’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

6. Wear an open-back top for the best shoots

If most of the aquarium shots are the back photos, an open back top just seals the deal. Together with your long wavy hair, this look is a 10/10.

I do see some girls wearing this type of top when I last visited the aqua park, try it!

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7. Cute explorer aquarium outfits

what to wear to aquarium
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For a little aquarium, explorer look, what about wearing a wide-beam straw hat and backpack when you do the shoot? Youthfulness overload.

8. Opt for cute and aesthetic shoes

what shoes to wear to aquarium
Source: 1,2

That’s one thing for sure: you will need to walk A LOT in the aquarium and let’s not torture yourself with high heels – that is just not worth it.

So yes, sneakers and flats will be your best friend.

If you want to end the look on a dressier end, you can also pick the wedge shoes for the extra height. They are as cute as they are comfortable.


Shoes with wheels like heels are not allowed. 


So ladies, there you go the 18 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to the aquarium.

Hope that helps and now it’s time to create your one-of-a-kind look! Stay fabulous!

By the way, below is some article reads that you may found it helpful! See you there ladies!

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